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Favorite Song on the Album ? Likes & Dislikees ?


  • Favorite Song on the Album ? Likes & Dislikees ?
    September 14, 2010

    My two favoite songz off the PPP album would have to Can't be friend (&) Please return my call ! I'm addicted I listen to each at least a hour a day a peice , smhh I'm addicted. <3

SimplySinniaSongz's picture
on Sep 14, 2010 - 06:49PM

My two favoite songz off the PPP album would have to Can't be friend (&) Please return my call ! I'm addicted I listen to each at least a hour a day a peice , smhh I'm addicted. <3

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Taris's picture

so in love with unfortunate and made to be together but the whole album got me hooked..

pher1993's picture

Made To Be Together best song on the album!

YogiB7_8's picture

Well I like the whole album; if I had to really pick, my top five would be 5- Blind, 4- Unusual, 3- Love Faces, 2- Please Return My Call and my #1 Made to Be Together; Yuup thats the ones I frequent

Shays_OneLove_Yuup's picture

My favorite songs off the album are Doorbell, Unfortunate, & Red Lipstick! The whole cd is sooo amazing! I keep my cd on repeat and i have two copies so Im guaranteed to have Trey's voice with me wherever i go! From sun up to sun down!

Sw33tnS3XyM3's picture

Love the album but if I had to pick it would be. Masssage, Love Faces, Can't be friends, Panty Droppa(glad he did an entire song), Made to be together.

SimplySinniaSongz's picture

Lol, wow Crazy feedback, but I can simply say that we all prettyy much are in love with the whole album : ) Trey Did good, Your angels are very proud ! : )

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My favorites are Massage & Made to Be Together, but I love the entire CD!!

MissKehinde's picture

my fav is definitely Made to Be Together!!!!

TLynLo's picture

ALL Likes
NO Dis-likes
HANDS DOWN FAV "Made To Be Together"

DSexyC's picture

Im addicted to Love faces hands down but love the album!!!!!!!!!!!

_GoldenMonroe's picture

im so addicted to all the songs ; lol but my TOP 5 favorites are ; love faces ; doorbell ; made to be togther ; unusal ; && unfortunate. he sure has a way with words with his voice.

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I love Trey so every song feels like he's singing to me.....he's making me so corny!!! LOL....but Love Faces is a def. repeat!

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Made To Be Together && Doorbell ;; my least favorite song is please return my call =\

ExultantAngel Bri's picture

Made To Be Together && Love Faces =]

Mircatz's picture

its a tie between love faces and doorbell for me

treyscandy's picture

my favorite is love faces!...omg I love that song...depending on the day it could be red lipstick, alone or made to be together...I love the album...I really do :-)

ThaBosse1's picture

My fav so far would have to be the usual, unfortunate, love faces and doorbell

ConTroVeRsY_21's picture

Gotta be, "Made to be together" and "The Usual"

Honey_8's picture

Love faces is a def....Massage, Doorbell on the exotic tip.. Then Can't be friends and Return my call..On the fun side Bottoms Up..

Meghan Nicole's picture

My favorite songs, would have to be LOVE FACES,CAN"T BE FRIENDS, MASSAGE, and PLEASE RETURN MY CALL. In general I Love the whole album but these songs really call to me.

SimplySinniaSongz's picture

I'm gonna try to reply to all ones that stand out to me but I'm reading them all ! : )
browneyezky- Yes girl I listen to it everyday ! we pretty much have the same !
leteshadesarai- yessss ! me2!
Brando24- I agree the more I listen to it I lovee like evry song.
AriellBigg i agreee !
Missvero305- thats How I feel !
Lady V- Yes I love it "You welcome " : )
anicole009- ahaha truee !
Quella - super true I just let all 17 songs play!
Twileyluvsu - Lmbo soo true Like i dont care all my friends know I'm obbsesed , Like keep it moving if you dont like it : )
Mia - soo true !
Lindsay Garrett- Yes it feels like real r&b like Really i love ready dont get me wrong but it seemed really commercial, Just made to be markerable which worked but Im glad he going back to them roots : )
`peace&love* veryy true : )
Ashley Gibson- Yes thats how I felt, falling i love with him all over again
Chelletweet - yes girl dumb true. Because im like trey your singin my life lol
kutiekeedy truee that !!!!!!!!!! I agreeee!
Sorry if I didnt reply to you! Its just soo manny but thanks for all the feed back follow on twitter

Twileyluvsu's picture

My favs r "Unusual" (my theme song LOL) "Unfortunate" "Love Faces" "Massage" "Red Lipstick" heck i love the whole cd!!! It was funny cause I was @ a stoplight one day BLASTIN Red Lipstick and i was gettin it in...i mean straight clownin and this man turned around and looked at me and shook his head. then i was goin down the street (stuck in traffic) and numerous ppl kept looking at me like I was crazy. hahhahah!!!! i just turned it up to the max volume and kept jammin. this is my ISH!!!!!!!!!

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My favorite song, hands down, is Made to Be Together. I LOVE this song! I listen to it like 20 times a day...smh talk about addiction.

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The whole Cd is amazing! But my two favorites are " You Just Need Me" and " Red Lipstick" I have seriously replayed "You just need me" about 100 times at this point. It's so different from the rest and shows that he is truly versatile.

Elodie_2's picture

I love all...

JesusIsMySavior's picture


Now that you mention it the pain intro does have disney feel to it.

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

I love massage, cant be friends, love faces,bottoms up, please return my call, and all the interludes especially Pain.

SanFarrah's picture

Blind, unfortunate, you just need me,cant be friends and i swear yall Pain interlude just had me going... idk about you guys i see a possibility for Trey doing background vocals for a new disney character did u hear his smooth ionnocent vocals in that track that was very sweet, sounds like Trey was doing a lil something different on this album.