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If Trey could grant you 1 wish what would it be & why?


  • If Trey could grant you 1 wish what would it be & why?
    September 14, 2010

    If u had a once in a lifetime chance to be granted 1 wish from Trey Songz.. ANYTHING... what would it be & why?

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 07:45PM

If u had a once in a lifetime chance to be granted 1 wish from Trey Songz.. ANYTHING... what would it be & why?

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To be able to spend a week with Trey but would settle for a day. I would just want to hang out, have fun, and kick it!!! It would matter what that time consisted of as long as it is laid back relaxed and not work related!!! I would want to hang out with him in the studio working on his music, but that would be all work related activities I want to see. I would want to do what he wants and not what everyone else wants him to do!!!

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Just one hmmm. Ok I would say an hour of his time to have fun. I like to bowl so that would be cool.

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I would love to record a song with Trey =).'s picture

If trey could grant me 1 wish it would be to have a one on one with him ! I dont care if its dinner or lunch. It would be a great opportunity to just hang out and get to know him! :)

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I would want him to do a private concert for me only. That would be a dream come true.

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The greatest friendship ever! I would love dat and just get to kick it whenever he has time! :-)

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If Trey cudd qrant me aa wish it would be that he sings HAPPY BiRTHDAY to me. i love treyy so much so to see him for my birthday and have him sing to me would be the greatest thinq in the world. he has such a qorqeous voice, and just EVERYTHING about him is magnificent .
i LOVE you Tremainee (:

btw my birthday is OCTOBER 26 !!

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A lifetime of friendship. I would like to meet him and from us talking he could already tell what kind of lady i am and then he would be like " ok Jasmine i see u real cool and somebody i would like to keep in my positive circle of people" and we would stay in touch and be real good friends.

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i would want to go out on a date with him like going to the beach and going swimming or surfing and have a picnic out on the beach......if its winter we can go to a cabin and have a romance night and go snow boarding.....some type of thing that got to do with the outdoors cuz i like that and at the same time romance.........i really want to get to know him cuz i feel like we will be a good match im a Libra and are sign go together very well.

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that we could bowling one night .&& that night starts a great friendship! :)

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4 him 2 sang "one love" its my favorite. also 2 just chill w/ him and see wat else he likes 2 do bsides work.

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that we could build a never ending friendship!!!! Trey Seems like the type of guy i would be cool with! i love the fact that he isnt serious all the time!!! even while working he tries to have fun!!! u dont always find ppl like that!! those should be the ppl u want n ur life!

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A combo of what evrybody said. he seems like a cool dude to be friends with. and i love music so I would want to be able to sit in the studio with him and watch his creative process.

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That we could one day meet and stay in touch and become really good friends! He seems like a really down 2 earth person! Love you Trey!

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I would just want to work with him...write songs for him...write treatments for his video...I really respect Trey as an artist and I love my own art so us workin together would just be magic!

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At least a whole day to kick it with him .. to get to know him on a more personal level & build a friendship rather than just knowing what u know based on what u hear in the mediaa !!! that would be bommbbbbb !

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