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Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?


  • Do you listen to Trey's songs every day ?
    April 02, 2010

    Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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on Apr 2, 2010 - 10:20AM

Do you listen to Trey's songs every single day ? Can you go a day without hearing his songs & voice ? :)

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YUUUP! my family think i have a serious problem, but its always on Repeat... and I will bust out in a song in a MIN , anywhere lol

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I thought i was the only one who keeps ALL of his cd's on heavy rotation. @gods_gift_to_me

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i am tellin the truth....i lisen to him literly everyday holla bak

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oh yesss.....

yall should all check out this album review for PPP i think the writer really know what hes talkin bout

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Of course i do 24.7 on my zune my fone and + i got his songz as my fone ringerz .
His music is a motivation 4me . . . .without it i feel incomplete but i always got sum electronic device on me and i garentee itll have my trey baby on it .
If not (which wuld neva happen) i always got youtube on my fone .
It neva fails as a day goin by dat i wont tawk about my trey or listen 2 his music .
Ive been musically inspired by him since da old days when my baby was on american idol . Had my vote ery nite and even doe he aint win i knew hed rise up n da music industry any way cuz manz got talent

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I can't go a day without listening like anyone who knows me will tell you idc if it's old or new music from him , i have to hear his voice

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Yes Trey stays on rotation on my ipod as well as repeat on my laptop. I cant go a day without listening to his music. I just cant get enough of him.

STL Trey Songz Angel's picture

Yes. I finally took my Ready cd out my cd player in the car because of I got his new CD. I might listen to the radio or other cds every now and then....but mainly I listen to Trey.

TashaFearce's picture's like I'm in a trance or something!!!! Can't get enough of this man....I put the words to the face and body...and the rest is history!

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all day , every day!'s picture

Hi I'm Nichelle an AVID Trey Songz fan. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY until my family moved to Richmond VA, and then as I got older I moved to Florida. Not only do I listen to Trey Songz everyday, I listen to him ALL day in my office, in my car, at my home etc. I also have Trey Songz wallpaper pics all over my office, my desk, my cell phone etc. Make no mistake I am NOT a groupie in the sense of pantie thrower, but I am in LOVE with Tremaine Neverson the man 1st, and Trey Songz the artist 2nd. At first I was like OK he's got talent. This was when Trey Day came out. I am a singer myself but I am more old school like Shirley Murdock, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Regina Bell, Anita Baker, Freddy Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Melissa Morgan, Howard Hewitt type; so music today to doesn't grab me like real R&B. I need music that touches my soul. I need to feel it! However I have all of Trey's albums, and a couple of underground CD's as well. It was when I started watching My Moment that I realized the man he IS, not the man everyone thinks of. We often forget about Tremaine, the man behind Trey Songz, the entrepreneur, the family man, the homeboy, the regular man. I haven't forgotten. Every woman has a list of fantasy dates or men that they dream of. I only have Trey Songz on my list. I am a fan, a supporter, a follower, a promoter, and soon an angel.
The new album Passion, Pain, and Pleasure is awesome! I have 6 copies! I think this is a more mature, sensual Trey. The vibe and the music is very different than the previous albums. Out of the 17 tracks, 16 of them I cannot stop listening to, and at least 7 of them I feel way down in my soul. It is that Fire!
Love you Tremaine/Trey ALWAYS!
Sexy_Chelle34 (twitter)

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His voice is what i wake up and go to sleep to. I do homework to it, walk around the halls, and even hear it when my phone rings. With a voice so smooth and soothing you can't go wrong with him at anytime

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Yes every single day his voice soothes me(:'s picture

EVERY day!!

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I listen to Trey so much my 1 year old is singing ,SAY AHHH! lol Still waiting on PPP CD

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yes every day! If i'm not listening to "Ready" then i'm listening to "Trey Day", "Gotta Make It" or any one of his mixtapes. Now i'm all about Passion, Pain, & Pleasure...Track #12 :) Luv me some Trey Songz!!!!

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Yes, every day all day ! Can't get enough of Trey !!!!!!

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I listen to him every day. His music is so good!

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HECKZZ YEAA u can ask anybody i kn0 everday at sk00l at home on da radio on meh mp3 i mean he's da best y not listen to hym??

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Yes i listen to him everyday the song i listen to the most is lost love i know its old but it doesnt get old to me i cant go a day without listening to him


Sure do; at work in the car and on my computer at this very moment.

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i hav to listen to trey everyday just to complete my day

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All Day everyday!!

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yessssssss every day all day from my phone to the cds to the computer all dayyyy i love him

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I wake up to Trey and go to bed with Trey EVERYNIGHT!!! I think its starting to drive my husband crazy! :) But hubby is enjoying the bed time to Trey so no complaints so far! Keep makin that Panty Droppin Music TREY!!! LOVE U! MUAH!

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Yes I listen to his songs everyday. I get so caught up in his music that i barely get my papers done for class.

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on my page have a look at my interview trey songz in london!

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` Ov Course !