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a few suggestions


  • a few suggestions
    September 04, 2010

    if you suggest anything feel free to post here and lets hope trey or his crew reads this

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on Sep 4, 2010 - 05:09AM

if you suggest anything feel free to post here and lets hope trey or his crew reads this

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Lmao @Trey's Girl

it's a shame your "hubby" didn't tell you when he was
actually going to come on his own website...

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December 27, 2010 the hubby will be in Nashville,TN-
we was Instant Messaqinq on yahoo &&) he told me

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I agree with missalreadytaken09 on point two i had VIP seats in his london concert and was like man no one from here will be chosen not even the actual videos girls sitting behind us lol

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there is a discussion topic by Atlantic that would probably be more appropriate for your answers... they'll actually read that discussion.

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ok im going to give a few suggestions that i have

1- the next time trey goes on tour i think that there should be a contest on the website for fans to win tickets not sure if that already happened or not but i think it would be cool

2- i think at shows trey should pick fans from the audience to meet him backstage and they shouldnt be fans on the floor they should be the fans in higher seats of the stadium or whereever he is i feel that the fans that have floor seats ALWAYS get the good stuff

3- trey should come to Nashville TN i was so upset when i saw Memphis but no Nashville whats up with that trey lol j/k ya know i love ya

but like i said have any suggestions or thoughts post it here thanks guys one mind one heart one love