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Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?


  • Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?
    April 02, 2010

    Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

Raminta's picture
on Apr 2, 2010 - 10:20AM

Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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BRIANAYUPP's picture

Yes i listen to Trey religiously. I can probably go a day without listening to his music.

purple pwincess's picture

all time every time babe..... n must hear ya voice bfore i go to bed

SexyAries412's picture

Everyday babe..I can go a few days then I'm tweekin again..Ppl in my house be HATIN..Lol

LovesIDENTITY's picture

Yes, my day isn't complete unless I hear Tremaine's voice.

Spree's picture

Yes! Of course! Listening to Trey Songz everyday puts me in a state of unbreakable happiness! :D

meganvliet's picture

Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

taylovestremaine.'s picture

yuup, i do listen to him everyday he's not the only person bhut he is the main person

taylovestremaine.'s picture

yuup, i do listenin to him everyday he's not the only person bhut he is the main person

rereneverson's picture


Yes... It can be any of his songs .. As long as I hear his voice.. Its all good.:)

Mrs. Neverson_52's picture

i know i do !
You have to start your day off with Trey .
He sets your day straiqht & definately have
youu READY & prepared for anything !

Angela_25's picture

Yes, I listen to Trey everyday!!

Emily Ann's picture

for most of the day every day. i go crazy when im not listening to him. if i dont have anything to listen to him on. i take my dads phone, go on the internet and listen to him. hes ahmazinnnn :-*

Treys_Songbook's picture

Yes I do!!! Not just because I love all his music but also because he inspires me to never give up on my dream. He gives me a sense of pride as well as calms my spirit when im having a hectic day!!! Thank you so much Trey.. God Bless this Angel @TreySongz

tremainesbaby3's picture

yes most of day...if im not listening to his songz im watching treysongz my moment re-runs, or look at his sexy self on ustream or family gets tired of seeing trey but i dont lol (n yuup he is my ringtone for everybody and message tone)

BBunny952's picture

I have to. He's my ringtone for e'rybody!

So_Enchanted's picture

I listen to him every day before I go to bed. It's good to know that I'm not the only one lol

QuayLovesTrey's picture

Quay ... listens to Trey Songz 7 days out of the week . lol My mom hates that I drag him out , but oh well she will be okay . As long as I hear at least two or three songs by him . Im set =]

keesha_4's picture

i have to listen to him every day!!!

suga-n-spice28's picture

me neither i cant go a day witout trey's voice

koke's picture

no i listen to trey sonds if i stay alone but every day no

Raminta's picture

Well some people do listen to him every single day, some dont.. But i dont think its an obsession, because its not like i listen to him every single minute.. I do listen to him every single day, but not every single minute lol :)

SShorty's picture


It's called obssession my dear lol.

So according to your logic then, if I could sing extremely well, does that mean I should go around my house singing every single day???

therefore, because I don't listen to Tremaine Neverson every single day does NOT mean I'm not a "true fan" of his music lol.

Pura_belleza21's picture

Omg I listen to trey songz everyday I absolutely love his music. His mixtapes, all his studio albums, people hate ridin with me lol I beat down the block everytime I drive listening to Trey Songz. When I clean my house, I listen to trey before I go to bed I listen to trey or watch his videos. However, I think i can go a day without listenin to it cause its stuck in my head lol. His music relaxs me, soothes me, and makes the day go by smooth like nothing could make me mad listenin to trey that's how good his music is to me..

sweet_lady79's picture

Yuuuppp!!! I jus have to listen to them everyday all day. I jus can't help it!!! I love me sum Trigga! ; )

Mz.Neverson2010_2's picture

yess!!! even god knowss !!ilovetrey

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Leila'TreysGirl'Fearick's picture

YYYYES!!!! i listen to hes music everyday like an obssessive ritual. if i go a day without it i feel incomplete......YYYYYYYYYUUUUUP

dededededdededededededede's picture

I Listen 2uu His musicc every day im listeninqq to your side of the bed rite now

Joyce.'s picture

yes i do i really think im going crazy...bc for me its like a ritual i have to listen to him everyday... When i wake up before taking a shower on my laptop,den when I'm going to work n my car,den when im on brake at work i listin to him on my ipod.I feel like i have a connection with him when i listen to his music i just cant GET ENOUGH OF HIM its crazy....