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Which Trey Songz album melts your heart?????


  • Which Trey Songz album melts your heart?????
    August 05, 2009

    Is Gotta Make It, Trey Day, or is your mind set that Ready will best?


Lady Songz ThugAngel's picture
on Aug 5, 2009 - 07:05PM

Is Gotta Make It, Trey Day, or is your mind set that Ready will best?


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mrz.yasmineneverson's picture

ready cuz its got mii songz on there and i really lke the way his new songz sound lke (slow luv it)

JanelXOXOBlackroses's picture

ready and trey day

Trezure_09's picture

ready ;

Tammy Daniels's picture

ready because i fell he did his thang on this album i mean come on now listen to the cd. I LOVE LOVE LOST ONE LOVE, NUMBER IN MY PHONE, YO SIDE OF THE BED ALL SAY AAH . I LOVE IT ALL FOR REAL I MEAN HIS OTHER ALBUMS WERE ALSO GOOD BUT THIS WAS ALL THAT AND SOME LOL.

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Trey Lover_7's picture

I would have to say trey day....all the way.!

Diiamond_Black's picture

which one doesnt , his voice is what melts your heart so i like them all

naebaby26's picture

i would have to go with "ANTICIPATION" because it has a sexy sound from top to bottom and it get's you ready so you can love your man/woman GOOD.

NYHUNNY4L's picture

I absolutely love the first album. Like that album was pure and fresh R&B that the games been missin for like every I can listen to that album all day everyday and never tire. He expresses vulnerability and strength I love that CD>

princess ci-ci x's picture

dont get me wrong i do love trey day so much that i bought it myself, the tracks r up-beat and i love cant help but wait but i agree wit StarAngelBaby, i love i gotta make it the album is timeless and the songs on there r bangin and certain tracks sound like they are about something you can hear the emotion in his of my favourites is Ooo.
i havent heard Ready yet so i cant comment but i think it will be good just like all of trey's other songs :D

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Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

qotta make it.
its tha realest album of them all.

Lady Songz ThugAngel's picture

Gotta Make It because I feel that it was the one with the most soul and you could actually hear the pain in some of the more sad songs and you can hear that he is determined to make it. You can hear the yearning for the opportunity to shine in every song.