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trey mad


  • trey mad
    June 30, 2010

    Do u think trey would hit a girl if he was mad

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on Jun 30, 2010 - 05:29PM

Do u think trey would hit a girl if he was mad

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WOW!!!!!!! True you can't put anything past anyone, but coming from his background and being raised by mostly women, i can't see that happing... He simply adores his mom, grandmother, and aunts to much to put another woman in harms way... He has admitted to having a temper, but i also believe if put in a situtation like that he'd walk away first... Yes this is my opinion and i have faith in him.... much love to him

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To all those who say Trey is too nice or seems to be too nice to do that, think of Ted Bundy. Women adored him because he was attractive and charming but....we was a serial killer. Look him up. With that said, I'm not suggesting that Trey is a serial killer at all but saying things like "he's too nice" or "too much of a gentleman" will falsely lead you to let down your guard in any situation. Self-preservation is extremely important and we must all approach romantic relationships with intelligence, objectivity, and emotions. Not singly with emotions! Emotional decisions usually tend to be wrong.

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well does that pose to be funny?all about the chris brown thing no i dont think he would and that should not be brung up any way

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Honestly you never know what someone may due if they are pushed hard enough. You'd be surprised, I mean look at what happened with CB. Not saying that he is the type or anything. I think everyone hopes that a dude wouldn't put his hands on a female like that. But I don't see Trey doing something like that though.

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no he doesnt seem lyke that type of oerson. he seem lyke he wud walk away && cool dwn && then come back later

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no cuz he to much of a gentleman, he a real man, Mr Sexy Right


- He'sz Twu Much Of Auh- Gentlemen fO ' Thatt .

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never ,he's to much of a gentlemen ,he' a reel man,Mr.RIGHT

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i dont think so he is to nice