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Who's from the dmv area?


  • Who's from the dmv area?
    July 23, 2009

    any ladies wana help promote trey in the dmv area?

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on Jul 23, 2009 - 10:04PM

any ladies wana help promote trey in the dmv area?

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TrEy's N3W Y3ARS GIRL's picture

Im from B-more but i live in PG county by Northeast DC

blank's picture

i was raised here but philly born!!!! pg county all day everyday

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From the Chocolate City, DC.... i would love me whenever things are'll love to promote him

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I am

marie_35's picture

im from washington dc and proud

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I'm in VA but i wanna party w/ ya'll on sept 4...soooo keep me informed VIP all the way, like Trey I'm "Ready"!!!

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Follow me @LadyM187ER

Keep me updated

Teamsongz23's picture

I will provide VIP info once i know everything. Im Not sure on how much it will be.

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Make sure you all can make it to dc on sept 4...we will be at IBIZA Nite Club...ill send contact info if u want to party with us in VIP

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follow me @MsPurpBabay

TaeSongzPurpleYuuup's picture

Most def in VA right now been waitin for this question...

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Im from r u?

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im from b-more!!!!!!!!!!

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im in b-more

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DMV I live in NVA like 20 minutes outside DC

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I'm in B-more..

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im already a promoter in the DMV area so of course would love to promote him cuz i always am :) thanks

or facebook me :) love to help out!

MzReese0526's picture

Yuuup I sure will help, I rep all day, evryday already! I live in DC follow me @mzreese and let me know everything!!

NewRain21's picture

im from baltimore btw.

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i rep trey 24/7. lol. i already got the connected package and everything.

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Im from va !

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my twitter @juicylilred, im 4rm va!!!!

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I am! (forestville) I wanna help!

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here is my i am in the va area

Michelle aka Lil Bmore's picture

i would like to

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Thats the wrong name excuse me.

Teamsongz23 is the correct name

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Twitter Screen Name:Helluvalife23
Follow me and I'll return the favor!!!

Also message me if interested in promoting you Favorite Artist!!

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Where within the area are you from?