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LADIES!! What Would U Rather Be, Trey's' Woman, His Mistress, Or His Friend?


  • LADIES!! What Would U Rather Be, Trey's' Woman, His Mistress, Or His Friend?
    November 22, 2009

    If u know like I know, you'd be all three. Lol!!!

Tyra Chaunte's picture
on Nov 22, 2009 - 11:29PM

If u know like I know, you'd be all three. Lol!!!

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Sharaine.Pretty's picture

I wanna be his best friend and his woman, neva a mistress

Angel_Eyez524's picture

I would be his best friend and if it can grow from there well then good and if not true friendship is a for the mistress nah i would never want to be that cause i wouldnt want to have him and he had a mistress on me it would not feel good

Joniesha05's picture

i wouldn't mind being his woman..because i know trey can be an excellent man to have..but i don't know if he is ready for a settle down right now..trey the type of dude u fall in love quick with..and it would KILL me if the nigga dipped also wouldn't mind making love to him..but then again the i settle for the best friend card..someone he can confide it..and i can keep my feelings at bay...and just call him when i need him for advice and vice versa...but in my fantasy world..i'd be rockin all three titles lol

Lil'Red's picture

Nah ma his woman cauz if I was his woman he wouldn't need a mistress and he wouldn't want or need any friends 4 a while

Ra'ch's picture

Hmm. I'd rather be his friend, because it'd be an easier relationship to have with him, because being his girl would maybe be stressful since he's an entertainer and very attractive, so a friend is what I'd be...yup!

Lexie_4's picture

this is easy.i would want to be his wife cuz i would be the only woman for him to love.

rayray1's picture

his friend....cuz think bout it if he needs sumone, ppl always go to their friends! plus if sumthing goes wrong wit him and his woman...he might fall in love with his best girl friend!

TreyFan1's picture

UUUUMMMMMM is this really a question???? Of course his WOMAN!!!! But I could be all three because if I'm his woman, we're gonna be friends first, and occassionally you know you gotta be a freak in the bed, so we could do a little mistress role playing if that floats his boat!!! LOL:)

Mrs. Washington ♥'s picture

His friend..! I mean I am only 13,l0lx..>Still lovee yuhh Trey:-)

stacey27's picture

Thas easy i would be his women because i would bring goodness,love,kindness and sexniess to his already blessed world!!!

L A N A's picture

His Hillary Clinton........Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

AddictedtoTREY_2's picture

I would start off as his friend but one of flurtish friends and if he like that then his WOMAN of coures

ahmarye_sonqz_'s picture

I'd rather be his friend...HOLLA IF YHU NEED ME BABY!!!!!!?

R.I.P GR@NDM@ @K@ BOSS L@DY's picture

i would want to b his wife his one love

Ladiie's picture

to be truthful about it.!....i would just want to be his friend.!.i would jus want to be the person he calls and tell about all that he goes through on a reuglar.!.i just would like to be that good friend that everyboddii needs.!.but not for everybodii just Trey.!.

?Ladiie La Flare?

Nicki_ G's picture

i rather be his women and friend because those two togther are unstoppable, u can't have one without the other.

Miyah.Neverson's picture

Womenn. then if things dont work`out. i would lovee to still be his Frienddd!!!!!

foreveryours's picture

His friend they last longer than relationships

Tyra Chaunte's picture

Anything's possible right? You have to believe in the impossible, otherwise what would we strive for! LADIES follow me on twitter @TyraChaunte - I follow back!

Brit-Tajh's picture

shitttt.....all three i can handle it that seems fun though...having funn as his mistress sneeking round and as his women going round in public chillin at t he crib..and his friend just layed back and having a good time joking bout stuff hell.!

nesscity's picture

all three!! i want him in all ways possible

jhadsmithneverson95's picture

i would rather be his woman and his friend..... like to be in a relationship you have to be able to do something other than having sex with him on a regular......... and who wants to be his side thing like once he did you he's just gonna move on

MaNgoBabiie's picture

I Think I would Rather Be His Friend Also But Being His Woman Wouldn't Be A Problem Either I Also Think Being His Friend Would MAke It Easer ..I Mean I Would Want To Be There For Him Like When He's Down I WOuld Like To Be Right There When He Need Advice!! Sooo Yeah Being His Friend WOuld Make It BEtter!! ;)

makeupbyadriel's picture

i would rather be his freind cause friends are more likey to grow into something else plus you have to be someone friend before you can call yourself their woman :)

MsShek's picture

I would have to say " I would rather be is everything"
The reason he breath, smile, and laugh. Because being someone's everything is where its at.

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icanmakeya's picture

I would be his friend, his wife and his freak!!!!!!! Because to be his woman, any man's woman, you have to do it all. You have to be his best friend and turn around and be wifey then you gotta make him scream yo name. Just one Woman's opinion. Kisses!!!!!

L A N A's picture

Hi Tyra,
I would be the wife......ok why would you buy the cow if you could get the milk for free. Ladies if I was you I would start thinking that way because your youth would only last for so long. I am trying to be MRS. NEVERSON not the side chick think about it girl, "think about it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06Trey54's picture

I would love to be his Women but if he only wanted a friend that's fine.....

DeshiaNicole's picture

I would love to be his friend, but I know that I couldn't be, being that I'm so into him, so I would probably end up being his woman! As far as being his mistress, let's just call it this, his "Super Friend!" Yea, that sounds better!