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Do ya'll think is possible to date Trey even though u're not a celebrity?????


  • Do ya'll think is possible to date Trey even though u're not a celebrity?????
    June 18, 2010

    For me, i can't say anything coz how would i ever met him wen am not a celebrity

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on Jun 18, 2010 - 04:25AM

For me, i can't say anything coz how would i ever met him wen am not a celebrity

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yes i think its very possible he's a person who loves ppl who r different from him and personally i think he does't want anybody to be all in his buisness w/ a celebrity girlfriend....

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heck yea he sed he dnt really mess wit de chickz in de industry

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to me i think it is possible because anybody can fall in love with someone, it really dont even matter about if your famous or not as long as you capable of being loved and capable of giving love then thats that..

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The simple answer to the question is yes it would be possible to date Trey even though you're
not a celebrity...why just look at Helen Gedlu

She was definitely NOT a celebrity...she's not even all that of a good dancer for heaven's sake.
In fact, I wouldn't mind battlin her but I digress...

But the thing is, she wasn't a fan either and the bigger Trey gets, the bigger his appetite will get and the bigger his other words, Jay-z coupled with a Beyonce, Diddy with a J-LO & a Kim Porter...females on their level and status ya'knowwhatImsayin

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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If I had the chance to meet him and show him I can hold him down and be his V-girl then yea I think it is possible for us to date. If I had the chance to show him I can trust him and be trusted then I know it could and would work. If the opportunity presented itself and I met him I would be myself not flip out like a groupie or a overly obsessed fan.

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I dont think it is hard at all because all trey needs to do is talk to her and see where it goes!!!You dont need backstage passes all the time just to meet him!!!!...It would only be difficult cuz you made it seem that way,you know!!!???....dont be negative about things like ..dont say"Oh,That will never happen!!! would be very suprised of how possible it can be if you believe in yourself and what can happen in the future!!!!!..If someone has a negative attitude/thoughts then things would not go your way but if you stay positive you may just get everything you hoped for to happen!!!:))))))))))))))))))))))))..haha even if it means being with Trey Songz!:D Luv ya Trigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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yea, bt it wuld be hard for him to meet mrs right if she wasnt famous, unless she got bakstage passes nd actually met him's picture

It can happen.... As long as the feelings are real between the both of you and the commitment is strong. I can't see why not. Whether you're a celebrity or not a person is still a person and everyone needs to be loved..:)

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Whats so hard about it???yeah i think it is possible to date trey because not all celebs date other famous celebrities!!!!He even said in a webisode on Ustream that it depends on the person that woman is and that she needs to support him,Trey just wants a woman for who she is!!!!..If you two loved each other and clicked...all that shoud matter is being in love...famous or not!?:)

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yea girls i tink it would be hard but i tink hed prefer a woman dats not a celeb sumone that can be tremaine with...sumone that can look after hes kids and build a home with

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iDK thats kynda hard

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I don't think that being a celebrity is a key element. So I would say Yes it's possible.

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It is possible...just because he is a celeb doesn't mean that he isn't a real person..It would be hard to meet him but if you ever do and you don't act like a groupie you may have a shot!!

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i think it is possible for him to date someone who isnt a celebrity. lyke yhu said, iidk how he wud meet them but i dont think he wud wanna date someone who acts lyke a fan all the time. lyke doesnt treat him lyke a normal person who jus has talent

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YEA I THINK IHTS POSSIBLE ANY THINq is possible he if he love yu 4 who yu r dan shid qo 4 iht

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I think anything is possible... So i dont see why you couldnt.. Not eveybody want smeone in the music industry... It would have to be alot of trust to make it work jst based on the man he is tho.

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Maybe but I highly doubt it, because honestly there would be no way to get to him!! He'd probably look at u as just another fan whose highly obsessed with him that's just my opinion

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it can happend but you wont be able to see him as TREY SONGZ the singer u would have to talk to him and meet as u would someone off the street ,thats the only way i think that could happen

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idk it depends

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yea of course

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yeah but if he want to

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yes hell yea

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I think it is very possible for Trey not to date a none celebrity. Not all famous people date other famous people and some preferred not to date inside that famous circle.

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yeah i personally think it is rioght why not aslong as you love him and he loves you i dnt see a problem with ! lol i lyk i u sed its true but wah can we do we all wish to ave him lyk i always say to myself i knw i'll NEVER get he so u knw datz y i atleast hope on ! lol yuuuup!