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If you're a grown and sexy Angel and you love Trey say Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!


  • If you're a grown and sexy Angel and you love Trey say Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    September 15, 2010

    For the Diva Angels 25 and older....but still madly in love with this beautiful younger man!!!! We'll show him a thing or two....right ladies????

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on Sep 15, 2010 - 11:03PM

For the Diva Angels 25 and older....but still madly in love with this beautiful younger man!!!! We'll show him a thing or two....right ladies????

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@Shaheedra...Girl, I understand! Balancing a career and family, you hardly have time to catch a breath hell! LOL! It's nice to meet other women that can relate on aspects of life other than Trey. Are you on twitter? If so, give me your name so that I can follow. It's been a pleasure chatting with you and I look forward to talking to you in the near future!

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@1MysticStar thanks for the response!!! and sorry for my late response, but yeah i feel ya, I too have been married for 3 yrs. We have been together for 7 yrs now, but i can soo relate to you, I am soo in awed with Trey and the amazing thing is my husband does not mind. We both love his music and he gets me so if he sees me getting all worked up because its Trey he understands!!! lol I love my hubby but I am a true fan when it comes to Trey and his music. and keep on sharing because I love to read!!!

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follow me on Twitter Angels....@tristanasha

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OWWWWWWW,lol. I can't wait until he comes to Houston!

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Oh wow you went from Queens to Manhattan to see Trey. :) I wish I could have stalker tendencies right now. LOL Trey comes to NY too much for me to stalk him.

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I hope we all get to meet Trey one day...and for longer than 5 minutes....Angels should be on the top of his "I gotta meet all my fans" list!

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I feel really stalker-ish saying this...but....I was not at the album release party...I was outside for like an hour waiting for Trey to come out the side door! He's just soooo dreamy I had to have one more look!!!! This Diva Angel has stalker tendencies...but only for Trey ;)'s picture

I am 37 and in love with Trey. He has such a mature demeanor and I am glad to know that I am not the only "lady of a certain age" that can appreciate him.

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Oh cool. :) I couldn't take that stare. I would feel so uncomfortable. LOL So did you go to the album release party or where you just outside?

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I met him very quickly at the NY signing! He was smiling and doing his famous STARE!!! I immediately fell in love...again!!!! Then I saw him leaving the album release party in NY...he's soooooo dreamy!!!

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I don't want to judge anyone so if a fan wants to do that it's all good. But I'm with you I wouldn't do it either.

So tell us about your experience meeting Mr. Neverson.

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Owwwwwwwwwww!!!! for the grown & sexy definitely sexy lol.liking this...

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I am so glad that there is other ladie out there besides me who love @TreySongz. The GROWN AND SEXY DIVAS ANGELS HATS OFF TO US LADIES.

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Well I'm 32...going on 33 and I love Trey Songz! I'm married with two kids but I feel like I should still be able to have a little fun. He kissed Toni Braxton so I don't feel like I'm too old to appreciate this all around beautiful man!

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I met Trey twice today ladies....and I got my GROWN and SEXY ON!!!!!! BTW...he looks better in person #inlove!!!!



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Ooowwwwww,Grown, sexy and just turned 25! I absolutely love Trey. His music is my escape from the real world and it takes me on a journey to my imaginery world with just me, Tremaine, space and ideas, lol! I love telling people that I'm one of Trey's angels, gives me some bragging rights! I am so proud that Trey is finally getting his recognition. For far too long, people have slept on his music. Since the days of "Just Gotta Make It and Genesis," he has proven his self as a musical genius. Now only if I could get a date, lol!

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I agree!

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Grown and Sexy Angel, checking in !!!! I'm 30 and have been in love with Trey and his wonderful talent since the first album and first message board. I especially enjoy how his songs relate to situations that are happening in my life. "Cheat On You" and "Gotta Leave" were very much theme songs during that time period and as he grew so did I. I'm prepared for the Dec 8th show in Bmore and its even more special that I get to spend this day at this event with my daughter on her 11th birthday.

Follow me on twitter @PlatinumDreamz or @ASocialButtafli

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Ladies...thank you for the taking time to read my post. I'm glad that many of you were able to relate to my feelings and thoughts. @Ms. Auburn....I saw the follow and I'm already following you back:-) For those that want to follow me too, my name is the same on twitter. I do have a question for you all....Have any of you heard about a meet and greet for Trey? I was told that it would be announced at a later date, but now I'm just doubtful. Any information you guys can share is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to chatting with you all!!

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Have my ticket for the ATL Show in Dec 5 is anyone else giong to the Usher OMG Tour going just to see @TreySongz. I am a Grown And Sexy Diva Angel.

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@1Mysticstar Hit the nail on the head and i could not have said it any better. I am glad to that I found you ladies now i don't feel so bad. Thank you Tristanasha for starting this discussion, thank you 1Mysticstar for putting it out there for all the Grown And Sexy Angels!!!! Is it okay that I follow you on Twitter if you are out there.

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1Mysticstar hit it on the head! enough said!!!!

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I am so glad to have found you ladies! I felt like the oldest Trey fan. I'm 30, but when it comes to this man I act like a teen. When Gotta Make It came out, it was my theme song. I didn't even know who Trey was I just loved the song. But girls when I saw that video.....I was hooked. I followed his career since then. I agree 100% with 1MysticStar's post about liking his character and music. Anyway if anybody wants to follow me on twitter my name is- CoNel.

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owwww I feel the same way that some of you do. I have been a fan since the start and when i'm watching him on ustream and he is talking to all those young girls I wonder if its wrong for me to be a fan of Trey. I'm not in love with him because of his looks I'm in love with his music

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The Grown and Sexy Angels are taking over....and I know Mr. Songz if feelin us as much as we're feelin him!

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Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! That's right!!!

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Well i am 24 just shy of the 25+ stage but i feel how some of you do! Arent I a bit old to be so taken back by this man? I am married with a career a 2 year old and a college student, but i just cant seem to get enough of Mr. Trey Songz. My husband calls him by boyfriend.....smh....
I just cant help myself, not only is he fine, but he is awesome musically. He is what R. Kelly used to be and takes it to the next level!

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@Shaheedra...I definitely feel you on that. Like I said, sometimes I feel that way! But, what I believe differentiates the "Cougar Angels" (LOL) from the younger ones is that it's more than a physical attraction. Hell, we all know that he is appealling to the eye, but what the older women understand is that he is a MAN in all aspects. He carries himself with such pride, dignity and the upmost respect. I'm sorry to say but at this day in age, you don't find that to often in our young men. (Whether they are famous or merely day to day workers) That alone warrants a high level of admiration from me.

I can't speak about the person that he is behind closed doors, however his public persona is one that speaks volumes to any woman. I've been happily married for 3 years and for those of us that are married, we know what comes along with that "happily" :) but when I look at Trey's character, I have to think about how many of our women would be so much more happier if the men that they encountered carried themselves like him. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not saying that a man is needed to substantiate happiness, self-worth and respect, but we all know that men and women were made for one's just the way the life cycle was created. Speaking from personal experience, before God sent me my husband, a man that possesses those same attributes, I was very dismayed at the notion of ever finding love and a man that knew how to appreciate me as a WOMAN(The giver of life). Trey does that for women on every level...physically:), mentally and emotionally. And he's able to convey it all through his music! Honestly, I'm awed! There isn't anything I can say to truly describe his essence!!

These are just my thoughts! I know that this was a lot and little all over the place, but I just love conversating:) Plus, I love sharing my views and opionions with the world! Be blessed!


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I soo agree with 1Mysticstar I just became a Trey'sAngel and I felt like should I be a fan? Have I out grown the OMG I am a true fan stage? I am married with two little ones and going to school but I have been following him since his first single. He has really brought back r&b I am a r &b junky for sure. I Just Love his music