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how do u meet trey songz!?!


  • how do u meet trey songz!?!
    August 23, 2009

    i love trey soo much! everyone who has pix with him, pleaseeee tell me how u get to meet him! (:thanx.

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on Aug 23, 2009 - 01:15AM

i love trey soo much! everyone who has pix with him, pleaseeee tell me how u get to meet him! (:thanx.

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i thought i would be able to chat with trey songz.

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I would sooo love to meeet trey songz!!!!!!!!!!! i am like his number 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn if i eva met him that would be the happiest day and moment of my life like foreall!!!!!!! I

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I want to meet him too,I do want it .. kind of need to meet him!!! I don't know how tooand most improtant is I'm Thai ,herad that he never ever go to Thailand before so what I have to do nowww!!!
I wanna meet himmmm sooo muchhh, i wanna cry when I speak about him,make me crazyyyyy.

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I have never met him either but I'm just going to be patient because I know my time is coming and when it do I might b speechless!!!

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i met him before i became an angel through a radio contest, since i've became an angel i will be meeting him for the third time saturday. you can participate in angel missions, and/or vip tickets

Never give up on meeting Trey, im sure you'll meet him soon :)'s picture

You can become a member of Trey's Angels and receive a chance to do Angel Missions or even receiving great deals on concert VIP tickets...

I've met him : )

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I want to meet him too! I wanted to get meet and greet tickets but you have to buy two and I don't know anyone else who will pay that much to go see him but I am hoping I can go to a CD signing or something like that soon I live in VA and missed the ones for the PPP tour so I wish you luck and if you do let us know :)

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first time i got lucky thru a connect to go to an exclusive interview n stuff wit Trey back in '07.... the times since then that i've seen him..... i was able to get to him only because he knows me.

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i would love to meet trey that is my wish i almost died watchin him on tv in the hospital no lie im glad i dnt hav that problem nemore lol

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you dont have to try to meet me baby i m here

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By being an Angel.'s picture

I met him by becoming an angel =] *adjusts halo* and participating in the constest!!! dont give up you never knwo if you may win!! CHECK OUT MY PICTURE!! =] BEST KISSESSS EVERRR

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i would love to meet him =)

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omg i would love to meet him I live in TN he came to memphis,TN and ATL and KY but not nashville,TN omg treeyyy why not nashville do you hate us here because we have soooooo much love for you ILY TREYY YUUUPPP

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I wanna meet trey too , but im in westville and i just moved from va ! i had a chance when i was in va but i had to move :(

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babe at least ya'll live in the same country! i like in the u.k :( im gonna marry him though one day (a)

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omg i want to meet him i would cry

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Sadly i haven't met trey yet.I'm so pissed he's not coming to Chi town i just moved here from Alton. And what do you know he's going to St.Louis i'm too pissed. But hopefully when he comes back to Chi ill have some money and can go and meet and get an autograph. Still love you trey BABY.Trey and Chris should do a tour together and come to Chi two of my top three in one LOVE IT!

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im only 13 and ilove..him i want to meet him so bad

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I want to meet him so bad but I live in a small town in Florida. Funds are not loking so good right now either. I wanted to meet him for my birthday 8/15 but something came up so the money I had went somewhere else. One day I know I will though because I could feel it in my heart, I believe we all will meet him just watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ik i wanna meet him sooo bhadd!! but i gotta pay for both tixs so im tryna come up wit the money. mi mom over here wurkiin mi lyke a slave child to make this money but it will all be worth it. lolz!!

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omg me toooo i really wan to meet trey just to tell him that his music mean the world to me i really cant afford to buy 2 vip tickets i wish they would allowed u to buy 1 vip ticket , but i knw my day will come soon

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ima need too meet him too dang,! no1 comes too beaumont tx omg i just wanna meet him..=(ily treysongz

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I only saw him when i went to his concert, but i didnt get an autograph or a photo with him :/

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I met him simply through the radio...u jus need to listen out for when the radio stations will announce him comin for a concert...and most of the time they will do a meet and greet at the station...also they will tell u if he is doing autograph and cd signings...i thought my chance would never come but it finally don't give up girl...

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I really want to meet him too but cannot afford to pay for two VIP tickets, only one (ATL)

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I usually meet Trey by luck. It's a right place, right time kind of thing. You gotta keep a look out for in-store CD signings or if he's gonna be at your radio station you may be able to wait outside and meet him. Or if your old enough to go to a club, but those clubs can be super crazy sometimes O_o Same goes for any concerts, sometimes you may be able to wait after a show. You never know what may happen. Just stay positive and be patient. You may get to meet him when you least expect it.

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i just wanna meet trey and get to sing with him thats my best dream.....just email me if u got anything