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If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?


  • If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?
    July 26, 2009

    If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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on Jul 26, 2009 - 08:40PM

If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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Loni_2's picture

i can't help but wait

Mz.Bad Azz's picture

wonder woman, panty droppa, and role play. they are wonderful song

nikkibaby101's picture

it wuld have to be grub on and gotta make it

ShaylaCooper's picture

One Love!!!!.....because that song is so true and beautiful....

Mrs.TremaineAldonNeverson33's picture

Panty Droppa ! ! ;

Because that sonq is extremely sexy ! ! ! , vocals are amazinq , beat is hawt , and mmmm mmm mmm , He is FINEE3 !

Mizz Mimi's picture

The song that i would like trey to sing any song to me it would be either Kinda Lovin or You Belong To Me....Because both of those songs do something to me and Like it just feels like he's talkin about me...

SBME's picture

Maybe Neighbors Know My Name or Yo Side Of The Bed! I like Neighbors because it's saying that he has it like that and can do it like that to make me holla out his name so loud that neighbors hear it and we do it every night so they remember it! Also I like Yo Side because when you leave you know that he is still missing you, he's lonely, and can't sleep, but then knows that you're coming back soon!

imalltalk's picture

It's between Sex For Yo Stereo & Black Roses. I can't choose :)

ilytreysongz_2's picture

it would be role play lol

OneLove_213's picture

the song that trey songz would sing to me would be one love

Jaime Geter's picture

be where you are or holla if you need me or the bed cover. i can't chose!

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msjapple's picture

Ya side of the bed because he is just so passionate about tht song....everytime I hear it I really think he is singing to me....aww lovin me some Trey (Mr.Songz if u nasty :) :)

LifeIsGood's picture

In The Middle....I just love that song and when he says "I'm not tryin' to be in the front or the back, by the side,
just in side, deep inside, the middle of your love
Ooooooooooooooooooo oooooo
Uh" it's like he's putting his everything into that part and it just gives me the chills...especially when he say that "Uh"..... OMG MAN I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT! (lol)

Janice_7's picture

JUPITER LOVE.. because I LOVE that music is not my favourite ...but I like so much

CANDYKISSES365's picture

if trey could sing me a song(s) i would choose the following: Rose Royce-"I wanna get next to you",Rude Boys-"It's written all over your face",Tevin Cambell- "Knock me off my feet",or something from the he feels @ that moment.

mhizkerisongz's picture

Hmm, good Question. Really, I don't care. He could sing anything too me& I'd be happy. I love his voice& all of his songs, soo -- whatever he's in tha mood for(:

mimi2780's picture

It really don't matter to me what ever song he wants to sing I love all of them even the one's that he makes over for his songz book

Shanekiya's picture

i meant does he do it

Shanekiya's picture

kinda lovin' and/or do he do it and/or i need a girl

DaNnii_Yuuup's picture

I would want him to sing invented sex, jupiter love, or neighbors know my name because they are my favorite *&& he boy would I love him to do those things to me ;)

Fai'yth Trey's Angel's picture

i would have to say " One Love" cause i would knw dhat Tremaine is mines and all mines. Cause I am all he needs.he can be the one i call wen i need some one so i will take his hand cause 1 mind 1 heart and 1 Love...........

chokolatdiva's picture

it wld be good enuff jus to chill wit Tremaine not Trey and he chose to sing that wld be cool also. But to pic jus a song not possible for me but to narrow it down to 3 bed bath and beyond; holla if u need me; and cant help but wait. hopefully he'll perform 2 of 3 in new orleans FEB 25th holla TREY 100% chokolat

wendy_7's picture

definitely wonder woman becoz I wanna be all his desires

Alexis from Detroit's picture

Invented Sex

Trey_Songz-Wifey's picture

I'd love for him to sing any song to me, because I just love his voice. But I'd love him to sing One Love, Jupiter Love, or Does He Do It.

Ashleyy_4's picture

JupiiTer Love

treytrigga's picture

it would be 2 songz invented sex,and lol:)

lenas_2's picture

you belong to me,, love that song its so sexy

sexy_quett's picture

i really love those songs