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Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC on December 7, 2010 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:03pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


laBELLEnicole's picture

any of you guys doin the ultimate fan contest?

iLuvSongzCDB's picture

I'll be there!!!!!! Can't wait either...coming from SC to see Trey for the second time this year!!! Hate that I missed the PPP tour so I will definitely be in the house for this one. I'll also be at the CD many of you are camping out?? Lol...I'll be there early to ensure my spot!!! I look forward to seeing you there Angels!!! Muah!!!! Follow me @ iLuvSongz_ZPhiB

Tenisha's picture

I can't wait this is going to be the 2nd concert this yr., but I will also be attending the concert in DC. Im so boosted and I will be at the CD signing. Trey you a freaking beast at what you do and I know it's just going to get better. Angels please follow me @T_NeNe

LaTishaBritt's picture

Hi guys. I will be at the Greensboro show as well. It's my first concert that I have chosen to attend so I'm excited to support Trey. Can't wait to go to the show and hope my fellow Angel sisters come out as well. See ya there!

TwitterHandle: @LatishaBritt

Be Blessed!

BluSongz's picture

HEY LADIES! I'm going to the show in the boro as well! Hope everyone will be wearing their angel t's so we know who each other is. follow me @CTinaDiva i can't wait...i'm counting down the days!

MissMonshe's picture

glad to see im not the only angel that will be in the building on the 7th!! im so excited for this concert and the best buy album signing!! i cant wait and my best friend are gonna cut up!! lol

follow me & ill follow back!! @MissMonshe

Queen_8's picture

Hey TreyFam. I'm Queen ..will DEFINITLY BE N DA BUILDING 12.7.10.. cannot wait!!.. Best Buy In-store signing..R U SERIOUS?? IM TOO excited right now..Love you Trey!!..It can only go UP from here homie.. MUCH SUCCESS:) follow me @PASSIONS21

P.S.- Trey i met you the last time you came to Greensboro, and it's ONLY right we meet again ..right?:)

Msjoakima's picture

Hi! This is Kima I will be at the Greensboro Show!!!! @Mzjoakima follow me!!!! I am so excited he will be at Best Buy I finally get to meet him this is my 4th concert !!!!!!

hotgem's picture

Hi, this is @hotgem- I'll be @ the GSO show on 12/7

laBELLEnicole's picture

i am SOOO excited, i pretty much have followed all the NC angels, but if not follow me @laBELLEnicole



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