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If you had to listen to one song of Trey Songz for the rest of your life what would it be ?

MimiBabieesz's picture
on February 15, 2010 - 3:18pm
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For me i would be love lost because the song it helps you when you break up with someone . But thats for me personally . Also becausee it makes you think about things . And becausee it sounds likee hes crying in the song and itss really cute .

spaGhetti504's picture

i'd have to go wayy back 2 Gotta go... it remindas me of lovin somebody and not wantin 2 be away 4rm them but yu gotta do wat yu gotta do lol and of course thats when i first fell 4 trey songz as an artist

SarahLouiise's picture

last Time & One Loveee : )

Joniesha05's picture

hmmmm....Infidelity. That song hit home so many times with me..its one of my faves!

Lil'Red's picture

I could listen 2 da intro panty dropper over and over again it don't matter its Trey baby

Lexania's picture

mmmz... Neighbours know my name//.. oOr.. Last Time//.. oor.. Wait..

Ra'ch's picture

just gotta make it

Larisha's picture

Neighbors Know My Name

Dex's picture

Da song I would pick is All My Life because it explains how I feel for my girl.

sweet_lady79's picture

The one song I like the best is One Love because both parties are in the relationship for the same reasons and he's telling you that he wants to be the one for you. I like that.

Triggas Wifey To Be's picture

love lost, one love n i love Neighbours know my name ,........... its sexy n u get ...........

ladyluv88's picture

I would have say "Does He Do It" I love it even with hits like "Panty Droppa", "Neighbors Know My Name" and "Jupiter Love" , "Does He Do It" is sultry and sexier, and extremely cocky. I think it compliments his Trigger persona to a T. And with the way modern relationships can be sometimes I'm sure many can relate , and it can work both ways of course some ladies are on some "Does She Do It" type shit.

Miyah.Neverson's picture

Its ah cutee`song, never can get oldd. &`its real....most pple can relate to it. nd etc;

Chingy's picture

uhhhh it would be...Gotta Go...that was from the first album, and I kno he was feel'n every word he was say'n...tht was Trey at raw talent...

foreveryours's picture

"Gotta Make It", that song should be motivation for everyone trying to achieve a goal they have like he has through his singing career

lovesongz05's picture

Yo Side of the Bed

Iluvtrey_25's picture

I would listen to missing you cuz i'd miss every second with out him

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ZorriaSC's picture

Neighbors Know My Name.....

Erica LeShai's picture

Jupiter Love...

DeshiaNicole's picture

Hmmmmmm. This is a hard one....I'll say, "We Should Be Making Love."

I 3 Trey_3's picture

jupiter love

Raminta's picture

I cant help but wait

Danielle_70's picture

one love

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