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Heaven Sent


  • Heaven Sent
    September 14, 2010

    Meet and introduce yourself to other members of Trey's Angels.

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:38AM

Meet and introduce yourself to other members of Trey's Angels.

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Jeanine_2's picture

Heyy! Finally one of Treys Angels! I'm from the Bronx, NY.. I got my PPP cd 4 days ago and know all the words already.. I play it all the time. I'm goin to a meet and greet this Thursday and I'm looking forward to my 2 seconds with his sexiness =]

mizcedezbaby's picture

Hii Angels!!! I'm Mercedes. I'm from a little city in Georgia, called Brunswick; but I will be moving to ATL when I transfer to Clayton State. It's a pleasure to chat with you all. You can add me on twitter @MizCedezBaby. I'm new to it, so im going to definitely need followers. And i will return the love. Hopefully we can all mingle on there as well. I'm proud to say im one of TREYS ANGELS!! GO ANGELS!! #treyfam

Ciera Songz's picture

Hey everybody I'm Ciera from Grand Rapids, MI. We all here for one reason and that is to support Trey :)

mizztiff06's picture

Hey everyone! I'm Tiffany and from Texas. I am in love with me some Trey! I have listen to his cd and just want to play it over and over again. I seen Trey in concert and I just loved every part of it. Trey's The Best!!

neshab's picture

Hey Angels, My name is Vanesha. I'm in Macon, Ga but I'm from the Augusta area. Joined twitter just for Trey :D I luv him so much . . . I know we all do. Add me on twitter @treysangel4eva and I'll be sure to add you too.

TreysDiva's picture

Hey Angels!! My name is Krystal (@thabaddestdiva) from Chicago, IL...add me twitter!!

MecoleMeMe's picture

hello angels! :) my name is mecole aka meme im 20 from CT :D ... add me on twitter! @memecoco20

iheartTREY_10's picture

Hello Angels im Robin (@birdy_09) im from SC

Miz_Peach's picture

Hi angels, I'm Yvonne and I'm from LA California. I haven't really into Trey since last year. And once I exposed to his music and him personally, I was in love with this talented man and the great music he made. Thanks

SweetT_2's picture

Hey Trey Angels,

My name is Tamika from Upper Marlboro, MD. First I would like to congratulate Trey on his new album and that I'm proud of him for all the hard work he has put into his albums over the years. You have came a long way.

Not only is he talented for his music, but he has a AWESOME personality and has touched many people lives. Also a gorgeous smile. There are not many celebrities that take the time out to show how much they really appreciate their fans and because of that, I will have your back til the end. See you in DC at your album release party and THANK YOU for everything.

TREYed UP's picture

Hey, I'm Mesha ( @treyedup ) from Kansas City, Mo. Been a Trey fan since the very start. Love, love, love TREY

Brooklyns Darling's picture

Hey Angels Im Shana reppin Brooklyn (Est NY) follow me on twitter @Brooklyn_LNS_VX. I look forward to seeing you guys at concerts and other events coming up.....Any other Angels in the NY area???

MissTrey_3's picture

Hey Angels ..I'm Tamika from Palm Springs CA follow me on twitter TreyAangelCali ...we are now bonded through Trey I love how "WE" as women can come together and agree on one thing...TREY for life...I love you Tremaine you are truly all his angels lets party hard and support Trey I love yall..this is beautiful and amazing..!!

AriellBigg's picture

Hey Yall My Names Ariel. (@Get_It_Bigg) Cary, NC

Janay_89's picture

My name is Janay (@missundastood89) and I'm from Brooklyn NY. I love trey because he's one of the true R&B artist that truly sings from the heart and actually appreciates his fans. I've been riding with Trey since 05 when Gotta Make it Came Out and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

KiaMarie's picture

Hello Ladies,

Im Kia Marie (@KiaMarie542) Im from Baltimore, Md. I love me some Trey Trey!!! I have never ever been part of a fan club, Im 25 (almost 26) years old. I have never felt this way about an artist before. He is so talented, and down to earth. I admire his ambition and I LOVE the Love and Respect he has for his Mumma and Family and also for US!!!!!

Ily Trey Trey!!!!

Ty Ranae's picture

Tyler from Akron,OH (@TSAngel_Ty)

tiara195's picture

Tiara from Atlanta, Ga I love Trey well i guess we all do

JazzlovesSongz's picture

Hi, I'm Jasmine. I'm from Mississippi (@TriggaUnit_MS) and I'm a proud Treys Angels member!