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    (3 years 1 month ago)

    now ill be blunt and say that ive yet to have the good fortune of seeing trey perform live...the problem is im not sure if id want to  because when i look at youtube and see his performances ive yet to be impressed smh the only performance that i really love is the tribute to the ojays bet performance i love me some trey and im a huge supporter when it comes to cds and mixtapes but plz just lemme know if u could genuinely recommend a trey songz concert?????thx

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on March 1, 2011 - 6:21pm
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now ill be blunt and say that ive yet to have the good fortune of seeing trey perform live...the problem is im not sure if id want to  because when i look at youtube and see his performances ive yet to be impressed smh the only performance that i really love is the tribute to the ojays bet performance i love me some trey and im a huge supporter when it comes to cds and mixtapes but plz just lemme know if u could genuinely recommend a trey songz concert?????thx

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Girl i got the chance to see him on the luv face tour and juss let me tell u i travel frm FL 2 DC & It was worth every penny,he got my on my foot from start to finish.. he got the crowd involve, which a lot of other artist can't do..he still have a lot 2 learn but with time & experience he'll get their..

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kg.sunshine: I have seen many people comment that after they went to his shows they were impressed.

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I’ve been to innumerous shows and I’ve NEVER been disappointed. The scale has always ranged from Good to GREAT. I kid you not. I’m objective, so that’s the truth. He converts non-believers to fans at his shows. LOL! Seriously.

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vita: The videos don't do him any justice.

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i've nvr saw him live, but based on videos i've seen i'm not sure if he is a good performer or turn onner

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yeah, i saw him with neyo last month and i loved it! really got the crowd goin + i'm going to see him again on the 25th so i would defo recommend it!?

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Oh okay. Yeah the crowd felt a bit short changed.

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@JIMS he was like "Aight, Minneapolis, its been good!" Then they started ushering us out of the room. No one was MAD.... but the crowd expected ALOT more out of him.

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Ariel [ @COOGIdown )

OMG the crowd started acting rowdy after his performance. Crazy! I can see how that could mess up your experience.

He must have really been sick. He breezed right through songs. Before he exited the stage he didn’t say goodnight?

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To answer your question, yes you should go see him perform live. He puts on a very good show, I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform twice, PPP and OMG tour. Now personally of course I enjoyed PPP more because his set time was longer and it was all about him. Watching him perform on award shows I am not always impressed, I think he gets a little nervous performing in front of his peers verses his fans, who are gonna love and support him regardless, but sound and other things could also go into play. But I enjoy his performances on talk shows as well,. To better judge for yourself you need to see him live though, he will not disappoint.

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@NYHUNNY4L Gurl you have to go to a concert its like he bring u into his world and once u are there you never want to leave. i loved him at LOVEFACES i was in the third row and i had so much fun he look so good in white but like i said before where ever u are sitting he make u feel like he is talking to u and only you omg i cant wait until he get back it going to be crazy lol

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@JIMS The two performances were the most recent:
Jun '09 I got there late.... the venue was already packed. He came onstage at midnight and was on for maybe 20, 25 mins. He looked good, it wasnt as pleasurable of experience as the past few shows of his I'd been to. Crowd was upset with the show afterwards... fights were starting to break out... so we all got maced. >:( Really, that one was more about MY experience than the overall show.

March '10 I was in VIP, but there was a general admission was like 25 feet back from the stage. I felt bad for them! Trey spotted me instantly. His performance was descent... He made a comment early on how he was sick so won't be performing his best. Yep, he predicted that correctly. He was on stage for 25 minutes, I'd say... But he performed "you belong to me" and songs that were really just taking up space. He didnt even do the hit at the time "I Invented Sex." Then he just walked off stage. Everyone was like "thats it?!?!" Alot of people were unsatisfied.... but I enjoyed myself pretty well.

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As you stated in due time he will be a great performer. He has had great performances the last show I went to was one of them. :)

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@Thread starter

Of course Trey is a "good performer"

but is he a great performer? Is he one of the greats? now that still remains to be seen lol...

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With the shows that were "aight" and "a lil off", what about his performances made you feel that way?

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Yes his nervousness takes over. When he is in front of his fans he is in his comfort zone.

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for some reason when Trey performs at these awards shows it seems like hes nervous but when he performs in front of us...his fans he is amazing! the last show i went to was the love faces concert and it was simply breath taking!!

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Girl don't knock it till you try it! I've seen Trey in Baltimore on the OMG Tour. There are very few artist who sound exactly the same as they do on their cd's, and he's one of them. His voice is amazing live. Trey may not dance and give you a performance in that type of way, because that's not his style, but you get a more intimate show even with thousands of people in the room. His stage presence is mind blowing. Go see for yourself, that's the only way you'll know. You'll wish you didn't miss the others.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

I've been to 4 shows.... They've been the full scale: GREAT, pretty good, aight, a lil off.

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I've enjoyed ever concert I've attended "hating for it to end"

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Yes Trey did his thing on the Love Faces tour.

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Yes u should see him perform live! Seein him live is awesome and like a young lady said its sumthing about hearin ur fav Trey song live! U get this amazing feeling! Ive had the pleasure of seein him twice, PPP tour n Love Faces tour! I dont know what he did at the Love Faces concert but he had me ready to follow him to Detroit and Chicago!

And when I see him live it makes me fall in love with him even more! Just go to one and u wont be diappointed! He got me feenin to see him again and when he comes this way again, Im buying tickets ASAP!

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of course he is!

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datz wasssup ill def have to check him out
if not for the show but tee has me convinced to just
watch his striptease lol

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Don't go by what you see on YouTube. The sound is never good because people video tape from their cell phones. I've seen Trey twice live and he was EXCELLENT. He puts his soul into his live performances. What I love most about when he performs is that the song arrangement is NEVER the same. Example how he sung Can't Be Friends here when he was in St. Louis was totally different than how he performed it when he performed on the 2011 BET Honors. Next time he comes to your city I encourage you to go. If you don't already have it go on iTunes and purchase the Up Close and Ready cd. It has 5 songs of him performing live. Also I got the Target Deluxe version of Passion, Pain, & Pleasure. It came with a DVD of him performing live. Then on the CD there was a live version of Jupiter Love and Can't Be Friends.

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Spend your hard-earned money that one good time & I promise you [on everything] that you will NOT be disappointed. The first time I saw him live, he wasn't even a big deal yet, but he totally impressed me. He gives you your money worth. Trust me & if you don't, go check him out yourself & when you do, I want an apology for not trusting me! =D's picture

I saw Trey PPP show and I enjoyed it. The tickets are steep but I think that it was worth it. I saw him on the OMG tour and was kind of disappointed. I have only seen him perform live twice. I don't think that I will go to any more show where he is opening for someone else. But I will go to his shows. My reason for saying I was kind of disappointed at his performance on the OMG tour is because I felt that he was not putting his all into his set. Then again I went to one of the shows never then end of the tour he could have just been tired. So I may give it one more try. Never the less I would say if you can catch Trey on a tour of his own get the tickets go and you will enjoy



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