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I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?


  • I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?
    September 14, 2010

    i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

    246's picture
on Sep 14, 2010 - 04:18PM

i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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Dependable Angel's picture

@so_serious I couldnt find you.. Follow me @xoxo_tasha's picture

lol they drawlin !( in our philly native voice !)'s picture

yea Bottoms.Up ! like im not gon follow and yu dont return !

Official_TeTe's picture

I agree!

LaBella28's picture

@Mzrdrgz28 Please and thank you!

LaBella28's picture

Most definitely!'s picture

im happy my post did all of this. hopefully trey will see this and take it into consideration.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

That would be nice.

@LadyAJ03's picture

@TreysAngel_Yogi...couldn't find you...follow me and I will follow back.... I think I got the rest of you if You don't see me follow me and I will follow you back!!! @LadyAJ03 Angels Unite!!!

celinasarwee's picture

I agree!!!!!

@LadyAJ03's picture

Follow me too yall @LadyAJ03

Dependable Angel's picture

I think I am following and listed everyone... If not follow me @xoxo_tasha and I will return the love Angels..'s picture

@_TreyAngelLex , follow back fellow angels.'s picture

Yes! i think that would be great! :)

songzlilmami's picture

I agree... Follow me @futuredoc89's picture

I do agree!!! That would be very sweet!! And a wonderfuld Ideal!!!

Ashleywwms9's picture

That would be sweet!!!! I agree we all should suggest tht next time on ustream!!!'s picture

im in love with my default now !

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

That would be sweet!!!'s picture

thanks girl ! i sent you a follow thingy (=

s_bohenek's picture

@aaliyah I took the avatar that @treyangels gave us and used photoscape to combine them here's a download link ( Its really easy
@misstashbaby Always down to help out Angels!

Dependable Angel's picture

shantelly i sent you a request... Love the Background... Can you help me do one as well?'s picture

shantelly84 , i love your twit default. how yu do that ?'s picture

Showing all the Angels love! If I missed you Im sorry, Im trying to get everybody's picture

Shantelly84 you have just been followed!'s picture

Liittle.Miss.Songz I just followed you!

s_bohenek's picture

I agree %100 so Trey go ahead and follow your lovely angels that go ham 24/7.
? #PhillysAngel (Shantelly84_TTU)

KiaraLovesTrey's picture

I agree! Follow me twitter @GorgeousKFly & I'll follow you guys back!

By the way, are any of you Detroit Angels or Balitmore Angels???
I'm on both teams lol

Dependable Angel's picture

OMG whats going on the orders??

MissKinKin's picture

I agree TreysAngels Twitter Page & Trey Songz should definately follow All Angels!


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