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I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?


  • I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?
    September 14, 2010

    i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 04:18PM

i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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thats doin too much. you know how many people he'd be followin?

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I agree with you 100%, Follow me @lilmamma50 Have a Great Day Angels!

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i agree with you since he is the reason I just made a twitter :) I'm new to it so nothing interesting going on but since we're all angels, follow me @lanette05

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I agree!! :-)

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That would be nice! Because we are special, & we shouldn't get the same treatment as everyone else. Especially us Street Team Members! We go hard in the paint for Trey, & I just wish everyone who puts in time, effort, & hard work to help promote the Trey Songz brand should reap the benefits. But, on the other hand, he does have alot of Angels (more coming everyday), so I don't even know if that would be possible. But, I do think he should follow all Original Angels, because we have been there since the beginning. But, it's whatever, I'm just enjoying the ride!!!

Trey's Bottom Angel

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I agree!! That would be pretty awesome....'s picture

I agree with you on that! :)

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YUPP!! only for his angels!!! I mean most news and promotions are posted by mostly his angels.I don't care if I paid for this membership, it just that whoever is part of this team is a dedicated fan of trey's and we all worked very hard to try to do our best to promote, and post up event to let other known about what is going on. Is ok if he doesn't fellow all his angels, but it would be nice if he did only for the angels. But he also fellows random girls because he think they are cute.

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that would be awesome to be folllowed! @msjenngee

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Follow me @GottaLovePinky

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my twitter is:



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Well in a way I agree with this and in a way I dont. Angel's remember that twitter is a nonstop listing of statuses. Kinda like your news feed on facebook. I agree that we all would love some recognition from him but maybe not through twitter. Maybe he can do a private ustream session for his Angel's only?? And then he can pick and choose a few favorites from there. Adding all his Angel's might crash his Twitter account and we definitely dont want we Angel's? I sure don't..especially because I love his twitpics that he takes @ random. :)'s picture

my darling you will get your pictures tomorrow ,
i have a paper to finish and a 10 oclock class in the morning.
so i gotta go ,
this was a great turn out.
who knows...
maybe a Tinychat and Trey Might see It && Get on.
Night Fellow Angels. (=

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Most Def he should! I been trying to get this question answered all day! Follow Me @2prettybrowneye. I've been tweeting you all day in hopes of getting a response but it hasnt happened yet! I do the same that thing browneyeky do. I only got a twitter for You!'s picture

kk . it shud work.'s picture

welcome anytime.'s picture

Bottoms , i kno exactly what yu mean ! lol.
i be gettin pissed like shit !'s picture

sure thing darling ,
send your username in the subject box and send me your two pics. (='s picture

Bottoms , lmbo. your crazy mamaz !'s picture

Thanks Lauraaa (='s picture

I agree!!! Lets get this trending and hopefully he reads this! Good idea Aaliyah! :)

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That would be GREAT if he followed all of us! follow me @thabaddestdiva I'll follow back!'s picture

Oh Yea !
aint no "once we follow you" then you UNFOLLOW .
naww . not having it. we all Angels , no grimey ish.'s picture

ard mamaz .
send me the two pics you want to

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Please Trey we would all love you forever (we gone love u regardless) but it would be a bonus lol's picture

Follow Me @_TreyAngelLex , i'll follow back.
im just busy making pics for people right now.
like my default. (=