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    August 03, 2010

    Yes that's more like it...

    I think Chris Breezy and Trey should do a collaboration.  I mean they're both from VA right?  It would show Virgina RnB artists supporting one another and might quell any talks of the both of them being in competition with each know how people and media like to compare artists lol.

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on Aug 3, 2010 - 01:31AM

Yes that's more like it...

I think Chris Breezy and Trey should do a collaboration.  I mean they're both from VA right?  It would show Virgina RnB artists supporting one another and might quell any talks of the both of them being in competition with each know how people and media like to compare artists lol.

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Well check out Chris Brown imitating Trey Songz...all in good fun though

Lol @ the part where he sang "I want cha body like right now"

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I do not believe that the Chris Brown situation put Trey in his position. I believe his talents alone put him in this position. I can't say I was a fan from day 1. What I can say is that I fell in love with "Neigbors Know My Name" & from there my love the point that I was excited about PPP. Now I am a loyal fan, even went out & got the other 2 CDs (I Gotta Make It & Trey Days). I joined his site, Twitter, & became active on MySpace just so I wouldn't miss out on upcoming tours anymore. I've also started listening to his Mixtapes. Never have I stopped being a fan of Chris Brown's, but his music like another Angel stated is that Chris Brown's music is more for teenagers & Trey's is for the "Grown & Sexy". However, with "Deuces", he crossed over into manhood for me. Hope he keeps it going.

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My conclusion is:

Chris and Trey are on two different levels musically-speaking

therefore, NONE are better...

however, Chris IS competition for Trey in the looks department
and we'll now add acting to that,

but CB wins hands down in the dancing category...

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Its funny this question comes up..

My sister's fav is Chris and mine Is Trey (of course).. I believe honestly that although they are both very good at what they do, Trey still wins favorites with me.

Not because of the Rihanna thing, (cause i still like Chris after that) i just feel like when you are an artist you make your debut, from that moment on your music should grow. You should become better and better and your music should be better and better.

If you compare Gotta Make It to PPP, you will notice a tremendous growth in Trey Songz work, not to mention his MixTapes...

If you do the same with Chris , personally the only thing different is the sound of his voice. His music is still made for teenagers. I dont feel like he could connect with a higher age group, I Like his music, but its more for kids. He hasnt really showed growth in what he can do.

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Triiiggggaaa ! say no more mayn , he got da looks he got da voice he got da ladies

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In another thread I was reading that some boys on the block said that if the incident

with Chris Brown & Rihanna didn't happen, Trey Songz wouldn't be as popular as he is

in other words, CB fell from grace and Trey was there "ready" (pun intended) to slide
in position lol...I find the boys observation to be interesting indeed

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I think you and chris breezy should do a calllbo as well, but when it all comes down to it Trey got that grown man swag for my generation. I'm 29.

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Trey is sooooooo much better in every way... Physically and talent wise!!!!!
TRIGGER TREY all the way....

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Trey point blank period, They are in two differnt classes. They could do a callabo ! I would love to see it..

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Trey Songz all the way

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Yeaaa , Ii agreee they should & they both said that they wanted too be Rappers. Also they have Beautiful voices And are very SEXYYYY! My moms side is from VA, HeyyyNOWWWW .

But Trey is better !

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The answer to the question of the thread is:

NONE are better, in this case, they're both on the same level

although CB may have the edge over Trey now that he's done the movie "Takers"

I heard that Chris Brown did most of his stunts...GO CHRIS lol

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Btw, I've made a CD called "Chris Brown versus Trey songz" lol

but now, I'll add the song "Wait" to it...

The CD should be real interesting now to hear how they sound together...

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So they did a song for the album called "Wait" huh?...thank you for that bit of information.

However, it would have been much better if they did a single together

just as how Chris released a single with Bow Wow...

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cant really pick bcus they both hav their own style. they r both talented and gud-looking. they both have wat the ladies like. but if they due a collabo it wud b hot.

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They Did A Song Together on Chris Brown's Graffiti Album.. It's Called "Wait"! It's One Of My Favorite Songs..

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Trey Songz DUH

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@Crystal "Takes time to love" was not a collaboration,it was Chris Brown's song because it was on his album Grafitti!:)

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I think that they are both sexy but I go with trey songz cuz i love a man with dimples and they did do a collaboration together it was called Takes Time to Love and it was the shit

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dnt get me wrong cris breezy is da shit but i gotta go wit my man

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tremaine duh i luv trey he is sexy as hell


These two artists are different to me with their own style that you really can't compare. Chris is more teen friendly and commercial; you know his show would be safe for kids of all ages to attend. Trey, on the other hand is SO sexual and sensual- which attracts me. That is not to say that I do not like Chris Brown; but that damn Trey make me take a double take when I see him on television or in the magazines. So of course "Mr. Steal Your Girl" himself is my pick! YUUUUP!

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ummm....duh! Trigga!!! lmao....altho CB wuz doin the damn than on the No Bullshit video but.....always n 4ever Trigga! plus he closer to my age lol. love you Trey! MWAH!!! :)

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Love Em Both Like Craszy !!! TeamBreezy & TeamSongz Till The Death Ov Me !!!

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wow like both alot soo idk

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Lmao @ Ms Vixxxen

"Should this even be a question?"

Let's see now, they're both from VA...both close in age; good-looking

Both singers...who's buying demographic are the Ladies; both gone platinum...

Yes, yes I think it should be a question lol

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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C'mon with out question TREY SONGZ is wai better, tht question to me is self explanitory