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What would you do if Trey Songz called you and told you to pack all ur things n move with him?

on July 4, 2010 - 11:56pm
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So Trey Songz calls u n wants to kno if you want to pack up and leave with him to a far away place. You would have to leave all ur friends and family behind. Would you go or pass????

dededededdededededededede's picture

I Would GO!

Leila'TreysGirl'Fearick's picture

id scream and jump around...and shout out YES YES YES!!!! meeting him would be a dream come true so actually living with him would be heaven

Tátji's picture

I would go for short!

Ms Trigga's picture

idk....i would have to be in that position to find out....but if i was 17 or oldder ....yea i would!!!!!!!!!!!!

babyface_3's picture

SOrri 2 my family but i will deffo leave OMG Living with him will be heaven!




MrZ.SoNgZ ShayBadAzz's picture


Starr Evanstreysongzbaby1's picture

i would pack my shit in a hurry and be out of my own house and be on my way to his no questions asked.

TizzyT11TreySongz1fan's picture

i hurry and pack all my stuff and call him rite to tell him im READY BABY! I WOULD MOVE IN WITH HIM ANYDAY. I LOVE U , TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON. I WILL ALWAYZ BE YOUR # 1 FAN BABY.

LexiiTewPhreshh's picture

Omg. . . I Would Lik Freakn Cry Lol , But Its Okaii Trey Song To Mhee . O_O

kayy's picture

iwould probablyy go andd chill with em andd some other stuff but icouldnt leave myy mom. !

kayy_bayy's picture

Thats hard.... i would.. leave b/cuz yes i love mah fam and friends but love is rare in this world and true love is a once in a lifetime thing really so yea i would leave but still visit home, luv ya trey

queensongz19's picture

NO I wouldn't i mean to see how much he loves his family it would be wrong and selfish to ask me to up and leave mine(but if we were in a relationship for a long time then MAYBE STILL NOT YES). STILL LOVING YOU TREY BABY

Jazelle's picture

Thats too much of an ify situation to be in. He must first prove that he would go to that kind of link for me then maybe.

PassionPainPleasure_3's picture

hell yea ill be a fool not tew?

-Mrs.Sonqz's picture

-Boy i would qoee &&Nd! sayy forqett yall whyy. . .Ckusx i lovee tremainee lik nothinqq else matters when im whatchinqq my moment or the alereadytaken video on BET . . .

babygurl_na_10's picture

Hell ya!
i would qo

shany_2's picture

i might go or maybe not

No Name_'s picture

That would be a hella of a big decision. I would get a way from my family and friends for a while because I know for a fact Trey seems like a very nice dude.

mz.songz_26's picture

i would be like umm r u 4 real then i would think about it cuz u just dont wann move with some one u dont no all that good then i would say can we get to no each other better then may be hell yea

LoLa_Songz's picture

i would think about it at first b/c i would be leaving all my friends and family behind but after much thought i would go b/c that is a once in a lifetime chance and i can always visit my family and friends or they could visit me

ms.candybaby's picture

shit im gone , pack my stuff and leave just as he said and i will be on my way on na real lol!

mz.trey songz_7's picture

shid i would be running like it aint nounthin to the airport

stawberry-short-cake's picture

well i get my phone ( my baby) and pack up all the clothes i like and leave

Trey_Wife's picture

JUST WALK OUT THE DOOR,. no need to pack :) thats wasting time i just need my phone and pray he'll buy me some new clothes and other stuff

ilyTremaine3's picture

I would Pack Up so FAST And Be OUT..!!!

JEWLERY GIRL 18's picture

That's A Once In A Life Time Oppurtunity So I would Call Him Ask Him what time I need to Be packed And Go ..............

WomenofMeaning's picture

As much respect and Love I have for him, I would choice to stay home, if my daughter can't go I cant niether so I pass

celebritytreynicee's picture

i'll wash my face make sure it wasnt a dream and pack and go

CHOCOLATE DROP -'s picture

Faint n then wake up n say god is this really going on if so thank you for finding my angel!!!!!



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