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If Trey come to your house for a meal what would you cook him?

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on August 20, 2010 - 12:33pm
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I would cook him some ribs, mac&cheese,corn& some corn bread.for drink he would have sweet tea or lemonade.

santrellb's picture

any thing he want and that's including me lol

Quo'vodis's picture

I would invite him when the whole family is around like on holiday's....I would tell him invite his mom 2....I would help my granny cook its too much typeing to name everything, but we go all out with the soul food, and all the desserts.

aaliyahfan07's picture

anything he wanted but proably more of a southern type home cooking!!

ros's picture

whtever he wants....

Amonie's picture

anything he wanted....

TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

Just Pizza, I'm serious lol

Hazel06's picture

I would fried him some chicken greens corn bread mac and chesse and bake him a pound cake and a peach cobbler and some lemonade....

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Mz.Mikayla Neverson's picture

idk i think he would like wat eva i give him i would probly fix soul food cause thats wat i eat and i KNOW he eats and i would just let him decide its not a big thing he is but wat i cook not really.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I'm sure he would be happy with the meal you are cooking.

Ms.Brown's picture

i would cook the shit out of his food he wouldnt want to leave lol

trey songz flower angel's picture

i don't really know

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

whatevr he wants me 2 cook

Jessica_43's picture

what he wants...

MizzTyra's picture

just straight soul food baby das awl i kno how 2 cook lolz


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