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Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI on December 2, 2010 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:01pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


Bri_LuvsTremaine's picture

It's almost a week later and i'm still high off of that concert....That was the sexiest concert ever! Trey and Usher killed it!

badnbeautiful23's picture

TThe concert last night was great it was sexy as hell... I can't wait for trey to come back I'm anticipating the moment already. so excited!!! follow me @sexi_neq21 please

JordanJelise's picture

@Stype83 I didn't miss the performance but my phone wouldn't send the email to the contest email so I wasn't able to participate....and I worked sooo hard on mine for weeks!!! I was so upset they wouldn't even let me bring my poster board in the building..... I was so mad lastnight I feel like I have the worst luck!!!

Stype83's picture

I want to say I am PISSED I missed Trey's performance all because someone hit my cousin car while we were in it, IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!! by the time we got in Usher was on stage. And on top of that I couldn't submit my pics! WORST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!..........follow me anyway SassyMisses@twitter

Bri_LuvsTremaine's picture


aisha_11's picture

Anybody going to the in store on thursday?

aisha_11's picture

I cant wait until thursday to see you,love you trey!!!

WhitleyChar's picture

Yeah! Who all is doing lunch? Monnika I am about to tweet you for details...

monnika's picture

Changed the twitter name from monnika to 1realmusiclover! So Angels are we doing lunch before the show? Nobody reps like the D so lets get these pics in.

TreyAngelLexyy's picture

I cant wait til Dec 2nd I've been Anticipating this concert from day one...Im really xcited to see you Trey... xoxox

MsJuicyBooty313's picture

I will be there...follow me @PrincezzAzz :)'s picture

hey angels my twitter name is @A_sweetangel. i cant wait... see yall there...

iam_jade's picture

I will definitely be there... I can't believe that it's almost here!!!! @mzdiamond_jade

Layna_YUUUP's picture

OMG like i cant wait!!!!! Ive been so excited for like 2 months straight ....YES LEGO ... see yall all there TREYFAM FOR LIFE :-)

d^_^b listing to some TREY & Usher now

Charlene_2's picture

Cant what to see you in the' D' again Trey............ :-)

ILoveTremaine_'s picture

Omq Kantt Wait... @FeeninFa_Treyy

thompsontchr's picture

Imma be there! Oh yeah vote for me pleeeeease Vote For Me To Get Close with Trey For A Day: My twitter name is tamika_t

Tam all 4 u's picture

Hey ladies I will b there omg really cant wait but I have the chance to have dinner with him the night b4 so plzzzzz if u all will click on the link below and vote for me it would mean soooo much to me thanks Angels I know yall have my back

TLChat's picture

my twitter is tonsah8rz

TLChat's picture

This is my first time seeing him in concert!!!!! Super excited. I would like to meet him in person I here he's a sweetheart!!!

monnika's picture

Oops my twit is the same as my name. Nothing fancy. Lol

monnika's picture

Cant wait. I made them schedule my surgery until after the show. Not close at al but its all good. My post birthday and early christmas gift.

Iesha_5's picture

it seems like these 17 days r takin 4eva but its soooo gonna b worth it when i get 2 c TREY perform again & prayin since this will b my 7th time i actually get 2 meet him @SongzIs4MeYuuup

trey_is_hot09's picture

I am really excited to see @TreySongz in concert again... I try to see him when he comes... have seen him a few times and have met him once.... will be at the fan signing @ telegraph too... can't wait! @OhadzSweetie

Sheree_Renee's picture

Almost had to sell my ticket because Im moving down south but the move has been post-poned so the show will definitely go See you soon Trey Trey...follow me @Sheree_Renee

WhitleyChar's picture

I am SUPER excited to see Trey. I just met him during the PPP tour in Cincinnati and is so happy that he is coming to Mi. I love Trey so much! #Leggoo Follow me on Twitter @TreyLuvsMyWings's picture

I am so excited this will be my first time seeing Trey perform and hopefully meeting him. I can't wait, my twitter is tmjackson1.

TreyzRAREAngel's picture

I am so excited and so happy that Trey is coming to Detroit again! When he was here the last time I didnt get to meet him! I PRAY I meet him this time around. I LOVE YOU TREY! *Muah* You can find me on Twitter on top of Trey! @TreyzRAREAngel

Shea's picture

See you @ Best Buy before the concert and @ the concert in Row 6. Can't wait

DeVinniaMarie's picture

CANIT WAIT @DivaD_Divine



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