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if you had one song trey can sing at your birthday party what would it be/


  • if you had one song trey can sing at your birthday party what would it be/
    July 15, 2010

    this questions lets me know what all fans would want to hear at their birthday the most.

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on Jul 15, 2010 - 12:04AM

this questions lets me know what all fans would want to hear at their birthday the most.

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Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Scratchin Me up! Love dat song!

Elodie_2's picture

A new song... just create for my Birthday.

---> I need a girl, neighbors know my name, birthday sex, Yo side of the bed, Can't help but wait and one love.... I really love "all" his songs.

DiveIn's picture

Cant Help But Wait or One Love. :)

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JUPITER LOVE......'s picture

neighbors know my name.. Yo side of the bed...already taken

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dededededdededededededede's picture

In The Middle

taylovestremaine.'s picture

iyts hard to pick one because i have alt bhut the one song wld be one love i love how he sings tht song/make it rain off of anticipation!

Tátji's picture

Already taken

Trey's1_5's picture

The song he could sing to me is neighbors know my name, and already taken, I just love his voice and those two songz the most!!

treyluvr3's picture

tha one song he could sing for me at my birthday would be cant help but wait!!

dionne coleman's picture

my song i would like for treys song to sing to me on my birthday we be ahh ahh and i need a girlfriend that would like for him to sing

SimplySerenity23's picture

Missing you.....or..IDK i have a lot of favz

ninalovesyuh's picture

Love Losttt omfq ! iF he sunq that to me i wuLd pRobly faint beforee it was over .! i absoLuteyy qo crazyy .

Dee18's picture

it would be you

Jazelle's picture

or I need a girl

Jazelle's picture

There is not one song that I don't like of his, but if I had to choose it would be " HOLLA IF YOU NEED ME". I want him to mean it though!!!!!!

ariel_noel's picture

well iif iit wAs only onee,thenn ii would piick sAy Ahh...

trey@baby's picture

first yo side of da bed, missin u, grub on, gotta go den he can surpris me with anythin else

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TizzyT11TreySongz1fan's picture

it would be neighbors know my name because i lik how he be hitin them high notes. he is the BEST!

FloeticMars's picture

ummmmmmmm Does she know or yo side of the bed or in the middle or um One Love LOL

SunshineSongz's picture

Umm, I would want him to sing Be Where You Are! Or Already Taken.....Or Lost Love, OMG, its just so many!Thats hard

mrz.yasmineneverson's picture

umm wat ever he chosee i love themm all bttemss uppp idk

@LadyAJ03's picture

Either "Gotta Go" or "Sex for your Stereo"...two of my favs...

MISS.NEVERSON_4's picture

i would have him sing "lost love"

TreyBoo_3's picture

I would want to hear Say Ahh, yo side of da bed, Neighbors Know My name, Invented Sex, I need A girl, and I would want him to sing anything else cause hes mine!!!! YUUP!!!!

1fan4evrnenabug52's picture

or mayb b where u r cuz wat evr he sings to me i want him 2 b SINGIN 2 me lik with b where u r he is sayin he wants to b where i am with holla if u need me he is telliun me that he misses me and that if i do need him i can holla lol I LOVE TREY SONGZ this is my new name:
Breanna Love Neverson/songz
btw yea my real middle name is love and hopefully me and trey could fall in love evn tho we lik 10 yrs difference lol

1fan4evrnenabug52's picture

i think it would b holla if u need me!!!!! cuz i can holla at him if i need him lol

treyscinderella's picture

theres just too many to have one
yo side of the bed, i need a girl, Jupiter love, one love,addicted to songz