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What if trey songz said he hated you?


  • What if trey songz said he hated you?
    June 30, 2010

    I hate you

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on Jun 30, 2010 - 07:36PM
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i dnt think he wud say anythng like that.

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I agree I would be very surprised if he said something like that.

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lmfao.. i think you made them mad! i would laugh my axx off and say "well the feelings mutual ma nigg" i'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.. it is what it is! but he doesn't seem like the type of person that would just blatantly say "i hate you", maybe in a playful manner but not with malice! i do think that he would curse someone out something harsh though and add a little something like "i don't like you, at all yo" [while doing his thug clap] but only if your disrespecting him.. and that includes fans! haha.. but he seems too cool for all of the "i hate you" nonsense.. i could be wrong though.. (:

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first off if you know the type of person he is he wouldnt say that..his fans is what make him..he adore all of us..where so yall be comin up with this ish lol too funny

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I really don't think that's apart of his character.Or apart of him he is to loving.

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he woodnt say dat hed prolly talk about y he DNT LIKE sumbodi but not i hate u

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I would cry for days i swear, lmao

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Chocolate Drop just contradicted herself lol

I'm glad JoyDaBest is in this thread...

Okay Joy let's pretend that we're in some weird mixed-up world where Trey WOULD say that...
and he met you and you and him were chatting for about 15mins and then he turned to
you and said "I dislike you"...what would you do?

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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First of all I would be upset because hate is a very strong word and the correct term would be dislike. It better be something serious in order for him to say that, however, I won't ever say or do anything that will make him hate or dislike me.

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Why would he EVER say that to anyone?:(...think before you post a disscusion like this,i mean i dont even know where this question came from!Hate is such a strong word that means that somebody reeaallly crossed the line on trey!!!!Obviously,Trey is a lover not a fighter!:)

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well evrybody loves me so he would never ever say that to me of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

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trey will never say that 2 one of his fans becuz they support him.

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He will neva tell a fan he hate them. He support his fans only if they was to disrespect him.

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he would never say that but if he did, i would smack him and say that i hated him too

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Fux it thats a stupid Question