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What would you get Trey for his birthday?


  • What would you get Trey for his birthday?
    September 27, 2009

    Ok, Ladies, November 28th is right around the corner! So what kind of gift would Trey Songz like?

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on Sep 27, 2009 - 04:10PM

Ok, Ladies, November 28th is right around the corner! So what kind of gift would Trey Songz like?

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Whatever I got him would be something he would love. Not telling! Lol.

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idk i want to get him something that shows how much he means to me and something that shows how far he has came from i just gotta make it till now

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If I knew him and had a lot of money an all expense paid vacation.

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oh thats easy..I would be his "Special Birthday Present hahaha!xD

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Wat would i give trey for his birthday cant tell

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im not gonna tell

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I would get him a cake, a card, some balloons and a ring and ask him to never take it off so when he's away from me and doing interviews on tv to run his finger over it to let me know im on his mind it would be our little code

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He can have me!!!!

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ewwwwww good one what do you get a man that could buy himself anything but love with a side of ME..........

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I'd just, "Say Aah"

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I wouldnt get him anything.

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buy him sum nice cologne

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I'd get him....this Rolex:

lol If I could afford it!!

U know ma baby gotta be on time to dem shows...
& he got interviews in da A.M. so...ya know.
I think that would be (one of) the perfect gifts.

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if he was my man or as my homie?

my man: i cant really write that here....i would feel like a hoe.

my homie: a giant frame like wall size of embarrassing pictures like when he was young till present day and a note engraved with gold 14k saying " because we love you, no matter how big or dumb you act." idk it would make me smile.

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I probably buy his some cologne by usher or some very sexy for men by victoria secret i love my man to smell great and probably give him a shirt with my name and show him how my i appreciate his music and him as a man

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I would Get him WHAT EVER HE want because he is worth my money
@kaykay01model twitter

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I would buy a bottle of Dolce&Gabbana cologne and a outfit, take him to dinner/cook him his favorite dish, massage him from head to toe with baby oil(can't forget that)and remind him of how special his is to me. Then I would let him choose the route from there.