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would u marry Trey Songz for fame,money or cause he has everything u want in a man


  • would u marry Trey Songz for fame,money or cause he has everything u want in a man
    July 02, 2010


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on Jul 2, 2010 - 06:52PM


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I would marry him after getting to know him I got My own cash

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Jush Bcome fan of Trey since I've listened "already taken" N "I need agirl", so I'ld B glad to meet him once!
that's Y I'd joined you!
Kisshu All
But I'm not against the fact of marryin' him or someone "like" him! :)

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I would marry Trey Songz cause he has everything I want in a man because money and fame can go away at anytime but having a good man will be with you forever.

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Well i love him in the music but to be a gold digger is not right i lovehim for him in that would jus be the end of that discussion he's jus a great person in i haven't even met him before in that's ok cause one day my time will come lol xoxoxoxo

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to me trey is very nice lookin young man an to me if u marry someone for those things that he have an that are not sure it say a lot about u caz marry it a committment an something u need to be sure about an both parties must have the same love an respect of each other to get marry caz u dont marry someone for wha they have u marry them for becaz of how they make u feel in the morning an how much u love an care for him but trey is very sexy if ur goin to marry him marry him with ur heart an not ur mind becaz that say a lot when it comes to love an relationship as the alway nothing is fair is love an war

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i love trey n his music nothing more there... don't y'all get it when trey said he will never dated a fans!!! he love his fans as a fan lol

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Oh and I love the fact that he is very very outspoken.

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Considering there is a significant age gap between Trey and myself I wouldn’t marry him. However, if there wasn’t an age gap I would marry him because he displays a good portion of the qualities I love in a man. Love the fact that he is a God-fearing brother, family oriented, for the most part very respectful towards most women, knowledgeable about things concerning the black community, mature in thought, talented and ambitious. No man truly has all the qualities you seek. He comes close though. :)

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i would marry with a man i love not because the things he have. i love his songs, his voice that's thrue, and i gotta say he's such a cute guy but i admire him as a star and not as a guy i would marry.

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I would Marry him if we were truly in love with each other, compatible and he would best my best-friend! Money can't by happiness so thats not the case!! Marriage is a serious hurdle and you have to be ready for it.. so would I marry him yes but only if it was the best Life choice for me!!

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i would marry him because of who he is not for what he do or for his money. its not about the money or the fame. its about the love and respect you have for that person. Ppl think just because he is sexy or has money he is everything u want in a man thats not true at all. its not always about looks and money neither its bout the hearts they have inside.

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Honestly, Money, fame and the cause doesn't matter to me. It's hard to say you love someone without getting to know him. He could be broke but if the man has a good heart then nothing else matters. Don't let materialism get in your way of happiness cause it won't last forever Ladies. But Love will..

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if i ever had the chance i would need to get to know more about him all the money and fame thats not realy important in relationships thats where ppl go wrong and i cant say oh i would do it because he is everything a girl wants how would i know that if i have never just sat down with him and had a personal one on one conversation so personality is everything GOLD DIGGERS NEED TO STOP IT!!

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It's not about the fame, the fortune or any of all those worldly goods. Trey is a good man, everything that he has is just a plus in being with him. Marry Tremaine not Trey.. simple as that. Tremaine is the ish and it doesn't get no better than that

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id marry him if i am in love wit him

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he has everything i wont but id love him tha same if he didnt have money or coudnt sing

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Sheet lookin like da, he dnt need shit but to jus be able to stand ther lookin at me dats all i need.mmmm he is soooo beautiful!!!!

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i speak nothin but da truth...if he had nothing i wld be ther right on his side n take good care of him n never leave his side dats ma baby!!!4Real

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no, i would marry him because of the person he is and not what he has.

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ok.. as for now, lets see... that's a hard one, by the way!!. am not a believer of 'Reality shows' (they would be real if unedited) but if he is half of what i see on 'My Moment', he is pretty good deal but i dnt knw what tht would produce mixed up with my side of issues...and if i ever marry, it would be for LOVE, so, fame and money aint that an issue to me, besides, i make my own money...but i would marry him in my day dreams, i control everything there!!

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i wouldnt marry him for his fame or the money, there is not point in marring for that reason, if you have no chemistry and nothing in common then the marrage will fail. i cant say that i would marry him because i dont know him personaly. you think you know him but all you know is what is put out in the public eye i would love to get to know him at a more personal level and see what would happen. marrage requires you to know all the secrets and the inner thoughts of you partner, also it takes the ability to overlook the mistakes your partner has made in thier life and to be understand and there for them to lean on when they need you the most and when they just want it. he is amazingly talented and seems like an amazing guy but there is more to him than just what is showin in the media so right at this moment i could not honestly make that decision.

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i would marry him 4 who he is money brings da problems and fame brings groupies he is a man dats bout business and i love da way he sings

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i would marry trey songs if he wasn't famous he's sexy and i like his swag. like his song gotta make it say if all he had was a dollar and dream i would roll with him cus i know we could make it money isn't everything but true love is

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no not for money becaus emoney can't buy happyness but ye sif he's what i'm seeking

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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he is special tuh meh and he is everything any bodii could have

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He is the best and I been one of his biggest fans since he came out and I love him

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i think i would marry trey if he met the qualities i want such as understanding,compassion,a family person,determination and strive,wisdom,humor and of course spontaneity i think he has all that and more but i would have to spend time with him to get to know him and his lifestyle before i marry him if i ever got the chance

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okay honestly i dont kno if he has everything a man has that i want... but what i've seen i like... and if i didnt know Trey as "Trey Songz" and as a normal person i think i would like him more because of his ambition, love for family, and respect for his family esp the women in his family.... with those few qualities to name a few i think he has some of the qualities i would like in a man... but fame and money is part of the name Trey Songz so if u like him he comes with a luxurious package....