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Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?


  • Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?
    April 02, 2010

    Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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on Apr 2, 2010 - 10:20AM

Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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kaybabii_2's picture

Yes I Do!...From The Tyme I Hyt The Floor Till I Walk Out The Door!...Then When I Get Home Its Blastin Again!

Mz. Songz Yuuup's picture

Yes every day n night but the first one i listen to is holla if you need me

Lashawnda_3's picture

Yes i listen to him every day the first song i always listen to on my way to work is kinda loving i love that song





Amanda1TreyFan's picture

yes! all damn day(:

msalreadytaken09's picture

yes i listen to him allll the time omg i dont even think i have just one fav song because i really like them all but lately for sum reason i have been singing gotta go and just gotta make it man i been down wit trey since he first came about !! LOVE YOU TREY!!!!

faveglam's picture

I know I do.... Every single day... I have his songs and some videos on my blackberry, Ipod and computer at work. Right now my theme song is "The Last Time" bc it speaks to my situation at this very moment.

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

I Mean Jus about everyday, i mean i used to, i played da shit outta it but i like bumpin it in da car dats bout arnd da time i can really listen 2 music...I LOVE HIS MUSIC!! i feel like hes talkin 2 me but i know hes not n it really SUCKS!!

LouLii's picture

every day after i get home from school i listen to his songs.. to relax and have the power to work even harder :)

Deejuh's picture

Can't go a day without! NO BIG explanation needed!

Mrs.Tremaine Neverson_4's picture

yess i do actually..i listen to trey everyday on my ipod..i cant go a day without listening to him whether on the radio, my ipod, t.v., my laptop,etc.. I LOOVE HIS MUSIC!!

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

dats crazy dis is a quest..cuz i do it everyday!!dats basically da only cds i hav..i jus started listenin 2 da radio again cuz i mean i played it out but its alllll good cuz ima get his new1 n by da time i play dat 1 out his new1 prob wld b comin out. i listen to him tooo much i cant get enough!! i dnt even know if hes comin 2 twn on da radio cuz i dnt listen to it..everytime i take his cd out or sumtin hes on lke idnt even need his cd lol its so carzy i love trey!

Queen_9's picture

Always cant stop like his song Im addicted to songz....I CANT GO A DAY W/ OUT LISTENING 2 HIM!!! My day just wouldnt be exciting w/ out trey in it!!!

TaylaTee's picture

Yes I do...the first songs I listen to in the morning; Gotta Make It and Successful. These songz always help me get me my day started off right...OMG!!! Did any of you ladies see him on Ustream when he did 100 push ups listening to Successful???...I almost had a heartattack.... If thats not motivation then I don't knw what is? LOL

Jess_12's picture

i wake up listenin to trey..i fall asleep listenin to trey..there aint a damn day that go by that i dont listen to trey songz it a must for me!!lol i love ur music and ur freestyles!!love love love it babe!!!!keep up the good work!!!cant wait to see u perform sept 5th on tour!!....WHAT!!!!??....COMERE!!!!

Doll_2's picture

I can't go a day without listening to my baby. His cds take up half the space on my 6 disc cd changer. If I am listening to the radio, I hear his songs. His songs are on my Iphone and my mp3. I haven't downloaded a ringtone yet, but I will soon. I can't wait until Passion, Pain & Pleasure is released. I wil be READY for my digital download. I am your #1 Angel. I love what I've heard so far. Tremaine is the absolute best. I feel in love with your music after I heard Wonder Woman. Yuuup!

OhSoLuhvlee's picture

It's starting to become a problem. I'm sitting in class and all the sudden "I think it's time we take a trip to the bed." Trey, get out of my head, I have to concentrate. I don't want to play him too much and wear out his songs, but i can't help it.

Jessica_43's picture

I listen to his songs..when i wake up and all day and all night.,.I love him...

Trey's Wifey_89's picture

Yea I do. lol. I listen to him on my way to school when I'm driving and on my way home. My bf thinks I'm obsessed with Trey. lol. I don't think I am. I'm just a die hard fan that's all. I can't go a day without listening to his voice. His voice is so sexy.

MrsFinesse's picture

yes i do..he's a great artist....

Belle_laPink's picture

I can honestly say there is not a day that goes by that I don't listen to at least one Trey song! I say only one because some mornings I don't even have the time to grab my i pod; but even if it takes my last bit of energy at the end of my night when I'm laying in bed I will grab my I pod or my phone which ever is closer from my night stand and turn it on allowing Trey to sing me to sleep as if he was there beside me. I'm so tired some days i don't even make it through "Panty Dropper". lol But Trey's voice is so amazing and to hear him fuels my days and settles me at night. Personally, I am able to relate to a lot of his music,however, Thus far out of all of the albums on my I pod Trey Songz- "Ready" is the album which I enjoy/ have played the most 'Jupiter Love' being the most played song!!! :) lol sorry so just a little thinking. Love you Trey.

Songz_Chickyuup's picture

I listen to Trey every single day!!I have to listen to Holla If You Need Me"about ten times literally also I consistely listen to"I Need A Girl"I jst love him yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppp

Lil'Red's picture

Mos def on my way 2 work on my way hame from work every single day! Kisses Tremaine

lozabozh's picture

i listen to all his albums i got them all on my phone :)

jia_nicole's picture

I listen to Trey everyday from the time I wake up, to the time I fall asleep at night. I love Trey Songz to the fullest. YUUUP!!!!!(:

alreadytaken_xo's picture

No doubt about it! Something about his music and his voice just speaks to me.

meganvliet's picture

Hey girls (and maybe some guys)! This isn't spam! Lol.
I'm just askin ya'll to join this page I made for my favorite Trey line/Trey Songz and to invite all your friends!
Thanks so much!!!

oneandonly1030's picture

Yep. I love his mixtapes too!!

MsAngione's picture

I have to take a break once in a while or else I have some