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What is Tremaine's (Trey) best feature?


  • What is Tremaine's (Trey) best feature?
    March 16, 2010

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Lette16's picture
on Mar 16, 2010 - 09:15AM
DivaAlways24's picture

What kind of ? is tht...he doesn't just have one...his whole body from head to toe is his best feature's...

icanmakeya's picture

Everything about him is great! His very best feature is that he is so humble and thankful to God.

ms.independent_2's picture

his everything

Veronica22's picture

His voice and smile =)

SandraBoo's picture

his smile

Crystal Bright Lights's picture

His lips, hands down. He could be handicapped and I would't care. Lips all day :)

treysongzlover_9's picture

really hummmm his smile and body

pumkinpatch's picture

Hiz SMILE!!!!!!!!!!

Lovin Mr. Songz's picture

his whole everything!!!

quoyababii.'s picture

It's most def. his SMILE. & i love his body 2!!

Bosslady_9's picture

I love his eyes, his lips. I cant decide his everything!!!!!

MusikHunny's picture

I would have to say his smile!! All I need is to see him smile and it makes me happy! lol He's a real cool person too.....his personality is amazing!

Shugababy305's picture

Wow. That's actually REALLY hard! Hmm =/ ... I would say his smile. NO. Lips. NO. pERSONALITY. NOOO. umm his skin? Um idk lol. I love it all

SCGirlforTrey's picture

I definetly love his personality but if I had to name one would definetly be his lips.

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ii wud have 2 sayy hiis skin :) yumm.

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Def, his SMILE.. its irresistible!

JUIC3YJAYB@DD1's picture

I would say his number 1 best feature would be that he has a very incredible respectable personality and dhats 1 of the most important thang about a man. And the second best would be his sexy ass smile.

Dominique_28's picture

Trey is beyond gorgeous but i would say my favorite feature of him is his smile and his obsessed with teeth....

monique_42's picture

I could say his body, his face , his voice ...and they are all good choices but i'll say his passion 4 his family it's the bes feature any man could have...and it's a very attractive 1

Lette16's picture

hiz body