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If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?


  • If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?
    July 26, 2009

    If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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on Jul 26, 2009 - 08:40PM

If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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trey's_wifey_3's picture

Love Lost.....Because I love that song....and i love him

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Lol that's an easy one..."In the Middle". That's my favorite song of his off of my favorite album so he could do no wrong blessing my ears with that sexy song.

Trey Lover_7's picture

we should be!!!

Maya_14's picture

Be where you are and Does he do it

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READY TO MAKE LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brittanydanielleyuup's picture

"Ready To Make Love" For Sure

Natty's picture

ohhh it would be "bed" or "birthday sex" LOOOL nah im just playin, I dont mind any song from his mouth

AfwoStyle's picture

We should be & The last time... cuz that's my favourites songz

Mika_7's picture

i would want he 2 sing scratchin me up,you belong to me,in the middle,etc...all of his songz

_Bellatrixx_L's picture

On top....followed by Jupiter love...then Does she know.....

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holla if you need me , does he do it , role play , be where you are, last time , say aaah, ready to make love, oh my bad see i wouldnt stop at one id be like sing another lol

treyz1wifey_ LEE _LEE's picture

i love all of his songs one of my favourite is the stupid things

Indirah's picture

It's hard to pick...but if u had to...i would say Cheat on You or I'm Comin For them both

Luv u Trey

Treysbab's picture

missing you or one love

Trieka's picture

we should be or Gurl tonite

RaeRae731's picture

Holla if u need me, love lost or we should be

Ratiq's picture

a song that i wrote but not to me lol.

Lady_Dymond's picture

One Love or We Should Be because I feel like he made those songs for me and I love them.

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Sex fo yo stereo

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One love or Jodeci-love you for life

Mrz.Clipz's picture

I would love for him to sing holla if u need me.

t00tie18's picture

He could sing Wonder Women

Auty Chanel's picture

man, just one song?? he could sing Play House, One Love, & The Neighbors know my name to me anytime!

SimplyRaRa's picture

i would like if me & trey did a songz together and that would be

whitney houston & bobby Brown-we have something in common

its my favorite songl lOlz =D

or any 90's slow r&b music im an old skool person

Mrs.terysongz1's picture

He could sing wonder women to me any day at any time cause I'm is wonder women

iLuvMrNeverson's picture

I wud want him to sing We Should Be..U can really feel wat he's sayin on there n it wud marinate my spine

kaykay01model's picture

any love song.
Trey you suprise me okay
I love suprises.

Ms. Feisty_2's picture will be.....'holla if u need me', 'love lost' and 'love safari'......

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I would love for Trey to sing " It Would Be You" from the Anticipation mix tape. The song is beautiful, loving and great on the ears. The lyrics are mystical and takes you to a fantasy as if you were Trey's girl. His voice definitely makes the song and I hope one day he can dedicate that song to me.