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Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL on December 3, 2010 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:02pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


Cookey's picture

I'm UBER late, but I was in thee building for this jant *in TAN voice*, lol. The show was phenomenal. This concert made my 6th time seeing Trey this year. And believe me when I say it doesn't stop here. And I'm going to see him again on NYE...yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh. Trey baby, u know u did yo thang. Understandable you're the opening act. But we would have LOVED to have had you on stage a tad bit longer. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the show. And the pics! Besos~


missladyt's picture

I attended the OMG show last was unforgettable!!! I enjoyed every minute of Trey, he is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU TREY!!!

Tremaine's-ladii20's picture

Driving 4 hours from school at souhern illinois university back home to chicago just for this concert..get out of cass at 12 taking the 4 hour drive..going home to get ready and then driving another hour to allstate arena!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TREY SEE U TONIGHT 7TH ROW :) :)

Drizzy_Trey's picture

ill be at the signing and the show..... see yall there!!!! @MzDrizzyAngel

p0ohzie's picture

see everyone there !

Marquisha Songz's picture

Hey everyone. I'm so new to this. I tried avoiding signing onto twitter and face book but trey made it to hard for me to keep resisting. Help don't know how to twitter LOL 1drmgrl

TreyLatinAngel's picture

This would actually be my first time going to see Trey...i've never had enough money to go and see him or someone who can take me since i still don't drive but this year i bought my tickets with my own bday money and there aint no way imma miss this show!!! it's like my early xmas present to see Trey! (twitter:TreyLatinAngel)

Diva219's picture

@Kiara0908 Don't feel bad, I felt the same way. I would've gone to see them (Trey and Usher) all by myself. Almost did when I went to the PPP tour in Indianapolis.

Diva219's picture

I will be at the concert with bells on!!! I won't be able to make the signing since it's out by River Oaks and I will be working in Hometown (and I don't get off work until 4pm). (twitter: @DrDiva219)

-TREYSANGEL's picture

OMG.....I can't wait. I am attending both the meet and greet and the concert

MzShyTownDva's picture

OMG.....I can't wait. I am attending both the meet and greet and the concert.

Sarah LeiLani's picture

Missed your show in Az :(

but im flying to see you in Chicago!!! :)
sooo excited!

ohsosexyebony's picture

better news i won my tickets from power 92.3 and they give 2 tickets

dkgrooms's picture

where is the cd signing?

UniqueBeauty2's picture

Hey Yall'
I'll be at the signing and attending the concert. Some of us angels are trying to meet up before the signing and possibly after the concert. Its one of the discussions. Chicago Angels is in the title.
My twitter is the same: @UniqueBeauty2's picture

I will be in the building also can't wait. I hope to be able to meet all of my Chicago angels as well. Follow me on twitter and i'll follow back my handle is chi_townAngel.

tammie620's picture

I see all the Chitown Angels that are going to the show, who's going to the CD signin and are the Chitown angels going to meet up. @tammie620

dkgrooms's picture

I cant wait! I will be there for sure! Not very good seats though :(.. I wish all of us angels could meet up somehow? And meet trey :)

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Angels - my friend confirmed that she is going so I'm not selling my other ticket. Try eBay or - the closer the date of the show is, the likelihood of the seller dropping the price of the ticket in a desperate attempt to sell the tickets.

I would love to see everyone there - I hope I'm following everyone. If I'm not, follow me & I'll follow you back @GimmeUnusual

Is everyone also supporting @LadyAJ03 & @Shay_Bae89 by following us @CelebLuvGasms ? That's our Fan Fiction page of some HOT male celebrities - and you know Trey is the highlight. We're working on a web page now and the forum will be active as of Wednesday (11/17/10). Links will be posted.

missrobynmarie's picture

I shall be there and at the cd signing. NOT GOING TO SCHOOL THAT DAY. Where is everyone sitting? I want to know how close i am to you all

Kiara0908's picture

Im going cant wait 2 see the rest of u angels there cuz imma be sitting all by myself cuz i cant find anyone 2 go with me. So i said 4get it and said i'll go by myself. My twitter is Kiara0908

LittleMonster96's picture

I am going that day! Trey songz is my idol and I wanna be just like him when I grow up!!! But he never followed me or anything so I'm gonna try to get to see him now and talk to him at least! @IamGaga4Minaj

tammie620's picture

Omg, Omg, Omg (In my Shanaenae voice) Im going to see to see Treysongz yet again im so excited, I can't wait to the concert. Im also looking forward to meeting other Angels. That's what's up. @tammie620 is who I be.

ohsosexyebony's picture

im going angels @ebonyttuchi i will be getting my cd signed and i will be at the concert! i love trey songz yuuup! i cant wait to meet the angels of chicago! follow me

hartshauna's picture

Woohoo I see a lot of #TreyFam and #BeastSquad reppin for Trey in Chicago! 1 of 3 spots I'll be at! (Detroit and Miami as well) Cant wait, hope to see you all there

mz.songz7706's picture

@tricia i will pay for the ticket and go follow me on twitter @ MzGoThErOwN7706 every other word is capitalized i wanted to get floor tickets but they were sold out and i dont wanna see trey in less im close to the stage lol so follow me if u havent found anybody

TreysDiva's picture

Hey Ladies!!!! I can't wait until the 3rd so we can all see Trey once again and for some it may be the first time!!!! I'll be ready to party after the concert so if any one else is going out hit me up on my twitter (@thabaddestdiva) and if I'm not following you let me know!!! I really can NOT WAIT TO SEE TREY AGAIN!!

MsTrey1's picture

Very excited about seeing Trey. I bought the Platinum tickets over $400.00 but Trey is worth that and more. My twitter is @MsTrey1. Looking forward to seeing Trey's Angels...let's be there and represent!!!

alicialuvsu81's picture

Can't wait to see Trey again! This will be my 6th and 7th time seeing him. I always love his shows. He is a magnificent performer. Love you Trey. My twitter is @alicialuvsu81

alicialuvsu81's picture

Can't wait to see Trey again! This will be my 6th and 7th time seeing him. I always love his shows. He is a magnificent performer. Love you Trey. My twitter is @alicialuvsu81



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