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Up Close and Personal


  • Up Close and Personal
    September 14, 2010

    Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:38AM

Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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Trey should have a meet and greet in London i would be so quick to get one and make him smile when he meets me
but seriously London misses out on all the things USA gets

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i wud luv 2 meet trey and just chill w/ him. he seems very cool. my bday is next month and thats wat i told my neice i wud like 4 my day. just 2 meet him, i no it wud a day 2 remember.

lala072 AspecialAngel's picture

I NEVER MET HIM BUT I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got to meet him briefly on 9/2/10 at the PPP tour in Cincinnati.I got to go backstage after the show. He was super nice. He gives the best hugs and I got a kiss on the forehead. He told me to give a real smile for the picture cuz I was having trouble keeping my smile up since I wuz so nervous lol. For those that haven't met him yet he really makes I feel appreciated even if I just get a minute or two. I hope to meet him again one day. I'm sure this is gonna sound typical, but I would love for him to sit down with me and my friends for a while and just talk and chill. He seems like the type of guy that's really cool.

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I've went to a CD signing of his and he was just a sweetheart. His security was a little rough but he stayed a whole hour and a half later to make sure the majority of his fans would get what they came for. I do plan on meeting Trey again TRUST!'s picture

I met him briefly in March 15, 2008 when I had my one and only picture with him. This was at a show in Memphis, TN. It really wasn't enough to say I actually met him because after we took our pictures with him, they were rushing us out of the way. I have been to 3 shows in Memphis and one in Little Rock, AR. I had front row tickts at the show in Memphis on August 15, 2010. However, in front of me was a section of winners from local radio stations, but I still managed to work my way to the stage and take his tie off at that show lol!!! It was awesome!!! But I want to really meet him, sit down and chat with him. I want a new picture with him too because he still has braids on the picture I have with him from '08, but I still love it because it's Trey!!! But it would be a pleasure to really meet him. Hopefully when I make this 5hr trip to Dallas in November, I will get a chance to meet him and get a new picture with him!

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I've never met trey because not too much happens in texas where im from, and the times he has come, I was unable to go,t I would definitley love too I try to keep up as much as possible and watch him on ustream.Love him

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

1st time in '07... got to sit in on an radio interview (which he talked about me in) & had a private meet n greet... talked wit Trey for a good 15 mins n he signed my cd n drawings and took a grip of pics... the first he goes "aight, what you want me to do?" i said "kiss me here" (pointed my cheek) shoooo 'nuf, i got a pic wit them sexy lips pressed against my cheek!
2nd time, early '09. went to his concert n after the show someone was yelling for me from backstage to get back there, turns out it was Trey! i brought my girls back there n we all took pics n all that good ish... *i aint never told no other fans this before... you hear it first! lol* Bobby (his old manager) had me come through to they hotel n i was brought up to Trey's room to present him with a few of my drawings. he greeted me with a hug (he was shirtless) n he kissed alll overrrrrr my neck n face :D ... he brought me to his computer n he was showing me how he had fucked around with one of my drawings on there n then he played "Famous" for me (a good 7 months before it was dropped on Anticipation)... we kicked it for prolly 20 mins then had to bounce.
3rd time, i had gone to one of his Songz 4 Peace events. he was on the panel and he brought up his mom, i just happened to have a new drawing of him n Ms April n i held it up (i was in the front row) n he said, "ayyye, thats my mumma! Ariel, bring that to me." i brought it up to him n he said "thank you Ariel" with a REALLL sexy smile. he looked at it a minute n was like "this my mumma yall!" after the panel was done i walked up to kenny n asked whats good n Trey came up n said "she good!" n gave me a big ol hug n we was walkin n talkin n he gave me a nice lil kiss on the forehead. he had to take pics wit some fans n so he was doin his thang n looked over at me wit a nice lil smile... then he had to go do an interview in another room so we goes there... took a quick pic n that was that.
i cant WAIT for my future Trey Days!

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I'Ve Never Met Trey, But I would Love to. Im Up At 12am Or whatever Time possible Just to see him On UStream. Making Sure Im Scheduled For Work Before Or after He goes Live. :) I Love Trey, When I see Him On Ustream He's Not Fake He Keep it ALL the Way 100%, and thatz What I Love About him. :)

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I would love to meet him...haven't had the chance yet but I did have great seats on the PPP tour and he noticed me in the crowd. I can't explain how I felt when he shouted out what I was wearin...from then on it felt like the show was just for me!!! Sure wish I could have gotten that massage!

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I had the opportunity to meet Trey on his Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour in ATL last month. Me and my friends has traveled from three different states to come and see him in ATL. When I first walked in he notice that I had on my white letting him know that I was one of his Angels. I had bought him a gift and when I gave him the box he said "Aww you got me a gift baby!" and when he opened it his face lit up like a kid at christmas I had bought him a pair of cuff links with his initials TAN monogramed on them & I also had the keepsake box engraved with "A Star Was Born 11/28/84". It made me happy because he was so appreciative he showed them to everyone that was in the room with us. He remembered who I was because he follows me on Twitter and I am always tweeting something to or about him,so once he finally met me he hugged and kissed me and thanked me and told me that he appreciated me sooo much. He is very observant he noticed that me and my friends were all dressed alike, we had all white with shirts that had either "Passion" "Pain" and "Pleasure" on the front with our Twitter names and what state we came from on the back, he liked it so much that he Tweeted about that was the greatest experience ever, he made me feel so comfortable & we talked like we've known each other for years. So I thank You Trey, you are a prime example of what a TRUE artist should be, your initiative and motivation speaks volumes and you make your fans feel like we are apart of you and that is what sets you apart from the rest & in my eyes there is no comparison =)

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I've never had the chance to meet Trey but i wouuld like to meet him one day or see him in concert. Hopefully i will be able to see him on the OMG tour or at the album signing in philly.

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Well, I have had the pleasure of meeting Trey. I met him on my birthday in October at the DTLR, traveled to New York and met him again at the Roseland Ballroom, then last time I saw him it was here in Baltimore at the Pier. He was down to earth, real sarcastic, and genuine. I like to think I saved his life one night... why you ask? At the Roseland M&G, my overly crazed fan of Trey, my sister was told she would be able to meet him that night, But later was told she was not old enough as the requirement was for that night. When a lady, his assistant or tour assistant or whatsohaveyou said no to my sister and then we saw him (Trey) and his entourage walking away from the photo backdrop my sis started to go bonkers. I was like oh no, if she wants that man, NO ALONZO or JOJO was gonna prevent her, I had to grab her and quick! It wasn't funny then but in retrospect... now it is funny.

I have another chance to see Trey again this Saturday, excited, more like anxious! I can't wait but I will have to :)

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I met trey 09.01.09 the day his album READY was released, he had a meet nd greet at basement mix records, i was on line from 7 in the morning until he came, as a star he was late but when he got out the car, screams of his fans filled the air, the line was around the block nd then some, i was second in line, i walked in nd the first thing he sed to me was " aye baby " my stomache fluttered with butterflies his smile was just so beautiful, he signed my CD nd shaked my hand, i handed him a single rose which i bought him nd he sed thank you smiled nd kissed the rose i couldnt help but smile, although i had alot to say i wasnt able to because i was just in shock to have him face to face with me nd security was rushing lol smh but i remember that day like it happened yesterday [x I LOVE U TREY :-*

aaliyahfan07's picture

I haven't met Trey yet but hopefully I be able to catch him on tour and see him perform Live that will great and dream come true if i could see him perform up close and everything!

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Haven't meet Trey yet (I shall oneday, hopefully) but I have seen him perform live. Hopefully the tour dates on Usher's site won't change so I can see him in November. ::crosses my fingers::

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I never meet Trey personally, but I would love to one day and hopeful I could. I suppose to go to the LA show on sat and I suppose to buy the VIP pass to meet Trey but something came up so I have to cancel it. I hope one day I could have the chance to meet this wonderful man. It would be my honor to be able to meet him, thanks

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I have been to 5 Trey Songz shows since 2005 the first being in Rockford IL on November 26th and I managed to get five of my friends to go with me. I was able to take a picture with him at the V100 Big Jam concert in Milwaukee WI in March of 2007. Standing in that line seemed like eternity. I missed about three acts standing in the line but I didn't care at all. I was getting my picture with Trey and that was all that mattered. When it was my turn I walked over to Trey and he said "You cute" and gave me a hug for the picture. It was so hard to maintain my cool but I did. He asked me if I enjoyed the show and I said "of course". For the future I think it would be amazing to be able to have an interview or some sort of conversation with him. That would put me on cloud 9!
One of the things I have enjoyed the most about Trey Songz is watching him grow as an artist. I can honeslty say he has come a long way since that show in '05. I see a very long and successful career in his future and I couldn't be happier. Trey, it looks like you made it!

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So on August 26, 2010 I attended the Trey Songz Passion Pain & Pleasure Tour in Cleveland Ohio. This was my 3rd time seeing him in concert but this time was going to be an experience to remember because I was going to Meet the man him self Tremaine Aldon Neverson also know as Trey Songz. When I actually met him the experience was so indescribable I was on cloud 9. After the Meet & Greet I was in the front row Whew, That's the ultimate experience so tempted to run on stage but I held my composure, I was singing n jamming to each n ever track word for word. This concert was much different from any other concert because Trey was moving on that stage like he was working it in the bedroom. Until the next Trey Songz Concert I attend this will be an experience to remember.
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