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If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?


  • If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?
    July 26, 2009

    If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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on Jul 26, 2009 - 08:40PM

If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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sexy_quett's picture

hmmmm.......this is kinda hard ....... but it has to between jupiter love , one love , sex for yo stereo , wonder woman or role play

Ms.PrettyBlack's picture

Hell,what every he want to sing well put it like this Trey make a song about us goin half on a child ok,CALL IT "STARTED DOWN LOW" some new Trey its for me Boo my love I love all our song ok Go Hard Get Money,Play Hard Later.

Chinkyeyes216's picture

I would really like for him to be able to sing every a least 10 of my favorite songs

marquita_4's picture

i really like invented sex, love lost, and black roses but i really would prefer love lost.

Uneek_Chic_2's picture

I would definitely have him to sing "JUPITER LOVE", only because I love the arrangement of the song!! The vocals are on fire and the music is on point, I love the piano solo as well!!

triggafuture23224's picture

One Love. That song indicates someone very special in his life who will have a place in his life forever. I know i would never let go if i could get a hold of Trey, Love you. Even if he didnt mean it lol, it would still be the greatest gift.

MkeLuv2MeMentally's picture

A Song For You by the late Donny Hathaway

ImDaMrsz's picture

I would love for him to sing "It would Be" .... I love that song witha passion

BABY GIRL A.K.A S3XY's picture

jupiter love great song

Kelz_Luv'n_U's picture

Gotta Go because its me Who he's comming back home to. :) & it get's like that

Dijers's picture

I would want the song to be "Gotta make it" because I love the song. I would want him to sing his entire album to me lol YUUUP~!


Definately would be SCRATCHIN ME UP...The lyrics are crazy and explains jus wat me and trey will be doing while he's singing!! "ME&TREY(:YUUP

Twerkqueen03's picture

Missin you because it was a hot joint plus the lyrics are believeable.

Latisha716's picture

neighbors know my name cuz thats my sh..

synamon3180's picture

that's a good question.. mine wld be "Does She Know/Distant Lover"...

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'be where you are where you are'

Skitt3sz's picture

One love or neighbors know my name :)

readinbtwnlinz24's picture

i got to make that song

DJanell's picture

neighbors know my name and if he did i would just smile and melt right into his arms

Onyxlibra7's picture

If you have twitter get on @onyxlibra7 and @Treyaholics Anon...we doin' it BIG for Trey this year LADIEZ!

Lashaun Candi's picture

Jupiter Love thats a wonderful love making song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and holla if you need me nice one also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lashaun Candi's picture

jupiter love YES wonderful love making song,,,, and holla if you need me nice one also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley B's picture

Say ahh and IIS

MsStephy4U's picture

OOOOOO!!!!.....Panty Droppa!! if not that One Love!

TEAM TREY_YUUUP.'s picture

"One Love".!!!!

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"NEIGHBORS KNOW MY NAME" That song is WOW!!!'s picture

"does he do it"

mrs.yasminesongz16's picture

say awwwa cause dat is one of my fav song and i would kill just to see the look on his sexy face

Megg Ra'Chelle's picture

it would be yu :) because its like ...hes sayin nothin else in tha world matters to him but yu & it would make me feel like hes speakin directly to me :)