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What attracts you to Trey the most ?


  • What attracts you to Trey the most ?
    July 24, 2009

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 03:00AM

Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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His Smile and his eyes

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Well...Of Course Hys Looks!...But I Agree With CEREbby!...N I Like Laid Back Guys...N Thats Hym..He Dont Try To Put On Different Face For Hys Fans!....He's The Same Wherever!...So Thats Wat Mainly Attracts Me To Hym!

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i go with u on that one. u can see when he singz he doesn't just do it. he singz from the heart and conects with his fanz. his sexiness and voice blows me away.

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his smile, his voice, he seems like a nice guy thats why i wanna be his wife one day ^_^

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His sense of humor, personality, his heart and the love he shows to his family/friends/fans.

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What i love about Trey is that he is very humble and he loves the fans and that he has great music and he is very good looking :)

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from what i have seen on ustream from him is that he is funny but straight forward and about his business when it comes down to it and i REALY like that he takes the time out to listen and talk to his fans even though he cant talk to everybody it shows alot some celebs could care less but he really cares about the ppl that love him ! KEEP IT UP TREY ?

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what attracts me the most is the way he is so passionate about his family, and of course his looks lol!

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wow, it's hard to put into words, but here i go: i fell in love with Trey's music before i ever watched a video. when i heard' Just Gotta Make It', i was in love on the spot. his voice was just so incredible. and then i saw him, and omg his smile just made my day. it was so crazy, he was on tv and i felt that smile thru the screen. i can have like the worst day ever, and i see Trey's smile, and life is all good again. his smile is so bright and genuine, u can tell he really is happy when he smiles, and i just love that.

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cant member exactly what video 1st tho, my mind is sumwut gone. LOL.. wow neways i no u was in dat othr video wit criz breezy in "yo" i had 2 put it on pause wit da cap.. ok ima stop luv u always!

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Shit i member when trey was in dat video had "summer wit Miam" n Dat othr ShiT.. "Lean wit it" or whaeva its called but yea dnt thnk i didnt c u..Man u looked so good in ther!! U SOOO FINE U DONT UNDERSTAND HW FINE!! LOL

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Well from the jump in 05' Trey was the IT factor of my life i knew he was going to have girls all over him i loved him with the brids and the fade, Hell i love him period point blank, Cant wait till 9/14/10

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A few things actually, One how he always makes time for his family, two (by watching the show) his determination and hard work, three how humble he his, and finally He is so SEXY!

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What attracts me to Trey?

- His love for music.
-Respect For Women.
-Song Writing
-Nice Smile.
-Sexy Body.

I love Trey All the way around the board. There Is not just one thing. He's the total package of what a woman should want in a man..

And this is all.


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Hmmm, Well first he can totally sing! I love the way he speaks. He speaks with intelligence and you do not normally find that. Of course his looks. He is a handsome guy. Finally his built!

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his true and and nice and i luv is fam from the my moment an he can sing i love him like no other and i hate that people only like him for his money i mean y woud they do that he is so real and true that y:)

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Im most attracted to his luv for his mother. Looks come and go and alot of men can sing! I luv that he gives his all to his music, but I just started liokin trey cuz of the love he has for his mon. very attractive

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Well what attracts me to Trey besides the basics like his physical features and his great voice is that he seems to be a down to earth kind of dude. He looks like he keeps it real and he also seems funny and real cool to chill with. He also seems very humble...he never forgets where he came from and that's a great thing.=]

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For me it is his singing and all his voices tht he does, and his smexxi body tht turns me on and also his smile and his lips lol ;).

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i love his music the way he carry himself the way he treat his fans and of course his voice it jus make u want to fall in love with him

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his smile & like personality in interviewsss then his voice mhmm and his swag

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Well for me its hearing his voice! That accents is just a TURN ON! And is swagga is...whewww! Just the way he carry himself...He gat is togetherrrrr man! MY bby!

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Well For me its would probably be his voice
and his smile his smile is so nice
usually i would say is loooks when im talkin 2 my friends
but its defintly his smile and voice cause no one else can smile or sing like him

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For me I would have to say his smile and his voice.Trey's song Gotta Make It drives me and when I have those down days when I get up I literally play that song and think of his smile and it warms my spirit and heart and im able to get through anything no matter what comes my way in that day .After all the song pertains to my current situation at this point in my life so I listen to it to think about the reason I need to do what it is im doing.And why im doing it.


what attracts me the most is his personality an his swagg plus his voice its so unique and i just love it hes so bless an inspires many pple to never give up...i jus love him :) its a amazing how talented he is go trey..

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2 me his AMAZING voice n his looks 2 lol

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i love trey of course cuz he's fine as heck!! and has a body that makes you faint! and has a smile that melts you! lol his voice is amazing and is the definition of real music..he works so hard to make sure the fans love what he delivers and you cant help but love and respect him for that.but also cuz he's so humble and so REAL.not many artist let their fans in their lives trey keeps us up on everything. the episode on #MyMoment where he was doing a meet n greet and his security yelled at fans and trey said "YOU CANT TALK TO THEM LIKE THAT" thats someone who really cares...he knows we love him and get excited when we see him especially in person.he's genuine, sweet, funny, silly an all around good human being not just a star! thats why i love trey!!