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    July 08, 2010


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I got two questions, 1) what does the tattoo they have together mean, and 2) do you think he (well and her) are going to get them removed seeing as how she is engaged?

Oh to answer that question, I didn't know how to feel seeing as how you get ink with someone, I feel you really loved them so he might have been hurting badly from that.

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Im sooo glad they broke up!! He knew she wasnt the one and i was so all he needs to do is find me!! :)

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i glad they broke up because him and her not a perfect. i'm not gonna lie she did her thang on already taken.

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Serious question SShorty (not a diss or meant to start any drama - I live in a drama-free zone), but are you an actual fan of Trey Songz? I'm just wondering because I read some of your previous posts & it seems like you're really not. Do you have something against Trey's Angels? We are simply fans. I personally just don't see myself joining a site for anyone if I wasn't a die-hard fan (but that's just me). I can honestly say that this is the only artist that I follow this closely. I have joined no other sites & even joined Twitter so I can be in his world. His beauty on the inside & out is alluring, on top of the great music he makes. I (as an Angel) definitely wasn't trying to "TAKEOVER" the thread, I was simply trying to add a bit of maturity to it.

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Still lol @this

bring back those July days...with the crazy fantasy questions

Where are those people at????

this thread is a classic example of Trey's Angels TAKEOVER of this website
and the threads...

p.s. lol @ Joy's answer back to go girl lol

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Thank you @TheRealShareeAmor!!! I'm glad to be a Trey's Angel as well! I know it's nothing but the best in store for him!

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I Agree With You OSoGorgeous & I Commend All Of You Ladies Who Responded With Maturity & Consideration For Others. We Have To Remember That We Are "Trey's Angels" & We Are A Reflection Of Trey, Therefore We Must Act With Class & Professionalism! We Will Not Always Agree With Others, But That's Why We Have Our Own Opinions. It Is Never Cool Or Ladylike To Bash & Disrespect Others Just Because We Do Not Agree With Them!

@Tricia, It Is A Pleasure To Have You As A Part Of The Team & I'm Glad You Took The Time To Research Trey's Music. Trey Has Left Behind A Trail Of Wonderful Music & The Best Is Yet To Come!!! C'Mooooon!!!!

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I was kinda sad when they broke up because I didn't know how he was feeling or what was going through his mind at the time. I didn't know how hard he took it so I was worried about him. I don't want him to feel any type of pain ever. I want him to be happy.

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I'm a recent Trey Songz fan (2009) with "Ready" and even I knew he was in a relationship with Helen. I saw the interview in which he said he wasn't in-love with her anymore, but that he still loved her. I also knew she was a dancer for Chris Brown & that she starred in "Already Taken" along side him. Just chalk it up to immaturity...I wouldn't have wasted my time refuting her argument. How can everyone say one thing & you still think you're right? After the second person said it, I think I would've checked my facts before I said anything else. Nevertheless, you all handled yourselves with class. On a side note, I am a die-hard Trey Songz fan now. I got up on the old albums - I didn't even realize that he made so many of the songs that I once loved!

Remember ladies, true Trey Angels know him, but even more importantly know how to talk to each other. Hugs & Kisses to all my TRUE Trey Angels!

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Yes you handle yourself well OSoGorgeous.

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Thanks TheRealShareeAmor For Breaking that Down Completely. I'm Not here to Argue, I just dislike when you are a "Trey's Angel" and You Have no clue about who Helen Gedlu is, but attack other Angels who know there stuff. I took It the Classy Way out, No Cursing Needed or argueing, just Stating a Fact. :)'s picture

Look Trey is human just like everyone of us. He has feelings just like everyone of us. I don't know why him and Helen broke up. But I can say this the fact they are still friends say a lot about Trey he is a mature real man. And I think that you all should stop going in on Helen hating her and not even knowing her. And another thing if Trey is single now. Trust me sooner are later he is going to find that woman that he want to settle down and be with. I will be happy for him as long as he is happy. And I am sure that who every that woman is Trey will be a great man to her. That is just my feelings on the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree some of us need to learn how to be civil when responding to other people.

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lmao im sorry, but OSoGorgeous SNAPPED! git it, girl!

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WOW.. OK Ladies! I Am A Team Songz Marketing & PR Rep & Yes Trey Was Dating Helen Gedlu For A While, But They Ended The Relationship In Early 2009 & Remain Friends! And Yes Helen Is A Professional Dancer... She Was Featured In Trey's "Already Taken" Video (They Were Not Dating Then) & Has Been Seen Alongside Many Other Celebrity Performers Such As Chris Brown & Omarion! @Joy The Interview You Are Referring To, Where Trey Says He's Not Dating Anyone, Is One Of His Most Recent Interviews, & No He Is Not "Currently" Dating Anyone, But Yes It Is A Fact That Trey Dated Helen Gedlu At One Point, & I Do Agree With OSoGorgeous, Because Even Though Trey Doesn't Talk About His Love Life Much (Which Is A Good Thing) It Seems That Anyone Who Is A "Trey Songz" Fan/Angel Would Know This Information!!

Sharee Amor

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This is Funny To me, Cause To be a "True" Angel/ Fan You would KNOW that he was with someone named Helen ,and she is in the "Taken" video with him(even though they arent together). They have matching tattoos, and he even said "he isnt IN LOVE with her but he LOVES HER" , and I feel that 100% Just cause you famous doesnt mean you dont have feelings. So Before we throw a whole bunch of Exclamation points and Get all Dramatic... DO YOUR RESEARCH then, come back with your OPINION on what was asked.. "When Trey Songz and HELEN broke up, How Did you feel?.... :)

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Agreed @iamNishaJhene!

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i mean i was happy because it's better for a artist like trey to stay single . as for the drama on here it's not cool so cut it out but he was with helen , they broke up sometime in 2008 , 2009 . they have matching tattoos and he explains that in an interview . no need to get hostel on here this is a drama free zone .

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I felt like it was a good look on his part, because like he said he's more marketable single.

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glad i still have a chance at really being TREYS QUEEN! YUUUUP

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@SShorty I wasnt even talking to you first of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Second,if i say he wasnt..get used to it cuz its my freakin opinoon deal with!!And dont call me naive,delusional,or poor cuz you do not know bull crap about me shut ur mouth you dont know nuthin about me ,so back offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont hate okay SShorty!!That is my opinion,that is the point of this discussions..not to see whos right or whos wrong,or an arguement ok..everybody has an opinion and if you dont agree you dont have to say anything about it or debate!!!Just accept it and share YOUR thoughts!!!!



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Lmao @ poor, naive, delusional Joy

If Trey Songz told you he fell from heaven you'd most likely believe him lol

I'm sorry to tell you sweetie that Tremaine WAS involved with a dancer chick called Helen Gedlu. Who's danced her way through Omarion & Chris Brown and found herself with Trey. Apparently she's from Ethiopia. (I wonder who will be next on her list to "dance" for lol).

So while it maybe true that Trey has not been in a "relationship in over a year," it doesn't mean he wasn't in a previous relationship with a girl called Helen...

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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no!!!! he wasnt,who has proof that they know for sure what they are talking about!!!!!.. BECAUSE I WANNA SEE IT UNTIL I DO,I REST MY CASE!!!!!

trey's girl_5's picture yes he was really with her! most fans try their best to brush off their private live thats y they say those things...but seriously all of us are human an im sure we all no what a break up feels like...doesn't mattter how but it doesn't go down right...

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and another thing,you really shouldnt interfere in his personal life because thats kinda rude and i know u r a big fan of his but you still need to give the man some space and RESPECT HIS PRIVACY BECAUSE THAT IS TREY'S LIFE NOT YOURS TO PUT IT ON THE WEB!!!!!RESPECT HIS PRIVACY!!!!!AND STAY OUT OF HIS PERSONAL/SOCIAL LIFE CUZ ITS KINDA RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@TREY'SKANDI...NO IT WASNT HIS FIANCE!!!!!YOU REALLY THINK THAT PEOPLE WOULD BELIEVE YOU OVER TREY?????!!!!!!!!NO!!!!AND WHOEVER SAID THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY JUST TRYING TO GET ATTENTION AND WANTS TO BE NOTICED DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR OR SEE!!!!........because Trey said in an interview this year that he hasnt been in a relationship in over a year and being in a relationship right now would be the wrong thing to do and he just wants to focus on his carear right now...and i trust his word!!

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