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Up Close and Personal


  • Up Close and Personal
    September 14, 2010

    Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 11:38AM

Ever meet Trey? Want to meet Trey? Discuss past, present and future experiences at any Trey Songz show here!

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I've never met Trey before. But of course I'm waiting for the opportunity to do so. I'm from Miami so I'm hoping a chance will come up where I'll be able to! Love Trey and his music! :-)

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I have never met Trey, but I pray the opportunity will soon come... I'm hoping with the upcoming tour he'll add an M&G as well... I would really like a chance to tell him how much he & his music have changed my life... I'd also like to bowl a game or two with him; though I’m not that good it would be nice to just be able to hang out with him & have fun... Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I would love to meet Trey. I hope I get the opportunity. But if I did, it's a wrap. He's coming home with me that night! Lol. I'm joking...unless he's down with that. Hahaha, j/k again. Love you Trey.

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I have never met Trey but would love too. All four times that he have came to STL I have went to everyshow and I will be there too see him perfom again when he comes with USher for the OMG Tour. It seems like he is a very down to earth person and I would love to have him as a male friend or to have him follow me keshstl.Lova ya Trey!

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I saw Trey at the Beacon on 9/16 but I actually met Trey on 9/21 when he came to Queens!!!! My girls were crying but I walked up to Trey like he was my homeboy (in my head he is). I was like 'Hiiiiiiii Trey!" He was like "What's up?" Security was on my back so I couldn't talk to him like I wanted :( He signed my cd cover then accidently dropped it. His fingerprints are still smeared at the top ;D As it dropped he said "Oh sh*t, I'm sorry." I said "Thaaaaank you, Trey! Love you!" He stopped what he was doing and looked into my eyes and said "I love you, babe." I walked away humble but on the inside I was screeeeeaming! I'll never forget the way he looked into my eyes.

I love you, Trigga Trey!


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The closest I have ever been to Trey Songz is when I was at a Ciroc event for Nick Storm and Terrence J's birthday party @ Club Amnesia. I made eye contact with him and it felt so intense in a way, lol. I would like to meet him again when I go to the OMG Tour concert w/ him and Usher. I have the Ultimate VIP package so hopefully when I get the chance to me Usher I can have the chance to see and meet Trey once again. That would be nice.

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Would be awesome to meet trey! He seems like a real chill dude. Forgot that hes an amazing artist as well

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I agree with @TreysInspiration !

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I've never met Trey before, but I hope I can soon. If he does a M&G in ATL, then i will most definitely be there.

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I have never met Trey but would love to, I dont love him because of his looks i'm in love with his voice. I am going to the OMG show here in houston 11/23 but really wish i could meet him

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@Ms. Angi

She was at the last concert on the tour. She was seated a few rows ahead of me. Once people started to recognizing who she was she was nice enough to walk around in the section and talk to fans and take pictures with them. I never seen anything like that. She wasn't stand offish or anything. At first I didn't want to take a picture with her but I my friend said you better take a picture with her as much money as you paid for these tickets. :) So my friend asked her can she take a picture with me.

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I met Trey 2x, pulled up on stage in Mansfield, Ma summer jam 2010. Then again in New Orleans at the Essence Music Festival spent some QT with him. Always love Tremaine! Best Summer of my life, we captured moments that will last me a lifetime. #Invincible_Angel

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I say Trey should have a meet and greet especially for his angels all over the world if they attend the OMG tour that should be a gift for all of us all I can say is dont give up hope you all will meet him one day just be ready to show him mad love and be the true fans he loves and uplift his spirit he deserves it I hope to meet him again @ the Omg tour..#Everyladykeephope2meettrigga

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Met Trey in 2008 wayyy back when he was soooo humble and i remember we took two pics he gave a great show in Texas and he made my night with his smile that lights up the room and told me he hope I enjoy his show he was destined for greatness and Im soooo proud of mr tremaine Neverson... we aint seen nothing yet he got bigger and better things coming it gets bigger as each year flies by he stole my heart#Lovemesomehim

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i never met trey cuz he dont wanna come to the virgin islands =( and i cant afford to go to the states ryt now =(

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I have never met Trey before,but I can't wait to meet him! He reminds me of my best friend(a guy)! I can imagine he would be fun to just kick it with! I would love to just have a heart to heart with him about his life as well as things from a mans point of view! I will be going to the OMG show on Nov 24th I hope I get to meet him!

MsAngione's picture did that happen...thats whats up....are you on twitter...

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i wish i get to meet him on the 3rd of december when he comes to chicago

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Haven't meet Trey yet but I did meet his mom this past Friday. I also got a chance to take a picture with her. She is a very nice lady. So when I hear so many people say he is nice person I'm not surprised his mom is the same way.

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Oh wow!! All you guys who had met him said nothing but positive things about Trey. I can't wait to meet Trey. Hopefully, I will have the same opportunity to meet him.

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I want to meet his bad! I even signed up for that ringtone contest... but I didnt win

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Trey should have a meet and greet in London i would be so quick to get one and make him smile when he meets me
but seriously London misses out on all the things USA gets

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i wud luv 2 meet trey and just chill w/ him. he seems very cool. my bday is next month and thats wat i told my neice i wud like 4 my day. just 2 meet him, i no it wud a day 2 remember.

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I NEVER MET HIM BUT I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Want To Meet Trey Soo Bad .!!

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OMG!!! It would be literally dream come true to meet Trey. He seems like such a real cool guy, very humble and down to earth. Yo, that would be like greatest thing that ever happened to me. It would be so amazing.

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Ive only met Trey once and it went by soooo fast!! Wish I wouldve been able to actually have a convo with him. I was about to ask him a question but i was pushed away so quick. Hopefully in the future, I will meet him again and this time it would be somethin special :-)

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I got to meet him briefly on 9/2/10 at the PPP tour in Cincinnati.I got to go backstage after the show. He was super nice. He gives the best hugs and I got a kiss on the forehead. He told me to give a real smile for the picture cuz I was having trouble keeping my smile up since I wuz so nervous lol. For those that haven't met him yet he really makes I feel appreciated even if I just get a minute or two. I hope to meet him again one day. I'm sure this is gonna sound typical, but I would love for him to sit down with me and my friends for a while and just talk and chill. He seems like the type of guy that's really cool.

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I met Trey for the first time on his current PPP tour on 8/15/10 in Memphis. Me & my sister won a contest through the local radio station for an opportunity to meet him @ a private soundcheck pamper party before the show & we also won tickets to the show later that night. It wasn't the type of meet & greet I expected (I thought it would've been longer & more personal) but it was still nice. When Trey got there he went around the room & hugged & greeted all of the winners. We all took individual pictures with him & he signed personal autographs. He was nice but I didn't get a chance to talk to him like I wanted to. His security guards were so aggressive & a little rough with some of us which i thought was unnecessary!!

During the concert I was the lucky girl to get the massage from Trey. I don't know if he remembered me from the meet & greet or if I was just LUCKY but somehow I managed to get on the stage that night! lol It's a moment I will cherish forever! : ) Me & my sister will be attending the OMG show in ATL in December. I would love for the opportunity to meet Trey again.