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1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD on December 8, 2010 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:03pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


Lorie_Kahl's picture

I was there! Front row of the lower level! Amazing show! Wish ya woulda stayed on a lil longer! Will definately see you again!!'s picture

I was in the front row. It was a blast. I could not believe how close I was to Trey. @cpepang11

sweetpea41185's picture

I loved the show every guy did their thing! @sweetpea41185


Shout out to all BMORE and MD angels Have fun and be safe!!! @BMOREMISSES

xCHRiSSYx310's picture

I'll be there :) @xCHRiSSYx310

Mello_Ichimaru's picture

Will definitely be there.

missbryant_06's picture

i luvvvv trey songz!! I had the chance 2 meet him during the "Passion Pain & Pleasure tour...& i have front row tix 4 the OMG tour!! so excited i hope i have the chance 2 meet him again..:)))) all smilesss cant wait @honeydip_06

LilMzMiyah's picture

= (
i wish i could go!! Ugh. But i hopefully can go to the one in Boston, MA on the 21st!!

Trey'sBeautifulWife's picture

i cant wait till the omg tour! id love to c all my DMV angels as well...follow me on twitter @Mrz_Neverson1 and ill follow u all back! 5days left

Mrs.StealYoMan's picture

#shoutout 2 my #DMVangels ima b in there like swim wear... i kno who Treys Ultimate Angel is nd her name is @TriggasWifey lol :) iLy Tremaine !!! MUAH

Shaunteh's picture

I can't wait to see Usher and Trey once again! Both are very good performers. My friends and I have front row seats! YES, I purchased the tickets on the first day. I'm still debating on what to wear; any suggestions@treysongz @jojobrim? To Trey's DMV Angels, let's represent! @Shaunteh_Denise

Ms.Keosha PureAngel's picture

I will definitely be attending this on dec. 8th, although my birthday is nov 29th this was my birthday gift to myself and i made sure i purchased my tickets two months ago. well i dont know what i am going to wear but i hope and pray that i will finally get to meet this handsome young man. if not i will keep trying but if i meet him i will be so excited, i hope he follows me on twitter one of these days @darknlovelysag1. take care angels and we need definitely do need to step up because we arent noticed. but its cool we will all get it together im sure

nick name: pure angel
Name: keosha
area: baltimore's picture

Richmond will be in the house for Baltimore and Norfolk.You know once is not enough I always have to see him twice.This will be my 6th time this year seeing Trey and its always a pleasure.

koolaidsmiiles's picture

ayyy @mzaware! =D funny im seeing ur comment below me haha ...Im from New York but attending the Baltimore show hypee cant wait!

Serenity BlissfulAngel's picture

Hey Ladies I'm from Baltimore but I'm attending the DC show! I still would like to connect with some Maryland Angels. We have been too quiet and it's time to come out of hiding. Contact me to be apart of the plans we are planing from MD!

Quandra's picture

Can't wait too see you perform @ the arena Dec.8th...I know you will be Awesome!!! I hope to meet you

shanell franklin's picture

i am super excited to see trey again i hope i get to meet him this time @shanellf

Barbara_10's picture

This will be my very 1st time seeing Trey Songz in concert. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. I am overjoyed at being able to attend this concert on Dec. 8 as an early birthday present to myself! Given the opportunity to me him would be like the cherry on top! --- @BEinDMV

India Pitts's picture

I can't wait for this concert! I know this will be a show that everyone will remember!

Trey's Angel_18's picture

Usher who???? Dec 8th 's offically Trey Day in B-more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackieblessed2bhere's picture

Can't wait 2 see Trey, this is the main reason y I bought tickets, Usher is ok, but Trey is goin SHUT IT DOWN!!! kinda upset that the cd is the same day as the concert. But still excited0:-)

AmariehottE's picture

Sooooooo I'm extremely excited about the Omg tour!!! Usher is ok but yall know I'm going for Trey...#TreyDayEveryDay if u dnt know u better ask an Angel...Hahaha I'm a huge fan so I cnt wait ,Treys Angel 4 life...since 2005 all the way live!!! @AmarieHottE

shania's picture

i just hope this cd signing dont get shut down like the one that was at DTLR i need that cut the line pass this time

ilytreysongz_3's picture

i cant wait to see trey songz i love him so much @ilovesongzyuuup

AsherRaine's picture

@OnnakaYelsha: Super excited. I know this show is going to be awesome

shania's picture

im counting down the days csnt wait follow me angels @shania619

Triggagotmeyup's picture

cant wait for the 8th and now im even more excited to be going to ANOTHER signing and right BEFORE for show!!

trinasalvador's picture

YAY I cant wait for this day!!! yes


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