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I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?


  • I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?
    September 14, 2010

    i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

    560's picture
on Sep 14, 2010 - 04:18PM

i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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aye.itsRell's picture

lol. all i want is a follow and a notice :( lol smh!

Shawne's picture

Yes... on twitter @DayShawn08

browneyezky's picture

gudnite angels gotta get up for work early

browneyezky's picture

lol rite, isay evryday whn i get pissed wtf! Imma clock out! Raise hell on Twitter ,and then i look @ a video and say nahhh hes fine lol, maybe tomorrow he will, yet it neva happens!! idk what to do! My boyfriend be pissed that I call that numba and b buying aw his stuff ,and on twitter or listening to the cd aw day but i cant help it, lol To be honest, if I meet him and also if he follows me on Twitter I'd be str8...who am i kidding no i wont! lol

Mrs. Neverson DaringAngel's picture

Most Def he should! I been trying to get this question answered all day! Follow Me @2prettybrowneye. I've been tweeting you all day in hopes of getting a response but it hasnt happened yet! I do the same that thing browneyeky do. I only got a twitter for You!

aye.itsRell's picture

browneyezky, girl i know. its like wth. i be on ustream all day! like just doin sh*t and be on twitter tweetin him and othersabout him! buying everything in his store. this man got me going broke. haha. like i be on hold on saynow and err thing. and still nothing. am just preying he notices some of his angels or something! geeze. maybe i'll flip out on twitter or something and he'll notice me. smh

browneyezky's picture

i got it, left a letter out, but you should have it by now sent frm's picture

kk . it shud work.

browneyezky's picture

aaliyah it says that your email was incorrect. imma try to send it again

browneyezky's picture

bottoms.up, I said the same thing. I wasnt evn on twitter @ first but i created one to follow him and I jus knew he would respond to a tweet or follow me back something, hunny no, I also be tryna c if i would get a shoutout whn he does the ustream videos, nothing, I gets Pissed everytime, b/c i kno imma die hard fan. Idk how to have this man follow me or respond, b/c i send em 24.7

KrystallRenee's picture

i agree we earned it u kno. :-)'s picture

welcome anytime.

aye.itsRell's picture

i be like N*gga you know u see my tweets!. ugh

browneyezky's picture

Follow me on Twitter, I will follow back... @MzKeisha1985

browneyezky's picture

Aaliyah, I just emailed it to you. Thanks girl's picture

Bottoms , i kno exactly what yu mean ! lol.
i be gettin pissed like shit !

aye.itsRell's picture

*random ?* Sometimes i dont think trey songz be seeing tweets cuz i swear i tweet him like every sec. cdfu! & then he tweets something dumb or what i fan said. lol. Trey i said the same thing but better!!! hello!!!???!!

aye.itsRell's picture

Sh*t gets real! when your an TREY songz angel! lol.. let me stop's picture

sure thing darling ,
send your username in the subject box and send me your two pics. (=

browneyezky's picture

Aaliyah will you make me adefault like yours? Plz's picture

Bottoms , lmbo. your crazy mamaz !

browneyezky's picture

I think he should also..would be nice:)'s picture

Thanks Lauraaa (=

SumtnSpecial10's picture

i agree 100%! follow me @iamSumtnSpecial.

btw: hello my fellow angels! =)

aye.itsRell's picture

yes! yet again you have thos fake angels. cdfu!'s picture

I agree!!! Lets get this trending and hopefully he reads this! Good idea Aaliyah! :)

TreysDiva's picture

That would be GREAT if he followed all of us! follow me @thabaddestdiva I'll follow back!'s picture

Oh Yea !
aint no "once we follow you" then you UNFOLLOW .
naww . not having it. we all Angels , no grimey ish.'s picture

ard mamaz .
send me the two pics you want to

aye.itsRell's picture

@aaliyahSongz_yuuup lol.. look at you makin a living. lol. I want one. haha :)