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What are your favorite song[s] to fall asleep to by Trey Songz?

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on July 28, 2009 - 8:22pm
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My fav songz [I even have a playlist] are Be where you are, I need a girl upstairs remix, Scratchin me up, On Top, It would be you, Yo side of the bed, More the that, Does she know[ #1 fave] We should be1

Mrs.TreySongz313's picture

Jupiter love...rdy to mak louve...on top...n Famous

ivory1621's picture

Coming for you

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Trey Future Wifey's picture

Mines have to be Yo Side of the Bed, Jupiter Love, We Should Be, First Date Sex,Neighbors KNow my name, Upstairs, One Love, Last Time, Invented Sex, Successful, On Top, I need a girl, Yesterday, Gotta Make It and I can go on in on I dont have a favorite I love em all the same.

iNishaBooi's picture

Well i have three Jupiter Love, We Should Be, and One Lve

MeloMelo's picture

Make it rain, more than that, on top, in the middle, i need a girl, it would be[#1 fave]

Yupp Lol Mz.Songz's picture

Mines would be In The Middle, Grub On ,Store Run Wonderwoman, Missin You, Gotta Make It , Cheat On You , Last Time , First Date Sex, Sticky Face, Yo Side Of The Bed[#1 Fave] , Panty Droppa, Then Successful N Invented Sex

Treyz Diamond's picture

yes girl.....i dont just have one, there is definitely a playlist, startin with- On Top, Scratchin Me Up, More Than That, Wake Up, Does She Know, Yo side of the bed, In the Middle , Make It Rain, You Belong To Me..... I can go on and on.....but my number 1 favorite is "It Would Be"

Sookie Stackhouse's picture

We Should Be...that song was so beautiful...Im listenin 2 it now lol

LOLsmileyface_2's picture

on top ; d'nt no bout that song but always sleep like a baby listenin to it .

ix3trey's picture

I love all the songs you named. Especially "We should be" he sang it soo beautifully!

Brittany Renee's picture

lol i fall asleep everynight with ANTICIPATION on repeat lol {BONG}

ILuvTennisnTreySongz3's picture

My fav songz would be " I Need A Girl and LOL :) "

CHOCOLATE DROP -'s picture

good luvin off his first cd

Neverson24's picture

My Fav. songs would have to be
Upstairs,Kinda Lovin,Last time, Girl Tonight,First Love,and of course Love Song..!!!!

sharaa's picture

anf of course love safari !!

sharaa's picture

I have to saaaaaay; on top, addicted to songz, we should be, upstairs, sex for yo stereo, role plaay and kinda lovin!

naebaby26's picture

1.we should be 2.scratchin me up 3. last time 4. yo side of the bed 5. comin for you 6. role play 7.gotta go 8. sex for ya stereo 9. hatin love 10. in the middle 11. kinda lovin OMG!!!! EVERYTHING BY TREY I LOVE

NYHUNNY4L's picture

In the middle
store run
we should be
gotta go
last time
cant help but wait
grub on
all the ifs
from a womans hand
comin for u
kinda lovin
hatin love
basically all his slow joints lol

sarahsongz's picture

-store run
-die tonight
-last time
-gotta go
-on top
-we should be
-i need a girl
and more..



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