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Better Me , Better You


  • Better Me , Better You
    September 14, 2010

    Have ideas and suggestions for the fan club? Let us know and discuss here.

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:39AM

Have ideas and suggestions for the fan club? Let us know and discuss here.

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I think yall should sell or give out decals with the Trey's Angel logo to put on cars. So whenever he is in a city or just passing through he will notice the decal on the car and see we are one of the Angels. @MsPrettyElegant

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sorry it was so much get passionate sometimes n write essays for simple things

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When Trey has a concert i think there should be more songs from the album
especially if it's a trey angels only concert because we such true fans to be angels we wanna go and hear the songs he didn't release as singles the songs we listen to at home on repeat
not in a bad way to anyone who just jumped on trey \it would be good like if it was actually advertised as this concert is not just singles ect.
i was soooooo happy when he sang songs from anticipation in his london concert and then he was like there are some true fans here coz he knew it wasn't just people who heard i invented sex or saw he cut his braids and worked out n now it's bout his music (i hope it doesnt come across that i'm saying these people are bad or anything all trey love is good love n it's wicked that they were able to discover him during this exciting time as he becomes a superstar :-)

and now he has 4 albums the concert is going to have to be longer if they actually wanted to get these other songs in
i'm sure we dont mind if there's a break i'm not expecting him to work for me and sing non stop
i went to the beyonce i am tour in the o2 and they did this thing were they showed this video in the interval it was wicked coz u got to beyonce as a child and she has 3 albums but i know that was in the arena and it could be longer ect then the indigo show trey did
beyonce concert was so long to the point dat ppl were on the stairs leaving then she came back and sang halo ppl thought the show was over

but i must say it was a wicked concert VIP was wicked its just in usa VIP gets them more
but i had fun i'm still talking bout it 5 months later and i lost my voice from screaming and singing and met some really nice trey fans

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Wow ladies great suggestions i will second them all more angel gear and angel song and tour hella great suggestions

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there cud b mayb a meet and greet just 4 angels, a concert, mayb he cud do a webcast just 4 his angels.

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there should be like another unplugged session but this time with angels (cough and in london)

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There should also be things for angels who are international angels
also if possible events should be done according to size like there could be small events for where there's fewer angels
also i think there should be a luncheon like instead of just a meet and greet but a more relaxed setting everyone eating and jamming and allow trey to move in between tables ect
but the angel assignments is a really good idea i just hope that international people get a chance to do some things like that too

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I agree with the Angel tour. Or angel meet n greets but maybe not so expensive lol. Or possibly an Angels show with a meet n greet included. its probably a little far fetched but it would be quite nice

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Ohhhh also more Treys Angels gear too...

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A Trey Songz Angel Tour. Private venues where we can be one on one wit Trey. Or like an Angel fun day or something.

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special chats and phone conversations for angels gives us more access to Trey and there is nothing wrong with that! :)

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I def. agree with louisew about the app. but what about more merchandise like exclusive angels earrings and necklaces. Oh a chain would be hott with TS and wings comin off it.

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We def need an own app =)