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would u have sex wit trey if he had aid of hiv


  • would u have sex wit trey if he had aid of hiv
    June 12, 2010

    no i would still love him 

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Why is this even being asked?

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I'm glad most of the ladies here love themselves so much that they wouldn't put themselves harms way.

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woooww. to the ladies who said yes, yall are dumb as hell. why would you let one sexual experience possibly end your life? im sorry but i just couldnt do it. FUCK that.

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i would not cuz thats nasty giving some one hiv ewwww heck no

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no because no matter how much of a super star he is when it comes down to sex my rules stay the same if he did or ddnt have it if he was to ask me my answer would be no unless ive known him for a REALLY long time and i was just feelin him like that dont get me wrong I AM A HUUUUUGGGEEE FAN but when it comes down to it i always have respect for myself ima fan not a groupie

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No i wouldn't Protection isn't even always 100% effective against STDs either and on top of that if you were to do this and accidentally get pregnant then your child would be at risk too.'s picture

Why would u ask a question like this. I hope Trey is not having sex with any and everyone to put hiss self in the position to have to worry about something like. No disrespect to Trey. I love him and his music. But if I meet him I would not let it go there. I respect myself to much. And would not have sex with no man if I knw he had an std. I dont care how sexy he is. I could go on but i am going to leave it at this. Dont be stupid ladies

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half and half cuz how would you resist that sexii body but always use protection

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omg that is tough one but if we were hella close and knew the risk and took every step to protect our self the it might be a matter what im his down azz fan til death..

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You ladies killin me. To answer the question hell 2 da no im not going to risk my life and my kids losing their mother because i love trey and would like the opp! At the end of the day it's not worth it, EVEN WITH A CONDOM. I'm out..

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@ MizzTyra:

yes sweety u can get it orally...any type of exchanging of bodily fluids....blood semen spit urine vag fluids, etc. u can get it

...lmao....hello class! this is biology 101! my name is Ms. Karma! lmao....sike na but 4real tho...yea u can get it orally too.

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@ Angela:

lmao....i kno right!!! lol

but to answer the discussion i really like we knew eachother knew eachother i would probly b like wrap it up everytime n no oral...but all at the same like...its AIDs or love him no less tho but....idk....i guess if the situation wuz that we wuz married or really serious its 1 thing like maybe so but as safely as possible but off sum just tryna crank dat joint.....mmmmnnnnaaahhh!! ((sigh)) pretty sure alot of u ladies feel me on this tho....and if trigga reads this he'd understand too...4real...but honestly if he did....i dont kno or think he would even wanna do that to us (women) tho 4real...he a swetheart and a lady's man so...i really dont think he would even consider it 4real....i mean he still a nigga so he might! lol but seriously...idk...

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it dapendz on wut kind uv sex ...can u get it orraly if not den id give him oral n e day but id still stay a fan

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Would all Trey Haters, please exit this website!! WTF

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we would have to be in a serious commited relationship so we can take all the precautions necessary to keep us both safe.

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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HELL NO! who wants HIV's? sure as hell not me! but id still llove him!!!

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i wood'nt but i wood still luv him reguardless.

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i think HIV cant be transmitted if you use protection.... and AIDS is the last stage of HIV

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hell to d no,,,but i;ll still be his biggest fan though

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no i want i would still think his sexi

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no but i will always love him 4 eva

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I love Trey Songz. But is he really Bi. If so I am. Text me at 336-262-9940