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What attracts you to Trey the most ?


  • What attracts you to Trey the most ?
    July 24, 2009

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 03:00AM

Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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I remember going to see Trey perform his first single Just Gotta Make It in a venue in Norfolk, VA--The NorVa. He had his hair in cornrows and he he really went hard for the crowd. I was on the front row. I fell in love that night and I have watched him develop into to the mega superstar that appears to be enjoying what he does and appears to be staying grounded yet at the same time has become very confident and aware that he is a sexy, very appealing man with raw God given talent. I hope he continues to use his talent for good and never allow his success to cause him to crash and burn like many stars I see. Keep your clean reputation and your fan base will continue to grow. Whenever I hear a Trey Song track played on my phone while at work I always smile, OOOH... I love me some Trigga. LOL

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His voice,perfect smile,personality...hi is perfect guy men of my dreams....

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I love how humble and goofy trey is. To me that stands out more than anything he is very real and natural in his popularity. His music and looks are icing on the cake. I think I'm more attracted to the bits and pieces of Tremaine that he provides than the star Trey Songz. Either way I love him.

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What attracts me to trey is his smile he has one of the nicest smiles that i have every seen, also his personality and the relationship he has with his mom he is so sweet to her, and i like that trey is kind-hearted plus he is a awesome R&B singer.

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I <3 him and the way he sings his songs its like he is makin love to u way he is singin. I have not never felt like that before. But he got game he is just good at every song he sings

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I love that he stays true to RNB music. Most artists have changed their tunes but Trey hasn't. His voice is extremely soulful, he knows how to keep his fans happy, and he is a great advocate for youths and other causes. Let's not forget he is one extremely good looking human being haha. Best feature gota be the smile :) Keep up what you do Tremaine

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I love it when he laughs. He just lets loose. It reaches his eyes and you can't help but laugh too. Yea...I like a person who knows how to enjoy a good laugh. That's what I love the most about him. I love his songs, yea, and his looks but that laughter just gets me every time.

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Every song he had made was one to either like are love ,this young person just know how to make words thoughtful ,how can you not get a little naughty by his sex songs are just laugh out loud by the songs who make you think twice like smartphones ,just one word thanks for making people get a smile on the face ,never forget to keep on using your talent,love you for all right reasons!!

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What attrack me to trey songz is that we are just alike he is so good-hearted,silly,real,crazy,and a beautiful person to me.He loves to grow as a better person and let no one stop him from doing him. And the one and only thing i want is for me to be very close like a brother and lil sister.Because he is the only man i love... i love you tremaine and I hope you will read this.

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Well I love his looks, he is handsome. I love that he is so humble. He has a beautiful personality. He gives back to society. I LOVE his country accent, I could listen to him talk all day. I love that he has a very strong relationship with his family. He can cook. He knows how to treat women. He can sing and don't mind saying what he wants in his songs. He also does what ever he wants to on stage.He has a beautiful body that I would not mind pleasuring. He knows what he wants in life. Keep doing you TREY. :-)

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Im in love with tremaine as a person not as an artist or a singer doe I love he's muzic he made me fall in live with him on the day I met him in London grange hotel after party, and is been really hard without him I really truelly have feelings for trey and I cry so much just for no reason like in having a heart attack that's the type of feeling that I have everyday.... Is me angel trey I love you hope we can meet again sometime xxxx

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for me its his personality and the way he carries himself. sure the looks and dimples are a bonus but he's diffrent from alot of singers. he never refers to girls in a negative way. he treats his mom with so much respect. he's sincere and caring and has all the qualities any girl would be happy to have. love u trey's picture

What i find attractive about trey is that he has a nice personality and i like the fact that he's a family man and of coprse his beautiful smile.

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I've always thought "Trey Songz" was attractive, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by Mary J. Blige featuring him, that peaked more of my curiosity about him as an artist. I bought his latest cd, PPP and he is amazingly talented. I read the inside of the cover and noticed how he had a hand in writing a lot of the songs.Trey as a writer you inspire me. I've just completed my first book. Very excited about it, anyway listening to your lyrics and how you can make every single fan feel like you're talking to them only, is golden. It speaks volumes about you and your team. There are so many things that I love about this cd, the layout is hot! Very creative! So for me aside from your obviously good looks it would be your talent because as you put it so eloquently "You don't know me no matter how I might appear".

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Trey is everything amazing put into one person..... He has the sparkly personality, respect, gentle, the talent, hard working, the body to die for, the face that has no words to describe how gorgeous he is, the lips to kill for...e.t.c,!!! He has got it all to say the least... And I do agree that his mama brought him up well cuz he's grounded, down to earth!!! Trey all I can say is I love u... And keep up the good work!!! We r all here for u.....

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My outlook on Trey is his how his mother shows in his personality. You can tell by far that she is his best friend. His humble demeanor, and respect come out whenever he opens his mouth. It is one thing to be a man of great appearance, but have a great personality that comes from someone who is so close to you is unbelievable. She has definitely taught him how to be a man who is humble, respectful, passionate, confident, ambitious, family oriented, and spontaneous. Being a single mother I can only hope that I am teaching my daughter the things she needs to be a well rounded successful woman. Trey if you read these posts, your mother should be what all mothers want to resemble when raising their children. Stay the way you are.
-Miss Downing-

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From the very beginning it was his lips now it is his voice and smile that keeps me goin...he shows a lot of love to his mother, grandmother, family period and thats what I love to see in a man....he appreciates his talents and is very humble!!!

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everythang is attractive his face, body, music, and voice,,,

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i must say i do like that fact that he is very attractive && i do love his music. but what attracted me to trey was the fact of how humble he is. and how respectful he is to women. :)

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omg.. I could'nt agree more.. he has a way with the ladies definitely through his words.. His lyrics are sexual but tasteful. It's reality and what we are all looking for, from our husbands to the mistrey's .lol :)

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What I love this most about Trey? Hmmm....Well beside the fact that he's very handsome, he's also very kind and have a big heart. He's humble, down to earth, and keeps it reall all the time no matter what. And also he's very family oriented! I love a man that cares about family and takes the time to recognize where it all started. Trey is THE idea man!

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His humility & down to earth personality attracts me the most to him & of course that sultry voice of his : ). I also love the way he embraces his fans, a lot of artist don't take the time out to show appreciation to his fans the way that he does. Trey is hella sexy but if he had a bad attitude & was arrogant i seriously doubt half of us would be so caught up on him.

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His family oriented personality.. check out my discussion as well

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His cute little puppy face : )

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It is the smile!

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The thing that attracts me to Trey the most is the fact that he goes the extra mile for his fans. Artist like that come a Dime a Dozen!! Trey also knows how to give his fans what they want from him lyrically.

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omg i love treys cockyness plus i love the fact he is so respectful to women and how he can make any girl feel special thought his music plus he is so cute he reminds of my bf

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Honestly this might sound corny but wut he say's in his music... He fine and all but i like a man who knows how to express himself...