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what was trey like in london ?


  • what was trey like in london ?
    June 01, 2010

    review it someone !

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on Jun 1, 2010 - 05:07PM
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and the best was form wenhe sang panty dropper and then did a lil skit thing before neighbors know my name and den went into neighbors know my name i love that bit everytime i watch the video mmmmmmmmmmmmm i find sumthing new
and also he drove everyone screaming because he lowered his boxers a bit
oh and when he was banging out the notes on Gotta Go the way he was like i don't wanna leave and held it i think it really reminded ppl that this guy can SING
its was actually wicked i'm still talking about it and driving my friends crazy especially since they don't like Trey songz (i know gasp) and even my mum like wow i never knew about this person till you started to talk about him. loool but she was amazed at the pictures i was taking.
i put sum up on my twitter AnneANB i don't think you will need to follow me to see and there's a video i didnt put up everything but if you want more just let me know.

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The first song he was singing was "I cant help but wait" and the last song was "Say ahh". And i cant say which songs were the best, because every single song he was singing was just amazing.
And yes he did interact with the crowd ALOT ! He also called 3 girls on the stage, and later on when he was singing "Say ahh" he called up another girl on the stage.
There was a guest who was Mclean. He was singing 3 songs. My favourite one was "My name".
Well the concert was meant to start at 19.00 (Thats the time it said on the ticket) however we came in at about 20.00, and Trey came on the stage at about 20.40/21.00. And the concert finished at about 23.00
I really really really enjoyed it, took many many videos and photos :) I hope to see him again !!

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openingg acttt?
how long was the perfformanceeeee?
birmingham 2night....cant waittttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WHAT WERE the best songs ?
Did he interact with the crowd ?
Was there an opening act ? or any guests ?
What time did doors open and what time did he come on ?
How long did he perform for ?

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It was AMAZING !!! I cant describe the feeling that i felt when he came on the stage.. I am sooooo happy that i went ! All i can say how im feeling right now is im over the moon :D Its just impossible to put it in words :D I wish i could see his beautiful face every single day, i didnt even want to leave when the concert finished..
Hes is amazing !!! I love him and his fantastic voice :)
Today was one of the best BEST days of my life !