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Do anyone thinks trey actually read his fan mail, or these chats?


  • Do anyone thinks trey actually read his fan mail, or these chats?
    September 21, 2009

    I doubt it, but I could be wrong.

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on Sep 21, 2009 - 12:22PM
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My intuition has been telling me that Trey lurks on this site so I am glad @Nalston cleared that up. It makes sense because that is how he would get some of his important feedback. Partially, I think he does not participate actively for his own peace of mind and tranquility. He said something long ago on TSMB about his temper. If he gets involved, we might not like what he has to say if he gets angry. He might have to show the side of Trey we might not like. I think there are others on his team that also read the board and will keep him informed if they see something that warrants his attention. I don’t think anyone can keep up with the flood of communication that Trey receives but I think he does make an effort to read what he can.

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@SSHorty I see you are a very rude female who really just like to discourage girls hopes mainly cause you didn't get your chance just yet. @Ms. Nalston thank u so much cause you clearly said everything better than I could have's picture

(cnt) their conversation lasted over an hour where he allowed her to be a part of what he was doing back stage because he was in an essence honoring her for the gift of giving her life to protect us and this country.

During their time she was able to take a slew of pictures (all of which were sent to me during their visit including a picture of her handing him my item. His comment to her was he sees and reads his tweets and his DM's, and frequents his site when he is able to but that he does in fact do it. He said he does not always have the time to respond though. Which is a no brainer.

Have you ever noticed though that he has allot of pics where he is texting, tweeting, blogging from his phone? I have several of those pics as well. Trey is a "Lurker" we have all witnessed this but please do not believe that he does not come on this site. i believe him when he says he does.
The truth is @SShorty unless you are with him every waking moment you really have no clue as to whether he comes on to this site or not and i am sure it would NOT be under his own name for obvious reasons. Last year Team Songz addressed you on this topic either further down in this post or in another where you were blatantly trying to deter fans on the site so I am unclear as to why you still do not believe...

Furthermore @SShorty please check out the @TreySongz page on twitter and who he is following... Most of the people that he is following are NOT Angels.......

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Ok so i see that this is still going around so let me dispell the myth...

During the Dec 3rd concert in Lafayette we had an Angel who was being deployed the following Monday to Korea with our military and this was going to be her LAST trey experience until she is brought back to the states. As a gesture of our love for her being a fan (not because she is an Angel because if you are a fan you are an Angel and Tremaine has said that himself!) myself and one other fan that is being followed by Tremaine on twitter send 3 tweets each to him and one Direct Message to him asking him to spend a few moments with her as a gift for how hard she has gone for him from the very beginning.

I personally gave the young lady an item to give to him IF she was afforded the opportunity. GUESS WHAT!!!!

After the show shw was able to meet with him to give the gifts that were collected for him and HE KNEW WHO SHE WAS IMMEDIATELY.

She advised him of who she was and his response was "I Know, I saw the tweets and the DM's"

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i honestly think that he read some of them not all!!

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I think he does when he has time.

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@ms.yuup: I agree. I think he is a lurker so he just may come to this site every so often.'s picture

@SShorty My statement still stands I think Trey reads things here from time to time. It is my thought could be wrong but I am not change my thought. Just like he is on and off twitter I think that he may come here and read what is said. And if he don't I am going to keep coming here and expressing my love and support for Trey. I understand that it may be some people here to down Trey and drag his name through the dirt. I am not one of those. I have never meet Trey but I love his music, I love his humble spirit. He is human just like the rest of us. But never will I let what another person say change the fact i admire Trey and his music. I welcome your thoughts but mine is going to stay the same. After all this is Treys web site I am user he can log on to this site with out singing up for an account.

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i think he does....maybe not on a regular basis, but he does once in a blue moon, just to c what is being said n probably whats the hottest discussion when he gets the time.

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Lmao @ CharBaby

you didn't write "him a letter" from this website did you??? No I don't think so!

@Thread starter, wherever you are lol

You are not wrong...for a fact, Trey doesn't. He's on his international tour now btw

and might I add, I'm just noticing, but you look beautiful in your picture...

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i say maybe bcause he doesnt just sit at his computer alday he to busy making hits

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@ Ms. Yuup

I deem that as a kind of contradiction you
If Trey is a "busy person" how is it that he reads what is said here?

No he doesn't...Trey is on Twitter responding to various people
how you get him to follow you much less see you to respond is another story

most likely he's responding to the Trey's Angels and following some of them

The only times he's been here was when he did the 3 dates for the UStream
and he was reading NOT the actual threads on the website, but the Twitter box under
the Ustream link.....

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Of course someone is overseeing this website...

they are called the Administrator(s) or Moderator(s)
and that could be anyone of Team Songz or Atlantic Records
or the other two that is listed in the credits of "contributors" on the home page's picture

Trey is a busy person. I think he reads what is said here. I don't believe he replies to any of the discussions.

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Someone is damn sure reading the discussions on here, because yesterday I commented on someones video discussion about this dude trying to say Trey was gay and how he was pimping alot of artist in the industry. I came on today to see who else made comments to that same discussion and noticed that it is no where to be found on this website, nor is there any record of me ever commenting on that discussion. Someone removed it completely without a trace.

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Lol @ the naivety of some of these comments

According to my understanding, Trey Songz has NEVER logged on to this website

with a user name and spoken to any of us here

I've only been a member since this Summer, but the members that were here
before me has never reported any such event...

It seems he's never logged in at the birth of his website, so what makes y'all think
he's gonna log in to read any of these threads now that he is more famous
and said now he has to be running the business side of his career?

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i really think he does but not this right here ...,. i think some one else made it nnot trey songz!!!! lol but i stilll love him hella

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he reads the twitter chat and when he does live chat cuz how you think he know what he says he only 1 man he reads a many as he can.

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i think he does

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umm yea prob not its to wld be nice tho

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I'm lose for words, I feel if he has time to Ustream he dose read what we are talking about.

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I believe he reads as many as one man can possibly read. He may not reply to everyone or any at all, but I know he appreciates his fans and knows alot of his success is because of his fans and takes the time to read them. I watched him on live chat and he seems very passionate and interested in what his fans have to say. Luv U Trey!

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trey is very passionate about his fans, he really appreciates them, so i think in his down time, which is probably not often but a few times, he would read the love his fans show for him. love you trey!

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I hope so... :/

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if he is taking a break,then he might take time to read some of them but not all thoughcuz that takes a while...but i think he finds time,if he can go on ustream and twitter,then he can check his website,too!

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i think he finnds time .

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yeah that's true he's always busy ..

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I doubt it too but you never know... lool