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Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?


  • Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?
    April 02, 2010

    Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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on Apr 2, 2010 - 10:20AM

Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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imaHARDhabit2break's picture

like the sun's guaranteed! (gotta have it)

ElissaSongz's picture

every single day :)

Bosslady_9's picture

No doubt!!!

Ms.Corey29's picture

Yuup! :-)

songzgrl's picture

I listen to Trey every day & I could go maybe 1 or 2 days only

Mz.Fantastic's picture

Yuuup! 365... Ive created about a million mixtapes of Trey, my babies even know the lyrics! Lmao

Lil'Red's picture

Every mornin' every day every nite! Hell nah!!!!!!!!

aldonslover's picture

:-), I do listen to Trey everday & I can't imagine going a day without hearing his voice. I literally go to sleep listening to him & wake up to the sound of his voice. This man is always in my thoughts :-) I've got a bad case of Trey syndrome and I'm not looking for a cure!!

Trezure_09's picture

yes i listen to him every single day ; even while im in school! my itouch is always on trey! && no i cant go a day without hearing his voice ! atleast let me hear his name lol

no name's picture

Not 24/7 but 3 to 6 hours per day!!
because at school it's Trey in my ears.
At home is the same thing..
he has a sweet honey voice
and his songz are such as angels' call.
But i don't remind the entire lirycs looooooooooool!!!!

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jessica tador's picture

i listen to trey songz 24/7 everyday,everymorning,and everynight

Stephanie18's picture

yes i do my favorites are it would be you, ur side of the bed, neighbors know my name. last time, invented sex cant help but wait, omg i lvoe him

Mrs.Neverson_81's picture

my friemds put me on check becuase i do its like wen i listen to it he gets me but then he be gettin ppl all freaky hahahah now im perverted l;ol i listen to everysong of his day nd night its like an adiction i cantt stop wont stop dont wanna stop!!! im planning on singing one of treys songz nd posting it but watch him make me look bad hahaha shouold i?

StephhSittingPretty3's picture

Yes i do listen to him everyday, like his songs never gets old :D
& Psshh Maybee But i Always End Listening To One Of His Songs

Sharaine.Pretty's picture

all day everyday, rite now

Azia's picture

i listen to trey everyday im in school i listen to him i dont pay no mind to them teachers he the only thing in my ears,but i still get my work done though

Chassidy_3's picture

Actually I do! I always have my "Ready" cd in my car to listen to everyday to go to work. Plus I had to add ALL his songs to my MP3 player!

Angel_Eyez524's picture

honestly i would have to say lately yes at least once a day weather it is by my puttin in the cd or listening to him on the radio

Ra'ch's picture

I listen to him in the shower in the morning, and I listen to him when Im just chilling. I could go a day without listening to him. But I'd rather listen to his music, because it's peaceful, and I enjoy it.

Lil'Red's picture

When I wake up in da morning 2 get ready 4 work, when I'm on my way home, and b4 I go 2 bed at nite.When I'm happy, when I'm sad, and when I'm mad YUP just about every moment of da day

Sucka Free's picture

-Yeaaa!ikeep his cd on everyday nd niqht iqoo to sleep listen to him!

breeluvsztreysongz's picture

i'm listen'n to him now.!
ilisten to him everyday..
even whilee im at skool lol

Mrs. Washington ♥'s picture

Yeah..! I fall asleep &Ndd wakee upp too hiis musicc evry niqhtt..>Itxz so bhadd I hear my mom sinqinqq hiis sonqz iin thee showerr,l0lx:-) I evenn havee a wholee playlist of hiiz sonqz &Ndd hopinqq I kudd qhet hiis next album for mha bdayy,Soo ii kudd bumpp too hiiz musci whenn imm not onn thee internet..?

ladytrey_1's picture

Yeah as soon as i wake up i have to see his face or hear his voice

Jastiney Wilkins-Neverson's picture

Do I! What Kinda Question Is That?? Yes I Listen Too Him Every Minute In Every Hour! Really Love Him Lots! Lol :)

sweet_lady79's picture

All day everyday. At home and in the ride. I love listening to his music. It is like he's singing to me. I play it so much I need to buy another cd. I'm addicted to his music.

LifeIsGood's picture

Yes! Between him,Wiz Khalifa,& Wale...Trey is the one who gets played everyday (=

AddictedtoTREY_2's picture

i Listen to him EVERYDAY on the DAY without a dout. theres not a time when u don't find me listing to him everything that he has ever made i hve listened to it