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bow wow or trey songz?


  • bow wow or trey songz?
    June 15, 2010

    what if bow wow and trey songz were in a room with you alone who do you think is finneerrr???

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on Jun 15, 2010 - 12:31PM

what if bow wow and trey songz were in a room with you alone who do you think is finneerrr???

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Hey girls (and maybe some guys)! This isn't spam! Lol.
I'm just askin ya'll to join this page I made for my favorite Trey line/Trey Songz and to invite all your friends!
Thanks so much!!!

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Trey Songz....YUUUP!

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what u mean bow wows koo but Trey all day!!!!!

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no question.....dont even have to think about it.....TRIGGA!!!

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Trey Songz . Hands Down . No Competetion . Tremaine Neverson Def Got Me Addicted !

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dey shoodnt even be n de same catigory cuz bow wow iz mor uv a actor/rapper

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I thought the Thread starter's question was most excellent.
I should've thought of this comparison...

Although Bow Wow is a rapper and Trey's a singer...I've been comparing Trey with other
RnB singers, but we can still do this because you're question was based soley on physical appearance...

Let's see Bow Wow has the height disadvantage for most women although his height
don't bother me because you know what they say "big things come in small packages" but on
the other hand, from what I've seen, Trey Songz is more muscle mass now, & taller
plus his sex appeal is stronger & directly to the Ladies, therefore, the majority of females would
find Trey Songz more finer than Bow Wow.

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First of all, lol @YuuuupTriggasBby reply

I've already compared Trey to Usher, Chris Brown and Pleasure P

Second, @God's Gift

Yes you are correct, this is "Trey's website" are a bright girl. And the reason you are
commenting IS because it's "Trey's website" and the question was in part about Trey Songz.
Further Trey Songz doesn't come here so we don't need to take this discussion

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I agree wit God'sGift_ ReignTrey 2

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dis is a easy question of course trey songz is WAY MORE FINER then bow wow!!!!!!!!

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Trey Songz

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plzzzzzzz really i mean bow wow cool in all but i need me a grown ass man

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TTREY SONGZ!!!!! duh bow wow ain't dat cute

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bow wow has no comp on Trey .he iz the finnest man in the universe of course.

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no comp trey all the way!

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This is Trey's website...right? (why Am I even commenting on this discussion-)???????? (Bow Weezy is cute: as a lil BOY but Trey is Extra SEXY as a MAN!!!! (take this discussion esle where???)

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TREY SONGZ of course !!

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TREY SONGZ !!! ALLL THE WAYYYYYY :) booo bow wow lol :)

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trey no duh hes 2 beautiful to be compared to any one else

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wtf!! TREY!! if any females think its bow wow ah no!!

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of course trey!

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trey all daii boo boo get it right bow wow jst may hve a chance

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in tho words of trey songz " i dont give a f-u-c-k about bowwow" soo yea trey :)

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trey songz my baby boo

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trey songz