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Heaven Sent


  • Heaven Sent
    September 14, 2010

    Meet and introduce yourself to other members of Trey's Angels.

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:38AM

Meet and introduce yourself to other members of Trey's Angels.

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ShidaYuuup's picture

Hello fellow Angels!!!!! My name is Rashida, im 23. I have one son, he will be 5 in November (he is also a Trey fan) LOL I live, breathe, eat, sleep Trey Songz. Been a fan since I Gotta Make It!!! I love to talk about Trey so follow me on twitter if you do also @shidababii87 :-) Also im very goofy & love to smile & laugh!!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

hey Angels, im Ariel, 19, from MN. relocating to ATL soon. i hope to get in touch with with more ladies from the A so we can mobb deep at his shows. ya digg? follow me on twitter! @COOGIdown's picture

@1MysticStar Hell yeah I'm going! :-)

OSoGorgeous's picture

Hello, My Name is CyRita. Im From Michigan, and Im Just In Love With Trey. He's Like The Image Of a Man that I would Want In My Life.Then I Just Love How Genuine He is. You can Follow me on Twitter at @Os0Gorgeous...

Lilone786's picture

Hi Angels, My name is Erin I am 24 from Cali. I became aware of Trey when his "Trey day" album came out. Follow me on twitter @lilone786 if you like and I will follow back!'s picture

Hi everyone, Am I the only one who needs to attend TSA (trey songz anonymous) I am absolutely addicted. I just recently became a fan with READY but I have bought all past CDs & mixtapes as well so all the old music is new to me. I also bought two copies of the PPP and have been listening to it nonstop all day.... Lord help me. This is my first FAN CLUB membership glad to know I am not the only addict. Absolutely Excited to be a Trey's Angel!!!! Please follow me @MsPrettyElegant on twitter... I just joined that as well so no followers thus far so please follow fellow Angels!!!

@LadyAJ03's picture

Hey Angels!! My name is Ashley but all the real homies call me AJ...I'm 25 and live in IL. I've been down with Trey since "Just gotta make it" and I just love his voice! Follow me on twitter @LadyAJ03 I follow back!!

BluSongz's picture

Hey ANGELS!!! My name is Christina D. i'm a 23 from NC and i've been a fan of Trey Songz since "Gotta Go" which still to this day is my favorite song. Follow me on twitter @CTinaDiva and i'll follow you back. be blessed angels!

Dependable Angel's picture

Hey Angels.. Im Natasha ( Tasha ) from Dallas, TX... TX Angels we should start a group... Feel free to follow me on Twitter @xoxo_tasha or just add me on facebook at:

Lilo_Marie's picture

Hey Angel's! My name is Lauren im 20 years old. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting trey 2 times. Hopefully I can meet him again when he comes to Detroit for the Usher OMG tour. Im addicted to Trey as well my friends call me crazy but hey it is what it is. Imma be this way for a long time! :) lol. Im excited to be an Angel!!! :)

Diva219's picture

Hey Angels,

My name is Dawn and I'm from Chicago. I am admitedly obsessed with this man. Thinking about starting a TreysAngels Anonymous! I have liked Trey since his first album, but I have fell in love as time has gone on. He get's better and better with each CD and mixtape (I have those too). I've have seen him 3 times so far this year - BP3 tour, Taste of Chicago, and PPP Tour in Indianapolis. Yes, I have traveled to see him. I will also be attending the OMG Tour when it comes to Chicago Dec. 3. Feel free to follow me on twitter: @DrDiva219.'s picture

Hey Angel's!!!! My name is Carlie, Im 25 years old living in Pa! I got the PLEASURE of seeing 3 times this year. My 4th will be this Dec when the OMG tour comes to Phila. This is the first fan club I have ever joined and I am so glad I did. I am HONORED to be one of Trey's Angels!

s_bohenek's picture

Hey Angels! My name is Shantel, 25 yrs old (b-day Apr 2nd) from philly and I've been a Trey supporter since the very beginning (July 25th, 2005) & will continue to hold him down to til the day I die! When Im say I am like a huge fan thats no exaggeration. Its so bad that my dad is telling me I need celebrity rehab (My name is Shantel and Im addicted to Trey Songz lol). I've been to four shows this year (Jan 1st, Feb14th, June 13th and Aug 25th) and had to tackle a girl at the PPP tour for his shirt (ended up with half of it lol). Im happy to finally be one of Trey's Angels and I look forward to getting to know my fellow angels. Trey if you see this I just want you to know that I love you. No like I really, really, really love you and I admire you for living out your dream and I wish you continued sucess. Oh and Trey you need to follow me on twitter like right now!!! (Shantelly84_TTU)

S/O to all of Trey's Angels!!! We go hard in the paint 24/7 365 days a year and cant nobody top us. ? yall!!!!

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

Wassup fellow angels. My name is Diasia and I'm from Brooklyn, NY

1MysticStar's picture

@Nikkiez_World...IKR! Chi-town in the house! Are you going to the Dec. 3rd show??'s picture

Hi my name is Nikkie (@ Nikkiez_world) and I am from the Chi! I would be what you call one of Trey's cougars :-)

1MysticStar's picture

Hello all! I'm Leiani! I'm originally from Chicago, but I'm in the military so I relocate alot. From Aghanistan to Texas to Michigan and back:) I've been following Trey since July 25, 2005. That date I will never forget because it's the first time I heard my all time favorite song by him..."I Gotta Go" At the time I was deployed in a combat zone and the passion the song/album possessed, along with the relevance spoke volumes to me. That entire cd was definitely instrumental in helping me cope with such a life altering experience.

I've been respecting and admiring him since then. Watching him evolve from a young new artist to the established man/artist I watch today has been absolutely amazing! I'm so extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. His determination and work ethic alone are immeasurable and enough to warrant any level of admiration! I could continue on and on about his attributes, but I know that we ALL know them:) I look forward to chatting with you all! Be blessed!



flawsNall25's picture

Hey Angels!! My name is Deneisha im 25 and live in Atlanta, Ga. I have always liked Trey's music but i didnt fall in love until Aniticipation came out last yr. I found myself on youtube and any other site that i could find that gave me info on Trey. Its just something about that man and his music that makes me smile and feel all warm inside. lol I think its because he's so real and genuine whether it be an interview or in his music. My first Trey concert was on Aug 13, 2010 here in Atlanta, man he put on one hell of a show!! I could go on and on about how much i love him but i will stop here. :^)

I'm looking forward to getting to know other angels so hit me on twitter @flawsNall25

laBELLEnicole's picture

Hello everyone!!
My name is Amanda, i am a 19 year Trey Songz LOVEERRR!!!! I live in Greensboro NC where i am a student at NC A&T! I won a contest here in Greensboro to meet him and i think i fell deeper in love with him! He is the total package! I'm so honored to call myself a Trey Angel!

Feel free to follow me on twitter @laBELLENicole muuaahhh

Linz84's picture

Hey everybody!!! My name is Linda i'm from New Jersey. I'm a student. I'm very happy to be apart of Trey Angels. Trey Songz is a very talented man!! I'm so happy on what he accomplished. It was like yesterday when his first video came out. Now Trey just finish his fourth album! What I like about Trey is that he care for his fans. Out of his busy schedule he chat with us sometimes. That just show me that Trey is a cool individual!! :-)

MsNat05's picture

Hi Angels!!!!!! I am Natalie and I come from Mo City,Tx some say Houston but I say different. I am 22 yrs old adn will be turning 23 on October 8.. I can't wait. I am so happy to be a member of Trey Songz because he truly has talent and I love the way he interacts with his fans and also his passion for his music, family and God. I have a twin who is in my profile pic with me I am the one in the red. If you are on twitter please go add me and let me know who you are. My twitter name @MsNat05. That is about it can't wait to talk some more with you Ladies!!!!

britbrat86's picture

Hello Angels!!!!!! My name is Brittney im 24 yrs old and im from New Orleans L.A. I now reside in the ATL. Feel free to add me on Facebook brittney stampley gray or follow me on twitter brittbee886.

aaliyahfan07's picture

Hi Trey Angels!! I'm Robyn. I am from Texas and I am so happy to be here and meet all the other Angels and have fun with you all.If you have myspace please add my Trey Songz fansite @ or twitter - Thank you and look forward with chatting with you all!!

neshab's picture

Hey Angels, My name is Vanesha. I'm in Macon, Ga but I'm from the Augusta area. Joined twitter just for Trey :D I luv him so much . . . I know we all do. Add me on twitter @treysangel4eva and I'll be sure to add you too.

TreysDiva's picture

Hey Angels!! My name is Krystal (@thabaddestdiva) from Chicago, IL...add me twitter!!

iheartTREY_10's picture

Hello Angels im Robin (@birdy_09) im from SC

Miz_Peach's picture

Hi angels, I'm Yvonne and I'm from LA California. I haven't really into Trey since last year. And once I exposed to his music and him personally, I was in love with this talented man and the great music he made. Thanks

SweetT_2's picture

Hey Trey Angels,

My name is Tamika from Upper Marlboro, MD. First I would like to congratulate Trey on his new album and that I'm proud of him for all the hard work he has put into his albums over the years. You have came a long way.

Not only is he talented for his music, but he has a AWESOME personality and has touched many people lives. Also a gorgeous smile. There are not many celebrities that take the time out to show how much they really appreciate their fans and because of that, I will have your back til the end. See you in DC at your album release party and THANK YOU for everything.

TREYed UP's picture

Hey, I'm Mesha ( @treyedup ) from Kansas City, Mo. Been a Trey fan since the very start. Love, love, love TREY

Brooklyns Darling's picture

Hey Angels Im Shana reppin Brooklyn (Est NY) follow me on twitter @Brooklyn_LNS_VX. I look forward to seeing you guys at concerts and other events coming up.....Any other Angels in the NY area???