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I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?


  • I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?
    September 14, 2010

    i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

    246's picture
on Sep 14, 2010 - 04:18PM

i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

Forum category:'s picture

i get my order tomorrow ! lol.'s picture

We need to have an Angel's Listening Party in Philly!!!!'s picture

My twitter is @CarlieCakes! I follow back.'s picture

girl yu better go ! im going ! we can take a trey angel pic , he might see it !'s picture

whats yours then ?'s picture

xoxo_tasha I followed!'s picture

Bottoms.Up are you going to the cd signingon monday ? im going !'s picture

aaliyahSongz I cant find you on Twitter.'s picture

I could not agree more! I am new to twitter, so that would be great!'s picture

my twitter is @Nikkiez_world's picture

Bottoms.Up I just followed you. Philly showing luv!'s picture

okay carlie , @_TreyAngelLex

Dependable Angel's picture

@xoxo_tasha's picture

Angels... Real quick shout out your Twitters so I can follow.'s picture

I second that :-)'s picture


I am going get on Twitter and Follow yall! @Naima Im following you now!'s picture

I agree! Private Ustream chats is a great idea as well!'s picture

@Bottoms.up ! yes girl ! all these fake ass fans only started liking him because of READY AND ANTICIPATION ! i been rocking with him since august 2005 when he was scrawny , had braids and was singing it just gotta make it. like imma real fan and all i want it a personal recognition. a follow , shoutout something ! (=

A_Perfect_Angel's picture

Yes, I have to agree & it's probably the only way he'll see me now LOL
Trey please follow me A_Perfect_Angel Sending much love to 1 amazing man

mommeesweets's picture

yea that would be nice

JUICY_FRUIT2K10's picture


Dependable Angel's picture

Hey Ladies.. Everyone leave your twitter name and were follow each other... I will start our list and we can follow that as well.. @xoxo_tasha

Lashawnda_3's picture

Yes i agree ive been trying to get him to follow me for the longest

itssxxlaraa's picture

tottalllyy agreeee

Dependable Angel's picture

I agree.. Follow me @xoxo_tasha's picture

im trying to get the TreysAngels page on twitter to follow but it wont.

Meghan Nicole's picture

I think that is a very good suggestion considering we go hard for him. Trey you should follow your angels @ MsNikiLove's picture

@TreyzFinestFromPAnVa , girll how yu do that ? i've been trying to get him to follow me since he made one !'s picture

okay everybody im about to follow the ones that left their twitter names. and we shud trey to get trey's attention if yall can on there. but mines is @_TreyAngelLex


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