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Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on December 14, 2010 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:05pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


BSongz9987's picture

I can't wait to see the love of my life perform amazing at the garden! He's so talented and sexy! Whhhoooooo hooooooo!!!!

Trissy's picture

Been waiting a long time for this show I will be there @Trissy003

@Simplyneeshx3's picture

Can't Wait To c The Great Show That My Baby Trey Puts On, This'll b My 5th Time Seeing Trey This Year, Hypeeeee =), But. Definitely Got These Tix Last Minute & I Was At a Lost For Words So Of Course Im Gonna Enjoy This Day To The Fullest c u Ladies There =*, =) !


5_StarShey's picture

I was going the 13th but im going the 14th now (better seats) So im excited, either way i get to see Trey. Usher is a great performer , but im really going just for Trey.... True Story... LOL


FallonNeverson's picture

I will be attending the 12-14 show as well. Next week can't come fast enough. I'm so happy I also get to see the show at work on friday!!!


TreysAngel_527's picture

I'm so excited i found out today i will actually be attending the 12-14-10 show.This will be my 6th time seeing trey this year what away to end the year and the semester!!! Tweet me @mskat527 and i am also excited to see some of the angels i met before and some new angels aswell :-) cant wait to link up ladies!!!

JennGee's picture

Fourth time seeing Trey this year... I absolutely cannot wait! I'm looking forward to meeting up with sum angels this night! xoxox Hit me up! @msjenngee

Luvahgyrl's picture

I will be there!! I goto all his shows in NYC @caramel021......

jhaastrupYUUUP's picture


Sexyfergieja's picture

i am going @sexyfergieja

JesusIsMySavior's picture


You're relocating?

YagirlShary's picture

@univ3rsal_ladi3 great way to end off my year and last month of living in NYC!!! I cant wait till the 14th =]

mstopnotch328 TopNotchAngel's picture

msecond day im attending the show @mstopnotch328 hit me up ima c u there #TopNotchAngel


So Excited to see Trey get it in at Madison Square Garden on Dec 14th! I know us Angels are going to represent to the fullest! Cant wait to see you ladies there!! @LILMZSUNSHYNE

KA-LEE-YA...KALEYIA's picture


MsDaniBaby21's picture

Can't wait to see Trey Songz shut NYC down at the OMG Tour on 12/14. Trey I am one of your biggest fans!! I always come see you when you're in NYC.I love love love you lol -- @MsDaniBaby21

annievee's picture

i have to make one of these shows in NY! @anni3vee

connie_6's picture

sry thats @forbiddenluv

connie_6's picture

OMG this is my first tour seeing him and i"m so excited i think i'm going to loose my voice just thinking about how much i going to scream. every time that i was to see him something happen. so to all the angels out there i just cant wait i know everyone is going to be great thanks i hope i get to meet him in person but even if i don't i'm still sooo happy its been 5years too long lol :} @forbiddednluv

Brooklyns Darling's picture

@brooklyn_lns_vx this tour is gonna off the hook, i got my out fit already Dec. 14 need to hurry up n come...'s picture

oops sorry forgot to add my twitter @fabgyrl25. when i wrote before Hope i see some of you there on 12/14! :)

TreyInspiresMe's picture

Im going to this show my fourth time this year seeing Trey aahh i love u trey i wish i couldve did both shows like i did for PPP but I cant take both days off HMU @ima_shoe_whore

JesusIsMySavior's picture

This will be my forth time seeing him this year.'s picture

Yes! iam excited ! iam going on 12/14. This will be my 3rd time seeing him in concert this year! :) iam looking forward to seeing what songs he is gonna do & what he plans to do on his set!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Okay LOL :)

CELLE-CELL's picture

I was in the first row In AC just wanted to get closer to the stage Taj Mah Hall security was real salty that night @ one point threaten to put me out lol. I said try it!! not after paying almost five for those seats. So I'll stay in my seats this time knowing me lol

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Hey Celle-Cell!

In the back, maybe you can sneak up to the front. LOL

Msbreeziibaby's picture

I will be attending the show on Dec.13th with 3 other Angels ! we will be there to support Trey dancing and singing along to all of his songs I cant wait if there are any other Angels attending the show I would love to meet you guys hmu @Msbreeziibaby

CELLE-CELL's picture

HI, JesusIsMysavior I hope so cause, they may be floor seats but all the way in the back lol.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Those are good seats.



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