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Break Up Vs. Wake Up----who comes out on top?


  • Break Up Vs. Wake Up----who comes out on top?
    July 29, 2009

    I wan2 kno who killed the beat better? Was is Mario or Trey Songz?

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on Jul 29, 2009 - 01:51PM

I wan2 kno who killed the beat better? Was is Mario or Trey Songz?

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I like break up but I love wake up

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tttttttttrrrrriiiiggggaaaa ddddaaaadddddddyyyy!

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i luV mariO 2, but Trey did!!! i luv the way his words kum out.and i defin8ly wouldnt wana get wake up if trey was n my dreams..."baby lemme lik on dat ni991e"..lolz...mayB i kould finD out if he gata big "u knO"...thas a gr8 song thO...but mayB not i don wana b a h[O] he "hittin">>he did say he hit it the deepest.....ump

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they both good cant lie

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To me they both are great talented I cant judge them they are friends but if i got got to chose it would be my man Trey Songz he is the love of my life right now lol

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Trey comes out on top of course! I love how he takes a beat and goes a completely different direction than the original. Dont get me wrong Mario is my n**ga and he did his thang but Trey's version is da truth.

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Wake up. I love Mario but wake ups lyrics i relate to more. i was mad when my sister texted me and woke me from a dream aboyt Trey.

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Trey no questions asked Yuup!!!!!!!!

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Definetly Trey.

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Definitely Trey but Mario did his thang too

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I love Trey's version but I'm getting used to Mario's version. I heard Trey's 1st like many on here. Trey's my man but I like Mario also.

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I say Trey Songz. I honestly thought it was his song til I heard Mario's version on the radio and I got excited thinkin it was Trey lol. I thought he stole from Trey for a second haha Mario's is cool but Trey's is def much better!

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I give it 2 Trey and he defiently on top and Mario is on the bottom. lol lls

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I gotta give it 2 Trey

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I agree with un`disclosed, I heard Trey version before Mario's. I actually think Trey killed it.
"If I was in your dream and wake up you CRAZY"!!!

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I'd honestly have to say Trey. It's funny cuz I heard his version way before I even know Mario had a song out called Break Up.

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Trey murdered and maimed it of course

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Trey of course :-)

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Trey KILLT that shit.

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